(Closed) SO FED UP! Trying to lose weight is pointless. Jeeze!

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@misskarianne: Tell us what your plan is.  Have you really been cutting back?  or are you just eating healthier foods with the same or increased consumption.  Weight loss really is like starving yourself because it is causing the body to expend more than it intakes.  It’s a sad, frustrating, and often slow process that the body will fight.  Walking will help you burn calories and could help with your physical problems (as will weight loss).  Can you go to a pool.  Low-impact pool exercises shouldn’t be a problem.

Join weightwatchers (I lost 20 lbs really doing nothing but tracking) or another program that forces you to write down everything you put into your mouth.  You may be surprised.

Do not give up.  Your health and your mirror will thank you!

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@misskarianne:  My Darling Husband struggles with his weight and walking DEFINITELY helps him.  He walks everyday on a long route outside so it’s not boring.  He’s also had really good results with Atkins.  Are you drinking lots of water?

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Weight is not as important as inches. Have you tried measuring your waist? There’s a good chance that what has been happening is you’ve been losing fat but building muscle with the aerobics. Since muscle weighs more than fat, you can gain weight while still looking better and losing inches. 

Don’t get discouraged! 

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Maybe you can go swimming or use an elliptical. Those are both pretty low impact and the swimming can help strengthen the back/neck. Otherwise walking can definately work, you just need to make sure you walk long enough and fast enough. You should have a hard time holding a conversation while you are walking for it to be most effective.


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I agree with everything the PP’s said! I would also add ( in my experience) it was just as much what I ate and how I ate it that made the difference. I originally cut back, counted calories and exercised, cut out diet cokes and didnt see THAT much of a change until I broke down my meals into 5 small meals a day with the calories front loaded… meaning I consume the most calories the first 1/3 to 1/2 of the day and decrease as the day wears on.

It wasn’t a super fast process… but I lost about 10 pounds by doing that AND I also tried to not deprive myself or get on any fad diet… I just eat healthy, but if I want a little ice cream I get a little ice cream. It was all about tweaking the eating habits, not completely trying to overhaul my entire system! Good luck and don’t give up!!

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It also depends on *what* you cut out of your diet.

I have ceased the things I love in life. Basically anything sweet.

I, like you, I have also stopped my Sprite indulgence.

And breads and carbs, healthy or non, are almost a big never.

I will have one small diet bagel (basically they are like normal bagels but are a MM thick! LOL) for breakfast or with my lunch and thats IT for heavy carbs.  On the weekends I will have one tiny potato one of the days.

I find this is really helping.

Oh and I don’t have a car, so I am forced to walk everywhere, carry groceries home, etc, etc… so daily chores are a work out. Added, I have a dog that I walk too.  Then I do weight training for 20 mins 6 x a week.  But only for 20 mins b/c I hate it.  And I do bicycle crunches for the tummy.  Thats it.

I’ve lost 15 lbs in a couple of months of doing this (on my frame that is quite a lot) and I also will admit to breaking this diet quite a few times and still getting results.

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I agree with @amanda_rae – switching to 5 small meals a day rather than 3 large meals helped me a lot… and drinking 3+ liters of water daily! Try the Body for Life books by Bill Phillips for some guidance.

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@Mrs_Amanda:  Gotta say, I totally agree with you!  I’m trying to get my Darling Husband to do this, b/c Atkins will work like gangbusters in the beginning but as soon as he strays a  bit (and we all do) from the plan, he gains it back.  Smart post.

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Don’t get discouraged! Any kind of exercise is good, walking is perfectly fine.  You also have to make sure you’re eating enough.  If your body isn’t getting what it needs, it goes into starvation mode and just packs on everything as fat.  Also when you eat is a big thing, eating heavier dinners doesn’t help.  I was overweight all my life but when I went to college my mom, sister and I decided to do Weight Watchers and I lost 80lbs.  I have packed some of it back on but I am nowhere near where I was.  The biggest think it taught me was how much I should be eating, alot of times I wasn’t eating enough.  Writing things down also helps because it shows you what you’ve eaten and how much you eat at a given time.  I found that eating a good deal of calories in the morning and less at dinner is what is good for me.  There were some weeks where I gained weight but in actuality my size never changed.  Also another thing is you never have to give up what you love.  I lost all that weight still eating pizza, which I love! And I don’t mean a dinky small slice but those awesome boardwalk sizes, just have to stay active.  You can do it!!!!

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@misskarianne: I feel your pain!

I just started tracking on http://www.myfitnesspal.com and it’s been a real eye opener. It’s a free site and it tracks calories, fat, and carbs. You can also add in calories burned for exercise.  It might help you to track for a little while and see where you can make adjustments.  Good luck!

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@misskarianne: Try fitday.com  It’s free, and it gives you all sorts of reports, a calorie tracker, an exercise tracker, and an online journal.  It will tell you, based on your weight and activities, how many calories you can have a day without gaining weight.  You can either then decrease your number of calories or increase your activities (or better yet, both!) to lose weight. 

You’ll be surprised at how many calories you should be eating.  Sometimes when you eat too few calories, your body goes into starvation mode and your metabolism slows down.  Believe it or not, you have to eat enough to start losing again.

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First, please dont give up what you are doing. Even if you have not lost the weight you expected you are healthier. Eating better and moving will never hurt you, only help.

Can you give an example of what you have been eating? “better and healthier” are really subjective and doesnt describe a diet.

Also, have you had your thyroid tested?

Knowledge is key. Teach yourself nutrition.

I would go to the library and read Dr. Oz’s You on a Diet. 

Here are some good quick guides to start



And since you are having trouble, it may be time to count calories. Livestrong’s http://www.thedailyplate.com is a good place to start with that.

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