(Closed) So, eating your placenta thing, has anyone tried it?

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Helper bee

This thread is fascinating. I’d love to hear the perspective of someone who did consume their placenta.

It’s not for me, though.

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Bumble bee

This practice is big in my culture – I’m Chinese – but the whole idea just totally skeeves me out.  Even imagining it makes my skin crawl – ewww!!! :S 

I’ve also seen sheep placenta products/brews at Chinese herbal shops.  It’s supposed to enhance beauty and retain youth. ICK. >.<

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@Aquaria:  No, it’s not. The placenta is an organ that filters the blood that gets shunted to the baby, and stores nutrients and hormones.

There’s no hard science about whether or not eating the placenta is useful. But most PP baby blues only last a few weeks. Full blown post partum depression is not very common. You’re probably better off just asking people to help take care of the household while you and hubby bond with the baby.

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Honey bee
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@michiru4ever:  Once it comes out it’s useless. If it continued to serve a purpose it would stay attached to the baby (blech). Our menstrual blood is full of nutrients and what not but we don’t collect it to consume at a later date.

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Busy bee
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I’m not eating anything that comes out of my hoo-ha. Sorry. I don’t care if I pop out a Klondike bar. Noooope. 

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For me, no thanks, but I don’t judge. If you want to eat a dead organ, more power to you… I’ll stick to my vegetarian diet.


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Bumble Beekeeper

@crayfish:  I was thinking the same thing.

Not a chance I would do that. Just say no to eating people.

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@stefanielovesjamie:  Gahaha. Sorry. I just lol-ed at your comment. 

To answer the OP: No. 

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Sugar bee

Couldn’t the mere fact that you’d care enough about your health to eat a placenta means you are likely in a better mental state than someone who can’t even have the energy to entertain those thoughts, and perhaps if you think it will help your milk production, you will likely try harder to BF? The placebo effect is very real, and documented. I, like some others, am interested in some real data. Maybe not a double blind study, but something more than “I had a friend who had a friend who did that…”




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@mamadingdong:  Wow. Not only rude, but… dumb. (And you would know how dumb you sounded had you bothered to read what you were responding to.)

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@Mrsgurzakovic:  are you serious about the Chinese medicine comment?! Countless animals are slaughtered bc of their supposed medicinal properties like rhinos and bears. Rhino horn is just keratin for christ’s sake. Just because something is traditional doesn’t mean that it’s based on fact. 

ETA – sorry I missed the “new” before “mumbo jumbo”. Yes it may not be new but still highly questionable.

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Busy bee
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I have never heard of this before and this is the first time i am reading about it. It’s just gross, i think it is up there with picking your nose and eating it 

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Busy bee
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I’m curious if the law even allows this in most places given that eating a human organ is cannibalism.

Regardless, I would not do this. Unless you’re worried about your placenta drawing potential predators to your nest to devour your young, it’s probably not an issue. If you need minerals and vitamins, keep taking your prenatals and eat a steak.

As for PPD, animals DO get this! Haven’t we all heard of animals that abandon their nest and leave the babies to fend for themselves? It doesn’t happen to every animal that gives birth, but it’s certainly not uncommon. Eating their own placentas doesn’t seem to be preventing a small percentage of animal mammas from rejecting their cubs. I’d like to see some science supporting placenta eating before I would ever consider it.

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Bumble bee
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Is this topic cause it was on keeping up with the kardashians last night? hehehehehe I’m guilty.

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Helper bee
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@FauxBoho:  +1


If there were many studies done, and it was completely proven I would consider it. At first it takes me back a little and makes me feel grossed out, but I could understand why it would be beneficial and am curious to learn more.

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