Snoring wwyd?

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Honey bee
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Murder him in his sleep

not really but, I have had fantasizes about that while he snores loudly at 2am while I laid in bed wide awake….

get earplugs, make him get tested for sleep apnea and get a CPAP.

Or force him to sleep on his stomach or you both can try sleeping in separate rooms but I don’t advocate that. 

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Bumble bee

I’m the one that’s the snorer. embarassed

I have not yet had a sleep study done because my doctor thinks my snoring is from post nasal drip.  I have year round allergies, but in the spring and early fall they are way worse.  Every time I go in for a check up she comments about how much fluid I have in my ears and she’s surprised I can even hear. I take a combo of meds to control the post nasal drip – steroid nasal spray, an antihistamine (I alternate between Claritin and Allegra because you build up a tolerance after a while) and an H2 blocker like Zantac.  The steroid nasal spray was the biggest help of all of them and if I don’t take it, my husband says I snore.

I also occassionally take melatonin, especially during the summer.  It usually puts me in a deeper sleep and when I sleep deeper, I don’t snore as much.

Maybe he can give some meds a try first.

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I always think it’s so interesting to see the stories we tell ourselves and others. Just as so many women on this thread have responded and said that they would be concerned and loving spouses and go to the couch (because “the one with the problem moves”) it could be argued that if your husband knows that his snoring is disturbing you (and has done for an extended period of time), that the loving thing for him to do is whatever is necessary for YOU to get some rest. No, he isn’t disturbing you maliciously or on purpose, but at this point, he knows that something he is doing is regularly keeping you from getting good sleep. I think the loving/compassionate agreement could also be- the one making the disruption should be the one to relocate until he figures out a workable solution with his snoring.

Hopefully, his being pissed will lend some urgency to the idea that he needs to get checked out.

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Bumble bee

ButternutPoppy :  Not when he’s wearing it.  Sometimes he forgets, if he gets up to use the bathroom or something and the snores come out instantly.  It doesnt make much noise, more like a hum.  But I also sleep with a sound machine, so I don’t hear it at all. 

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Honey bee
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Doctor/sleep clinic! You never know, perhaps it can be fixed. It would drive me absolutely bonkers. And if not, I guess look for a place with 2 bedrooms…

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I just move to the couch, doesn’t bother me much. Also the kitty will often come sleep on my blanket (they aren’t allowed in bedroom) – so it’s kinda sweet.

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