So embarrassed right now aaahhhgg

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I would make a joke just to try to diffuse the awkwardness of the situation but you shouldn’t be embarrassed and he has definitively seen a boob before so no big deal! HR needs to figure out how to cover that space completely or provide another pumping area though because that’s not acceptable. What if someone’s really tall and can see over? 

One of my coworkers used to put a little baby hat on the doorknob when she pumped so we knew no to go in

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lula0508 :  I wouldn’t worry about it but I would demand a truly private pumping space!

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lula0508 :  I totally feel you but the only thing you can do is laugh it off.  I work all over a school district and pump where I can.  So one day I was in my room at a school I don’t visit often.  I figured going behind a barrier was good enough – totally out of sight.  A custodian saw the light on and thought a kid was hiding in there and came in to check.  He was super embarrased but I told him it was my own fault for not putting up a sign and I never did that again! 

Then I have another school where I got a nice room that was empty this year (my own room is a therapy room and has cameras).  I have a key, the door locks, wonderful, problem solved, right?  Another helpful custodian saw the light was on and unlocked the door to see what was up.  Luckily I had a nice desk to shield myself with.  She was more awkward as she was asking questions and things instead of just leaving me alone, but I let it roll off my back and now she knows if that light is on it’s because I’m in there.

In the end it’s natural and people can suck it up.  I’m pretty private, I don’t share my body with anyone but my husband, as it were (e.g. you won’t catch me naked in a lockeroom), but I just laughed, explained and made sure it wasn’t going to happen twice (in the same place, at least).  Remember, he’s easily as embarrassed or more so than you are.  Hopefully he will apologize for being too nosy when you didn’t answer the door and you’ll both get past it (and put up a sign!)

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I would probably just pretend it never happened and act normal.  I also might start hanging a sign outside the door when you are pumping as other posters suggested.  It was just a boob; I’m sure the guy will live.  He probably just feels like he accidentally violated your privacy, as if he walked into the ladies room accidentally or something.  If you don’t act weird around him or angry at him, then hopefully he will act normally too.

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I think the best course of action is to address the situation. Tell him that it was all bad timing and have a good chuckle about it. If you make it wierd, it will be wierd. Perhaps schedule your pumpings in your work calendar and make a *do not disturb* sign for your office door to avoid it in the future.

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lula0508 :  oh my God what a little turd. You have NOTHING to apologize for here. If anything, I would go to HR and ask about them putting a sign up for you. We used to have a designated health room for our ladies who pumped at my last place and the door was a full door that locked and everyone knew not to disturb the mother. 

He sounds like such a turd! I would be fuming. 

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Yeah I am totally with you. My work set aside a “pumping space” for me in our upstairs print/supply closet room (which doesn’t lock) with a handmade sign on the door saying “please don’t enter”… so I am awkwardly using this room when very uptight (male) owner/PRESIDENT OF OUR WHOLE COMPANY walks in. We had about 5 full seconds of solid eye contact before he quickly shut the door without saying anything and ran away. 

I have (had?) a pretty close relationship to him so I knew I had to be the one to break the tension immediately or it would get weird. I went to him and made some joke and he laughed and I made sure to ask him a work question that we went on to discuss and that was it. He was way more embarassed than me and the next day there was a brand new lock on my door! Lol. He told me later that he “didn’t think the note applied to him as the president” *eye roll* God I was so mortified…

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And the worst part was that later on he’s made comments about “women” (I’m literally the only one who has ever been pregnant or pumping at my job) pumping at work and how it “could be a really bad situation for any men who interrupt them. Ummm you guys gave me a supply closet to pump in and then I was the one half exposed who had to calm you down…

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