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Sugar bee
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@Wonderwoman217: OMG!!! I read the first page of that and LAUGHED so hard. wow. ok, I will share….

So, embarrassing…. 

So, I hate using public toilets. Including the ones at my office. They are separated women vs. men, but I still hate it, I especially hate that they’re autoflushes. Nothing ever bad had happened to me, I’m just a very private person. I am also like f’n clockwork when it comes to #2 and it ALWAYS wants to come early morning at work. So, like usual, I go into the bathroom, do my business, get up… why didn’t it flush? turn around, do a little dance. Still no flush. Press the flush button, nothing. H-O-L-Y F. What am I going to do? It will NOT flush? So I throw a bunch of toilet paper on it, go into the next stall, it won’t flush either. Go to the sink to wash my hands NO WATER. 

I went out of the bathroom as fast as I could (don’t want anyone knowing that was ME), and there is NO maintenance sign on the door. Apparently the pipes had froze and no one knew….

Worst part? This has happened to me twice. Now, I flush the toilet before I do anything. 

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Helper bee
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@brideatbeach: LOL! Nice.

OK, I have an embarrassing story. So, a long time ago, when I was about 13 or so, I was at a dance competition.  Aunt Flo was in town for a visit, and I had things “plugged up.” Well, I was so busy running around, changing between dances that I forgot to freshen up, if you know what I’m saying. I had a little break before one of my dances, but I was already in my costume, which was white.  Shortly before I had to go on stage, I noticed a stain in the nether region.  I didn’t have time to clean it, so I went on stage….with a stain.

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@eileen marie:  yeah but this was my drysuit… which wasnt very dry after a boat ride, a dive and 60mins on a hang line 🙁


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Haha Omg that is terrible but yet hilarious! Just the word Shart alone is funny!

Dont worry, while my husband and I were still dating I sharted while we were watching TV together. Mortifying, but years later it doesnt matter! At least no one saw and it could have been worse!

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Honey bee
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Oh boy, not fun… I would of played it off too. 

It is definitely a comfort to know that similarly embarrassing things have happened to others.  I once had a period explosion at work too.  It was in the fall so I was able to also wrap by jacket around my waist but I know people where wondering what the problem was.  In a semi-related story, I remember going to a party at a friends house, I had my period and ended up having to change my tampon.  A few minutes later, the family dog walked out of the bathroom with it in his mouth and he began tearing it to pieces in the middle of the party.  Only a handful of people knew it was MY tampon but that was bad enough.  Gross.  

Oh, and my husbands friend was playing pool with the guys.  It was summer so he was wearing shorts.  Well, he sharted and didn’t notice a problem until it started dripping down his leg.  All of his friends saw it and make fun of him to this day.  I guess it’s good that you didn’t have that experience!

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Ugh if it makes you feel better I have two gross stories…lol

1. I was at a friends house playing cards with her husband and my fiance. Was on my period. Next thing I know, my butt is feeling warm and moist. I stood up and I had leaked through my tampon, through my jeans and ALL OVER HER CHAIR…I was pretty mortified. I had to say something though but didnt want to say it in front of the guys so I texted her. I was soooo embarrased but she was really cool about it.

2. I was working retail, had a KILLER UTI and could not hold it for the LIFE of me. I was standing on a ladder scanning some stuff up high when the “urge” struck me. I tried to get down from the ladder, hold in my pee, and run to the bathroom. Well all three things at once was a little too much for me and I fell off the later AND ended up peeing my pants…Epic fail!

It’s kind of funny now that it’s been a couple years…but it was mortifying at the time and I wanted to die!

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Bumble bee
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At least you were able to finish your Korean BBQ! 

Nothing should get in the way of some yummy bulgogi, not even a little poo! Tongue out

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Honey bee
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one time my sister literally scared the pee out of my in the school parking lot… she still makes fun of me. and one other time I started my period way early with no warning at my family’s work party and accidently bled on one of their horse saddles… so embarrassing….

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Helper bee
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OMG didn’t the smell linger??Smile

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It happened to me too Frown

I have trouble being able to go #2 so I started a new vitamin/supplement regimen to help. Unfortunately, It gave me terrible gas and I thought I needed to pass a tiny little toot in my FI’s truck…I sharted in my jeans instead. Yep, the look of horror on my face and the lovely smell gave me away. My Fiance still gives me sh*t about it Wink

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