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Sugar Beekeeper
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Oh my gosh that so sucks!!!! (hugs). The economy is screwing everyone right now but it will get better. Be ready for a rough few months, and know that we’re here whenever you need to vent!

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Bee Keeper
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I’m so sorry! That totally bites! Is he going to try for unemployment? Maybe try finding a job where he can? I hope something turns up!!!

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I was laid off during our wedding planning too. It was frightening and out of nowhere. But it made us really focus on things that were important to us. Our plan of action:

1. Stop spending – yes just stop. Do not buy anything for the wedding. No new clothes, no movies out. Don’t use your credit card.

2. Pool your resources – figure out unemployment benefits and how long they will last in your state.

3. Re-evaluate wedding decisions. Save-The-Date Cards – we threw those out the window and created a website which was passed around through word of mouth – no big deal.

4. Keep calm and carry on. You two will be okay. I found another job soon and he will try his best. The most important thing is the getting married part.

Good luck dear!

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Bumble bee


I’m so sorry this happend to you guys.  The fact that your Fiance has never been out of work tells me he’ll find a job faster than average even with the bad economy.

Meanwhile, I wholeheartedly agree with teawithmisspaloma, who laid out a terrific plan.

Maybe if you share some specifics about your wedding plans we can help come up with low or no-cost alternatives?   That will at least give you some peace of mind about your wedding.  

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Oh Querida I’m so sorry your Fiance is going thru this!!!  Hugs..major hive hugs here (((((Querida and FI)))))))

Time to not panic.  What I did when a job was eliminated a few years back when a cardiac group I worked for split was this..I was told by my aunt (wise) to treat my home office as my office and “go to work” in the morning and my job was to GET a new job and work it AS a job!

That way I got up, got my coffee, went to “work” and all the while tweaked the resume, scoured the internet and made a complete list of all the places my specialty was utilized and made personal phone calls to managers and docs. 

Within 3 weeks I had a new job.  No time for unemployment.  And was back at work within 1 month!

Have him do this since it seems he is used to working.

Now as for wedding planning, no fear and no worries.  How about a somewhat intimate wedding or a destination wedding?  Some destinations will give you the wedding for free and you can toss in your little requests for a nominal bit.  And you’re married and go on the honeymoon instantly! 

Just know we’re here.

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Busy bee

This is little consolation, I know … but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Unfortunately, it definitely seems like the strongest get tested the most … I know you’ll be able to do this – you’ll just have to change things around a bit. Major hugs! I would definitely start with checking out unemployment first. Then your Fiance can start his job search – but at least some income will be there in the meantime.

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Oh no how awful!!! Everybody at my workplace is nervous–we got a “reorganization” meeting today. It’s a very real, very awful thing in this economy.

A friend of mine is doing what Bellenga did–treating job hunting like a real job. I hope your Fiance finds a job soon! You may have to reevaluate your actual wedding, but not your marriage! All is well that ends well. I hope you can find a way through all this!

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This is going to be okay. He will find a job and you’ll get back on track. In the meantime get a budget going. We use mint.com to organize our finances. It is a really great reasource to understand exactly how much we are spending and where.

The best financial advice I ever got was this: It doesn’t really matter how you spend your pennies. Sure, you can save a little bit more here or there but you will always feel like you are scrambling. Ultimately it is how you spend your dollars that makes a real difference in your savings. What are the big things you can downsize? Can you move into a less expensive apartment? Find a roomate for the house? Can you get rid of a car, and the attached insurance bills?

I know this isn’t much consolation but I never, in my life, heard a bride say “I only wish we had spent MORE money on our wedding!” Figure out what matters the most to you and cut everything else. Is it food and drink? Then cut out flowers. Is it your dress? Then no open bar. You can hold a gorgeous wedding on any budget. Just set it and don’t look back!

I’m sorry you are going through this and hope it is only temporary. Good luck.

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Bumble bee
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I am so so sorry, this is such a hard time, and it def puts a strain on the relationship. I would like to encourage you however with something I learned at my bridal shower.

My mom, before I arrived was talking with this one table full of ladies, they had all at one point been attending church and were fairly close. Well they started reminiscing about the beginning of their marriages, and every woman at that table married an unemployed husband. Can you believe it! (the guys weren’t lazy, they lost their jobs).. so I just hope this encourages you because they all made it through, they are all still married to the same men, and they all have children and wonderful families, so just try to stay strong.

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Don’t cancel yet. You have a very long time to worry about this. Is there a cancellation fee in your contract?

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oh man i’m so sorry to hear that! *hugs*  i’m sure he will find employment soon…until then, stay strong, and don’t let it strain your relationship, stress can do that sometimes. you sound like such a supportive person, he’s luck to have you.  things will turn around soon, i’m sure of it.  hell, maybe he will land a better job!

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