(Closed) Sneakiest thing your pet does?

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Sugar bee
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My dog is so jealous! When I’m on the computer he tries to jump in my lap and get in the way. He does this ESPECIALLY if I’m on Skype with my fiance. He loves my fiance but he gets jealous because “mommy’s attention on him is gone!”

Hm, he also steals my seat whenever I get up to go to the bathroom or whatever. He thinks it’s “his” spot. I swear, I get up for one second and turn back.. there he is in my seat, even though he was sleeping earlier! What a turd!

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Bumble bee
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Our dog will eat the collar off the other one if we leave them in their crate for too long. He will actually eat all the nylon/cloth parts and just chew on the plastic parts til we get home. Fiance is convinced that he doesn’t like the other dog and wants him to run away….

He also knows how to turn off the xbox if he wants attention and Fiance isn’t giving it to him.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Our cats like sleeping on the bed and making it impossible for us to sleep on the bed.  And they like to go inside the sofa and pull out the stuffing.  We lifted it up one day, and there was an entire sofa’s worth underneath.

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Blushing bee
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My cat likes to steal Q-tips out of the garbage can and carry them around in his mouth like a dog with a bone. It’s gross, I know. He also takes naps in the cupboard underneath the kitchen sink and randomly pops out during dinner.

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Sugar bee
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Oh yes. Our pup for some reason thinks all her medications are treats. She thinks heartworm medicine is a treat. She had to take pills for a long time for her demodex mange, thought that was a treat. Benadryl. Treat.

The only pill she consistently hates taking is antibiotics. Not only does she do the *gulp* to make you think she swallowed when she hasn’t. We have many times over thought she swallowed it, checked her mouth, don’t see it. Only to find out hours later that she has hidden it! Her food and water bowls are in a pet holder thingie up against a wall next to the washer and dryer which are also against a wall. Once I found it behind her food bowl, don’t know how she got it there because there’s no room! Once I found ti in between the wall and dryer! Once I found it hidden behind the speakers next to the entertainment center!

She’s a resourceful one!

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Busy bee
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Oh my do I love reading these my 2 furbabies Samoa (yes I love girl scout cookies)  and Chloe  are a devious pair


*scratches side of bed til you say come up and then wedges his butt almost in your face so we can “spoon”  🙂

*Ninjas punches you when he wants to play

*this morning clawed my back for me to turn around so we could cuddle (430am)

*steals q-tips and hair ties  (when I clean under fridge or couch I find a whole crap load)


*moves water dish til it makes a bubble then drinks it… but floor gets wet all the time

* likes the end of the couch ( ive had to put a blanket down for her because of all the fur) and of someone comes over she will half sit on you or stare at u from the floor til you move!

I could keep going but I have to get back to work   bye ladies!

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I have 2 yorkies, Miles and Otto.  Otto isn’t too bright and he’s not really sneaky, but he used to love sitting in their water bowl and splash around trying to “swim”.  Luckily we have tile floors so it was easy to clean up.  Miles is a bit smarter and a bit sneakier.  We have sliding glass doors to our backyard and Miles will come and sit in front of the door like he wants to come back in and cry like he wants to come in, then when I open the door he runs back a little bit so I’ll come outside to play with him.

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Helper bee
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My cat will do anything to get his way. If he wants to go outside and we don’t want him to he’ll scratch the couch until he finally gets put outside. If he wants me to do something and I’m not paying attention he’ll nip at me. He can be laying somewhere for hours but as soon as I get up from the computer chair, leave the room for a few seconds; he’s already on it sleeping.

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Bee Keeper
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I love the power cord! When i’m on line Wicklow comes over and nuzzles her nose under the plug to the laptop and pulls back so the cord comes right out from the computer.  She also just lays her head on my hands so i can’t type until I pet her. 

She also loves shredding brand new toilet paper rolls all over the living room.  My SO fed her people food for the first time EVER a few months ago, now she actually shoves her self into my fridge whenever I open the door.  She’s also holding out for human food, she dives her nose headfirst into the food bowl, so it goes all over the room, and then she comes to watch me eat.  When i left this morning the food is still on the floor.  I may have to kill SO.

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Helper bee
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@SouthernGirl: That reminded me of the other night when I was at my friends house (she has 3 cats) and we were watching Paranormal Activity 2 and it was getting really intense and one of her black cats came walking out around the corner into the living room and I totally screamed at the top of my lungs. Haha. 

The funny part is that we were joking about how that might happen before the movie even started!!

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Busy bee
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haha, my pup likes to steal important papers and bring them to you as a present, with ears back, tail wagging.  So every receipt my Dad tries to hand to clients has a Huge bite mark out of it! lol

My dog also likes to steal my socks and hide them through the house.  And when he wants to play with you, he’ll get his toy, walk behind you when you are talking to someone, and shove the toy into your butt.  He also will bite your butt if he thinks he’s not getting enough attention.  He likes to bite my bf if my bf picks me up, or he’ll bite me if I kiss my bf.  Mind you these are ‘nibbles’ he doesn’t actually bite.

My favorite thing he does is the stealing of important items and parading through the house as it is his ‘kill’ and then he presents it to you as a gift.

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Helper bee
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Edit: It’s not really sneaky, but it’s so damn funny that I had to share.

I gave our dog a bath for the first time since we’ve had her to discover that she LOVES baths! She was SO excited when I turned the water on and she jumped in the tub all on her own! Even more funny is that after the bath was over and I dried her off, she started running all over the house and she kept going BACK to the tub and jumping in! I actually took a video of it, haha.


Ok.. so I have 2 videos… Lol!


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Bumble bee

I have a picky eater (husky) and I have to feed her in her crate because my other husky will eat her food.

We have gotten it to where we have trained her NOT to eat it, but she will stalk it and guard it. She will curl up next to it but won’t eat it. LOL. When there is nobody looking or if we forgot that the crate door is open, just in case the other husky wanted to go in and eat it. She will start eating it slowly and sneakily (quietly).

She is such a sneaky little devil! haha

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