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Sugar bee
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We both snore.  If it gets bad enough to wake the other person up, the awake person pokes the snorer and says “roll over.”  If you tell him to roll over, in the middle of the night, will he do it?

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Helper bee
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My Fiance is a terrible snorer and add on to that two pugs that snore just as loud. I have an orchestra every night in my bedroom. The one thing that I have done that has really helped me is use a little white noise, like from those small radios that have rain noises, chimes, water running, or even a CD of noise that you can put on repeat. I know it sounds weird to add more noise onto noise, but it helps me.

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Busy bee
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We both snore although not badly for the most part.  However, recently Fiance has been having some problems sleeping due to work stress, so he has been complaining about it more.  He now wears ear plugs, but my ears are TINY and I can’t find any ear plugs that actually stay in my ears.  Therefore, I just endure.  If he gets too loud, I just poke him.

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Bumble Beekeeper

yep, we both snore too (me more than him). We find that poking is effective (although apparently I swear at him in my sleep when he pokes me – which is crazy because I NEVER swear), but so is a gentle shoulder massage/rub. It’s enough to get the other person to shift and stop snoring, usually, just to caress a little.

I’ve heard those nose strip things are supposed to work pretty well, if he acknowledges the problem.

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Busy bee
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My Fiance snores and our bulldog snores just as loudly as him.  I just leave a fan on in the bedroom to help block out the sound.  If I put it on high, i can’t hear them as much.  During the winter months (like now), I face the fan away from the bed so I don’t get too cold.  If I can hear him, I just poke him or jostle the bed and that usually stops him snoring for long enough to let me get to sleep.  Good luck!

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Helper bee
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Fiance snores.. I sort of nudge him to try to move him onto his side. That tends to help. He always says to pull his toe (literally) but I’m too scared to do it as he might kick me!

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Blushing bee

i TOTALLY know how you feel. i don’t think it’s safe to wear ear plugs while sleeping either- you need to be able to hear what’s going on around you. my Fiance also had sleep apnea so sometimes i’ll catch him not breathing- not exactly relaxing when i’m trying to sleep!i told my Fiance he needs to see a doctor for this and have surgery if necessary. he’s all for it, just a matter of finding the time to do it. it will help both of us sleep better!

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Buzzing bee
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Oh man – I so know what you’re going through. We tried the nose strips. The throat spray. He went to the ENT doctor (no sleep apnea, thankfully). I spent numerous nights in the other room so I could get some sleep and not bite his head off. Finally, what worked for us was a mouthguard designed to keep his lower jaw in line. I think it was Pure Sleep? But you can also go to your dentist and have one specially made to fit his mouth (costs a lot more, which is why we started with the Pure Sleep and may venture into the customized version later).

It’s not perfect – if he sleeps on his back (or has a couple of beers) the snoring comes back, but not as loudly and I’m usually fast asleep by then.

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Buzzing bee
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i snore Embarassed i sometimes use the breath right strips, and i think they help. they also help me breathe better–i’m allergic to dust, so i always get congested at night, which makes the snoring worse, but the strips keep my nasal passages more open

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Blushing bee
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ear plugs..nothing else works for me, I used to try poking or waking him but apparently he’d answer me in his sleep b/c he would start snoring 2 milliseconds later

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Bumble bee
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I used to get really annoyed by it, but now after living together for more than a year I’ve found that I can’t hardly sleep without his stupid snoring now lol

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Bumble bee
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Darling Husband snores.  We have been together for 8.5 years.  This is all that I have tried:

ear plugs (me)

nose strips

a face aparatus to stop him from snoring

throat spray

nose spray

sleeping pills (me)

sleeping pills (him)

In the end, during the week, when we REALLY need to both get a full nights’ sleep, this is the only thing that works:

He sleeps in the guest bedroom when his snoring gets really bad.  🙁

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Bumble bee

@butrfly – He should certainly go to the doctor about his sleep apnea – however, be aware that surgery is not a “cure,” its a possible cure.  Sleep apnea can be caused by either a blockage of tissue (obstructive apnea) or by the nervous system (central apnea).  Some people have both – like me.  Central apnea from my knowledge is not curable using surgery because it is a neurological issue within the brain*.  Since I have both kinds (also common to have a combination of these, which can be seen in a sleep study), there was no way I was having painful surgery in order to ‘maybe’ get relief.  For the record, I sleep with a CPAP machine and that isn’t fun either – but beats the hell out of a ‘possible’ solution involving cutting me!

*not a doctor, this is just what I’ve been told by my specialist in sleep disorders

One thing that works for people who simply snore when on their backs, no real apnea issues of course – is to sleep with a t-shirt on that has a tennis ball sewn into a pocket on the back.  Dorky, I know – But your hunny could have a bad night, wake up and slide on that shirt – and voila! you’re in the same bed still, he stays on side.  🙂

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