So fed up with my dog :(

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Honey bee
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She sounds bored. Take her out for more walks, and spend time training her with treats. My little guy gets to be a bug when he gets stir crazy. A good trip to the doggy park to socialize or a play date with a doggy buddy always does him good too. If she’s needy, she could be sick as well. When was her last wellness exam?

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Buzzing bee
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All any dog wants is love and affection. They don’t ask for anything, they don’t take anything, they are your #1 cheerleader all the time…I don’t understand how you could feel like this. I feel so sorry for your poor dog..sounds like she deserves better.

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Sugar bee
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@secretbee2013:  I’m sorry you are feeling this way. As far as what you could do, maybe you both need to get to know each other again. Maybe a weekly visit to the dog park or a long walk either in your neighborhood or on a trail will help you feel more connected.

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She’s probably bored out of her mind! You say you never spend time with her, does that mean you never walk her? Poor girl needs some stimulation, both mental and physical! Do some training games with her, walk her, things like that.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I barely spend any time with her because she frustrates me so much.

This is why she is acting out and annoying you. You aren’t giving her what she needs. Honestly, if you’re willing to basically abandon her within your home, she’d be better off with a different family. Just please please do not drop her at a kill shelter! Go about it in a responsible way through a no-kill rescue organization. Craigslist is a bad option – people go there to get cheap/free bait dogs for dog fights. So heartbreaking.

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Sugar bee
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@WhatMaeBee:  well, THAT’S definitely helpful!


OP, if you feel like someone else can give her a better home, I say do it. it is what’s best for the both of you

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I’d say give her more exercise and sign up for a beginner agility or rally class together. She sounds super bored and a class is a great way to bond and get some energy out.

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Bumble bee
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Your dog sounds bored and lonely. I agree with the first poster – give her some mental stimulation with long walks, play time and training. Or enroll in a good citizen class with your dog or therapy dog class?

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Sugar bee
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Sign up for a tricks class. Go to the dog park. Buy her food puzzle toys. Just . . . I don’t know. I can’t relate to how you’re feeling. When my dog isn’t in the same room as me I get sad. I wish he were MORE needy. She just loves you. Love her back!!!

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Buzzing bee


It’s great that you are taking your feelings seriously. A lot of people who feel that way would just get rid of the dog and never look back. You love your dog and feel a sense of loyalty to her. I agree with the other Bees who think you need to spend more time with her and stimulate her or more. I think you can get back to a place where you appreciate her company again.

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Bumble bee

I feel so bad for your poor dog right now 🙁

I have two dogs and one of them gets like this when he’s bored so I agree with the other bees who suggested spending more time with her, play with her, take her on more walks, take her to dog classes, etc.

She loves you like crazy!!!!

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Bee Keeper
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First, I must say I admire the fact that you can even verbalize your feelings.  To open yourself up to people who may criticize you for the way you feel took a lot of bravery.

Second, I do understand how it feels to be so friggin frustrated with an animal that you question whether or not it’s even worth it anymore.  We rescued our most recent addition and she came with plenty of separation anxiety issues.  It took SO MUCH WORK and she destroyed SO MANY THINGS.  There were definitely times I had to stop and wonder if we’d adopted the right dog for us.  It took quite some time, and it took more patience than I knew I had, but we’ve worked out our differences and she’s had time to settle down and really become a wonderful member of our family.  Your situation is obviously different, but I wanted to share that you’re not the only person in the universe who’s been at their wit’s end- you’re not alone and it doesn’t make you a bad person.

That said, it isn’t like you’re neglecting your dog’s physical needs, but you’re more than aware that there is a problem.  I also agree that a dog (or any animal or person really) does need love, affection, time, and attention.  I know my dogs need me to love them almost more than they need me to feed them.

Try something odd, if you will… get on the floor with your pooch, pet her sweet head, stare into her loving eyes, and try just speaking to her like you would a person.  Connect with her, I mean.  Tell her how you feel and ask her to please be patient with you as you learn how to be patient with her.  I know she won’t understand your words, but it gives you an opportunity to say, out loud, how you feel, and it also lets her know that you are still connected in some way.

If after that you still don’t have a teensy spark, an incling of emotion at all, left for your dog, then it might be time to look at placing her with another family.  Use a local rescue or network with friends to find a home for her that you know will be a great one- I think it’s the least you could do for her after 8 loyal years with you.

Best of luck 🙂

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Bumble bee
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I’m really sorry for your dog. She’s in the way because she wants attention. I would look into rehoming her for sure (not through a pound though!). Your dog deserves a loving family and that’s not what she’s getting.

Does anyone pay attention to her? What was your reasoning upon getting a dog?

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