So Embarrassed…Share your stories to cheer me up

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I tried to discreetly fix my zipper on my pants while it was down this week and accidentally zipped my shirt into my pants. Oh yeah, it was in front of 25 7th graders, 20 were boys.

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Honey bee
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Haha… Just looking through some old photographs and I remembered this story so I thought I’d come post it here. 

Whrlen I was 12 I wrote an essay that gained me a place on all expenses paid position on a two week summer camp in Europe with 200 other kids from around the world. It was amazing and they put us up at this fantastic resort with the best pool and water park. They also took us on tour buses almost  every day to sight see. I was grouped with all the Australian kids and one morning we were at the pool together with our chaperone and I decided I’d had enough swimming and went to sit in one of deckchairs surrounding the pool. It must of been a bit faulty and when I sat in it it literally closed on itself. My head was squished against my knees. My hand and wrist were firmly pressed against my feet and ankles. I was literally the filling in a deckchair taco and the chair locking mechanism had locked me in place like this!! 

The nice young 15 year old lifeguard had to rescue me from the chair. They had to use a screw driver to undo the chair!! It took about 5 minutes and by that time everyone around the pool was watching the whole debacle. For the rest of the week I had nice meaning adult guests staying at the resort come up to me asking if I was feeling OK after the incident. As a 12 year old I was mortified and having people keep mentioning it was even worse!! 🌮🌮🌮

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cmsgirl :  bahahah you got me lol’ing at 3am with your taco emojis!

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Helper bee

This is my husbands story, but I think its applicable to your situation (only waaaaay worse so you should feel better!). I warn you, its a bit icky!  He was in a library and suddenly got really bad stomach pains and had to run to the toilet. Unfortunately, the toilet on the floor he was on was for women, so he rushed to the next floor. He thought the water level of the toilet looked suspsiciously high, but at this point there was no time for him to find another toilet, so he had to go. One bout of explosive diarrhoea later, he flushes the toilet and watches in horror as, instead of going down, the contents of the toilet rises up and up and up until it overflows – just as the mainatanence people arrive to fix the toilet. He shouts “it was like this when I got here!” as he runs away as fast as he can.

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Bumble Beekeeper

desiderata :  

What a sweetheart is your son ! 

I have a period one too, but no Galahad . I was cycling , wearing  pale jeans and  a white top     So the sky  started to rain  and   I started to menstruate.

Well, as anyone who cyles knows, the back wheel kicks  up the wet all up your back.   The red wet…….all the way up .  

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Helper bee

Ah this one is my favorite.

So in high school, I was on the Colorguard in the marching band. Well, one football game my band director had the brilliant idea of having us run onto the field instead of marching like we usually did. What I don’t think he noticed was that it had been raining that day and not only was the field muddy, but the Colorguard wore dance shoes with zero grip on the bottom. 

So here I am running to my position carrying this tall flag when I slipped and completely faceplanted right in the middle of the football field in front of a packed stadium of people. I got up and tried to brush it off, then it happened again. Suffice to say 16-year-old me was mortified.

Oh did I mention our uniforms were also white? 

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Blushing bee

When I was pregnant with my first I had horrific morning sickness. No one knew I was pregnant yet, and I worked on the third floor. I felt the vomm coming, and scurried to the stairwell so I could run down to the empty floor below (‘cause it was too early to share the news, and my office is full of gossipers who hang in the ladies room). Needless to say, I didn’t make it. I puked exorcist style all over the walls, the floors, the stairs, myself. It kept going for, like, 5 minutes. Then I managed to catch my breath and ran to the bathroom only to projectile vomited all over that too. 

I cleaned up the bathroom and then headed to the stairwell to clean up in there. Well, I guess someone opened the stairwell door before I got back and they noped right out of there to call maintenance. 

I was discovered moments later sitting on the stairwell covered in alien green throw-up, scrubbing the floor and crying. Needless to say I got “gifted” with a few days off and my boss found out I was pregnant that day. 😂

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Bumble bee

These stories are hilarious 😂!

When my daughter was tiny, she was in a stroller and we were standing in line at Starbucks. The man in front of us farts. Not horribly loud, but since she was in front of me in the stroller she was aware. Right then, the guy goes up to the counter to order his drink. And like any two and a half year old she starts pointing at him and saying really loudly, MAN! Poo! Poo poo man! Poo in pants! 

Well the poor guy! Everyone turns to look at him because she is pointing at him and hollering about what happened. He couldn’t even leave because he was waiting for his latte to be made. I keep trying to distract my daughter, but I am not successful. He practically sprints out of Starbucks when he gets his drink. The whole time my daughter continues to point and yell poo! Poo poo pants! Stinky! Poo Man!

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SmartCookie1 :  hahaha this is hilarious. Poor guy. 

carowl :  how awful. I’m glad you got a few days off after all of that!

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Helper bee

I recently came back from a trip to Walt Disney World. I woke up one morning feeling like I needed to eat, but other than that, felt fine. We went to Hollywood Studio’s where I proceeded to get on Rock-n-roller coaster. Again, I felt fine besides feeling “hungry” (note, I had eaten by this time) About an hour later my boyfriend and I were walking into one of the bars and the smell of their pretzels caused me to get instantly nauseous. I’m pretty good about holding it in until I can get to a restroom, so I immediately took off for one, about 200ft away. I made it to the steps just out outside the restrooms and proceeded to projectile vomit all over the streets of Disney. Now, my boyfriend was at the bar when I left and I didn’t tell him, so I’m alone, surrounded by about 80 people, and now covered in puke. 

Luckily as I’m standing there looking mortified, about to cry, and completely unsure about what to do, a very nice older woman ran up to me and told me she’d get help and to go to the bathroom. I stood in the bathroom for a good 40 minutes to make sure that whoever was outside was gone by that point.

 I ended up having a 24hr bug and spent most of my time that day in the public restrooms at the parks. Eventually figured out if I didn’t eat anything, I’d be fine. Unfortunately, my boyfriend got it the next day but we spent the day at the resort.

Very embarrassing at the time, but I’m hoping I’ll never see those people ever again. 

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