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Sugar bee
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I understand feeling hurt and betrayed. I think the problem is that although you worked on paying off the debt, there was nothing done (that you mention) to handle the deeper issue of how and why he let himself get into that much debt “just because”. He says it makes him feel good to spend…is it possible he has a shopping addiction? Maybe he should see a counsellor…

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Honey bee
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I’m in the reverse situation, I have the debt and Iam busting my butt to pay it down while I’M also paying for the wedding and he’s saving for a downpayment for a house. Fiance would be FURIOUS if I ever pulled something like that. It honestly might be grounds for him to break it off. I would feel horrible and could never do that. I can’t WAIT until the day my debt is paid off (should be in about 4 months!!) and I never have to worry about it again!!! I hope he can come to his senses and stop this behavior!!

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Honey bee
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The man has an addiction. This is not something you can fix for him and this is not something he can stop himself from doing. He needs much more intervention and help. Stop planning the wedding. Start looking into addictions treatment options in the area. There may not be options for behavioral addictions, and he may need help through a private counselor. You can not keep taking on the burden for him though. It is not fair to you to have to watch how he spends his money, it’s not fair to expect that you should keep him “in line”. He’s only going to end up resenting the situaion as it becomes more like a parent/child relationship.


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Sugar bee
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So don’t get married.

It’s not your debt, you can’t change him – only HE can change himself.

This is less of an “us” problem and more of a “your” problem – can you live with his spending habits or not? If not, leave. If yes, then you need to support him (not his spending but his efforts), not put him down for trying his best.

Yes, $1,000 is a big setback. But what was the goal after he paid off the debt? Accrue some new debt? Shred the credit cards? Because he’ll always be getting new CC offers in the mail, and the temptation will always be there.
Was teh pay-off plan just your plan, or was this a plan where he was accountable to someone besides only you – like a financial class or a help group? That might make a difference as well.

Like I said – if he doesn’t want to work on it, then maybe it’s time to get out of this relationship.
Personally, if I met a guy with the same problems as my father I’d be out of that relationship in a flash – been there done that: I’ve had enough for one lifetime.

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Buzzing bee
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@gemchick82:  you’re feeling this way because he has, essentially, stolen from you. You were generous and loving enough to take on his irresponsible consumer debt, he agreed to a plan, and then went out and spent money on himself anyway. I am sorry, but I would not marry this man until he got the spending issues under control through therapy, and I would probably end the relationship if he refused to get help. And I would not pay off this new debt – you are not his own personal bank. so sorry he did this. 

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Honey bee
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I get where other posters are coming from, but being the one that spends the money myself… it’s having an active card that’s the problem. The fact that he used the card without physically having it in his hands, that is definitely an issue and not something I would have done so maybe he does need more help. But for me, it’s a matter of not having access to credit at all. Cancel the card. Get rid of it all together. As long as he has access to it, he’ll use it. Then you have to worry about him getting a new card behind your back, if he does that, I’d definitely say counseling is needed and he has a bigger issue. It sucks. I know exactly what he’s dealing with. I hope he can fix this.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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long before i knew my DH, DH got himself into a little money trouble. 

he opened a credit card in college and spent freely because he thought he could.  he learned the hard what debt can do.  but he was able to clean up his mess.  now he only had a debit card and spends what he has.

maybe your Fiance needs to do the same.  cut up all his credit cards and either pay cash for everything or if he can handle a debit card, use a debit card.


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Busy bee
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@gemchick82:  It seems like he has made it clear that he either cannot control his spending, or refuses to try that hard.

I DEFINITELY see this as a reason to postpone wedding plans, and no one could call you out for leaving him either– if this is a long-term problem you’re in for a lot of stress that no one deserves and your marriage might not be able to withstand.

I’d draw the line here as the last straw and have a serious talk about returning ALL the items he purchased for himself, maybe even YOUR xmas gifts too to make a point.  And then talk about cancelling the cards and have a limited fund account for him, and then the majority of money in your control only. I know that sounds crazy and it’s treating him like a child, but otherwise he will continue to blow money if he has access to it. It’s totally understandable if he doesnt want to agree to these terms, but I would have an ultimatum ready in that case.

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Bumble bee
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@gemchick82:  Totally feel for you. That sucks so much. I think that maybe he needs some professional help because just like any addiction it is hard to break. I commend you for what you have done – my question is has he decreased his credit limit as he has paid off the credit card? You may want him to decrease it so it is more difficult.

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Busy bee
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My ex-FI was like this.  He had debt, and not only lied about paying it off, but continued to accrue more.  Like you, I was paying for everything.  One day I decided this wasn’t the life I wanted to live, and broke it off and never looked back.  Having similar financial outlooks is very important to me and thankfully realized it was a dealbreaker before I married him. 

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Sugar bee
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@gemchick82:  Please stop wedding plans and think about this situation for a while. I wouldn’t marry into this.

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Busy bee

@gemchick82:  Being former financially irresponsible with credit cards, I know his position all too well. I ran up $10K of debt on 3 credit cards, and got a debt consolidation loan from my bank. I’ve been paying it off for 4 years – $1500 left! The issue was that I spent money that wasn’t mine when I felt bad, I also spent money that wasn’t mine when I felt good. The shock of how much debt I had run up scared me senseless. I also didn’t tell my parents about the debt, as I knew they would want to help me out, and I didn’t want them to suffer for my mistakes. I’ve paid every dollar off the loans myself, and in a way, you made it really easy for him – you have been paying ALL of the bills, he’s been living rent free, essentially financially commitment free aside from his credit card payment. It should have been that he still contributes to the household bills etc, AND pay the credit card as well. Why should you sacrifice some of your financial freedom to pay for his mistake? I also had my car to pay off, and I was really restricted cash wise for a while – you never really learn how precious money is until you watch it slowly chip away at stupid mistakes you’ve made, and know that your belt is as tight as it can go – no money to do anything but meet your financial obligations. It SUCKS, but that’s how it should be – otherwise, how does anyone ever learn?

He needs to get rid of ALL credit cards, cancel every single one. There are some people who can be really smart with credit cards and use them only for emergencies, but then there’s people like me, your Fiance, and many others like us, that should NEVER be trusted with one.

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Sugar bee
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Just so I’m clear, your Fiance spent $700 on himself for Christmas and says it’s b/c it “makes him feel good about himself?”

That definitely sounds like an addiction 🙁  Does he also see that he failed in his agreement with you?

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