Snooping – innocent past time or serious red flag?

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  • poll: Is snooping on a significant other an innocent past time or a serious red flag?
    Snooping for engagement information is okay because I am involved and it is done with good intention : (1 votes)
    1 %
    Snooping is never okay. In fact I find it a red flag in a relationship and a violation of trust : (39 votes)
    39 %
    Snooping is okay if you think someone is in danger : (53 votes)
    52 %
    Other - I will explain my position : (8 votes)
    8 %
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    Snooping isn’t okay, though I understand the reasons some do (e.g. suspicion of cheating, not wondering how big a diamond is).  Also my feelings about that didn’t stop me from hunting all over the house for my ring (I never found it).  However I wouldn’t read someone’s emails/documents to glean information on the subject and I seriously don’t believe people who say it was an accident.  If you can’t use a device without ‘accidentally’ reading personal information, you need your own device.

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    I think if you genuinely are concerned about someone’s safety, “snooping” is excusable. Even then it’s a violation of privacy and trust, but if it’s to save their life I’d argue it’s worth it.

    But if you’re “keeping tabs” on their conversations, or trying to find receipts, that’s bullshit and if you feel the need to do that you shouldn’t be in a relationship. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    Lol I posted this on a waiting thread. It’s not ok, speaks to that persons insecurities and is just generally creepy. The number of people on here who ‘accidentally’ open someone’s mail or ‘accidentally’ go through text messages is pretty astounding. 

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    I did WONDER if my boyfriend was going to propose but it never crossed my mind to snoop. I did snoop in a previous relationship and I’m not proud of it. I never felt the urge to snoop in any relationship but the last one and I should have trusted my gut feeling.


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    kmjkh :  I voted before I saw the option about if someone is in danger. Generally I think snooping is wrong for all the reasons you mentioned. However  if you truly think someone is in danger that’s a completely different story.

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    kmjkh :  My fiancé and I have the pin codes to each others phone and that’s enough. I’ve never gone into his personal stuff like email, messenger etc. I voted that it’s okay to snoop if you believe that someone is in danger because I instantly thought back to the bee who found inappropriate photos of underage girls. In those types of situations I think it’s okay to look so you can report it to the appropriate authorities. 

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    Snooping for engagement info just smacks of immaturity and makes me question whether the person or the relationship is even ready for a mature relationship and a step like marriage.

    Snooping in all other cases – your relationship is already over.  Whatever it is you’re looking for, you don’t need the proof to show the relationship should already be put to pasture because a relationship can’t survive without trust.  Maybe the snooping temporarily makes you feels better, but you’ve already proved you’re insecure and don’t trust your partner and you’re untrustworthy yourself and there is no coming back from that – you’re just delaying the inevitable.  So if you’re to that point, you might as well rip the band-aid off and move on.

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    It really doesn’t bother me or affect me if people snoop for engagement info, so I don’t care enough to have an opinion on what others do. As long as after you do it, you don’t come on here whining about feeling guilty or ruining a surprise. If you’re going to snoop for info, just own it, you knew what you were doing. 

    ETA: Snooping for other reasons as far as cheating or whatever, yeah that’s a red flag. If you have to look, you already know something’s going on. Had that in a past relationship. Not a good feeling. 

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    i Love how many snoopers “accidentally” find info, really,they would never deliberately snoop. Yeah right.  I remember the poster who went thru 12 pairs of her Bf’s socks before she accidentally found her ring…

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    If you’re snooping, you don’t trust your partner, and that’s an indication that the relationship is already over. If you don’t have trust, what do you have? As for snooping as far as engagement goes, again, it seems someone doesn’t trust their partner to propose within an agreed upon timeframe or they don’t trust them to “do it right.” In those cases, it gain comes down to trust or being overly controlling, in which case they should just propose to their boyfriend in order to make sure everything is done “correctly.”

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    Snooping when there is no good reason is a violation of trust and is not OK. 

    But if someone suspects their spouse of cheating, an addiction, hiding money etc. then I would never judge them for doing anything that is not illegal in order to get ahead of the situation, obtain evidence, and to inform and protect themselves. 

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    I snooped, had a feeling my now husband was planning on proposing and I got a little tipsy one night and looked through his phone. Totally ruined the surprise for myself, and I know snooping isn’t ok and learned my lesson.

    my husband and I have talked about it, if we ever feel the need to go through each other’s phones because we think the other is doing something shady then we know we’re in a real bad spot in our marriage. We each deserve some privacy and more importantly we have to trust each other. 


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    Snooping is only done if you’re 1) being inappropriately invasive (like trying to find info on your ring), 2) are riddled with insecurities, or 3) you don’t trust the person you’re with. Snooping doesn’t occur with people who aren’t one of those three things. 

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    Snooping is not ok. A while ago I felt really insecure and I couldn’t shake off the feeling that my bf was not being honest about something. I knew he would tell his friend the truth. His alarm went off shower and as I was holding the phone I checked what he had written. I was right. It was wrong if me to snoop. I came clean and I explained my reasons. But at the same time I’m glad I did it cause it helped us to open up.

    I think snooping is wrong. But I also think it’s not the worst thing to do. Doing it for fun is not ok. Trying to figure out a suprise is not ok, if you have a feeling that something is off it’s better to talk but i can understand snooping. If the nagging feeling is  often then there is something wrong with relationship.

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