(Closed) So, eating your placenta thing, has anyone tried it?

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@Hyperventilate:   “As far as I know, generally a blowjob doesn’t include eating the penis” – Literally lol. I’ve gotta stop reading WB at work.

On a more serious note: “To prevent predators from showing up and eating them. Pretty sure humans don’t  need to worry about that.” +1 to that.

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@mamadingdong:  First you say: “Show me scientific proof- a double blind peer reviewed study with actual proof.”


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@KCKnd2:  gives you proof that it is ethically impossible to give you the exact proof you just asked for, and then you act like “boooooring. Didn’t even read that threadjack”


I’m all for scientific proof, in fact, I’d be incredibly interested to read an actual study about this subject. The whole mind-over-matter subject fascinates me, but we’re all adults here. We don’t have to act like children when we’re told we can’t get the proof we want.

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@Hyperventilate: Not to mention that the placenta is an organ that your fetus has regularly pissed & shit in.

Not if things are going well.  The meconium can be expelled while the fetus is still within the placenta/in utero, but having that happen is actually a sign of fetal distress.  Babies should not be regularly shitting in the amniotic sac.

Back to the main topic, no, I don’t think I would eat any placenta produced by my body (or anyone else’s).  My mother had my father bury the placenta from my little sister’s birth in the back yard and plant an apple tree on it, though.  It seemed to fertilize it fairly well.

I think those “placenta prints” are even weirder than the eating thing, somehow.

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well that was an incredibly rude response to a well thought out post..


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LOL @ the blow job/penis eating comment. OMG, I’m dying! :’D

To answer the question, no, I absolutely would not eat placenta. Ick. I’m not worried a predator will come and eat me, and I am yet to see proof that this has any benefits, so hell no.

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@mamadingdong:  Rude.

This is a fairly common indigenous practise in may cultures. I think I’m right in saying that some Inuit groups traditionally do it in order to allow the mother to recover her strength, because it’s full of micronuitrients and other good stuff.

I’m not so sure it would be worth the bother to eat it, myself. If the option was there, it would make more sense to freeze and store it as a potential source of stem cells. But I’m not sure how much that would cost, or even if we have the facilities here.

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Unless it has some ridiculously amazing proven benefits then absolutely no way. I’m semi-adventurous when it comes to food but c’mon now

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With the number of natural mamas out there, I’m surprised no one has said yes.  Then again, they probably don’t want to be ostracized for it.

With that said, I’m not sure it’s my cup of tea.  

Lora from Loraandlayton and youtube had it done with her third pregnancy.  She dealt with terrible post partum depression with her first two which led her to placenta encapsulation with her third.  She said she hasn’t had one moment of PPD and her milk supply has been fantastic and she is crediting the placenta.  Now that’s not scientific obviously, but just one person’s point on the subject.  

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@KCKnd2:  +1

That said, eating the placenta is not for me. I have a strong history of major depression however, so I can see ways in which anectodal evidence (though logically not sufficient) would sway someone particularly with a history like mine. I would do almost anything to avoid PPD because I know how bad depression can be.

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@Cory_loves_this_girl:  Lol good call!


I know one of those Mowry twins (Tia and Tamera) did it. They had some sort of bet going where one drank the other’s breast milk and then  the other had to eat some of the other twins’ placenta. I only saw a picture, but I didn’t read or watch anything about it.

Anyway, I couldn’t do it. More power to those who want to, but there are plently of women out there that don’t do it and do just fine. There just isn’t enough evidence out there right now to support any benefits to it what so ever. Maybe one day that will be different but until someone truly studies this, I won’t be doing it.


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That is gross gross gross gross gross! I don’t ever plan to be pregnant, but if I did I would definitely not do this. Even if it truly was “good for you”, no way. That’s so disgusting. 

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I swallow, but I try not to think about it, you know?  Down the hatch and it’s gone before I could get to the bathroom to spit it out.

To eat placenta you have to really think about it.  Just… no.  If my body wanted it, it would keep it in there and digest it after the baby was born, not spit it out like waste.  Other mammals eat it so predators don’t find evidence of new baby and come after and eat them, not because it’s tasty. 

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I can’t believe how many are squeamish about this. 

I would totally do it if there were proven benefits. Put it in a capsule, down the hatch. No worries. If it helped me heal faster and benefited my child I would absolutely do it.


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