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Keep it simple. Just count calories and try to stick to healthy foods in general. You really don’t need to do anything complicated. I’ve lost 25 lbs since January by just tracking my calories.

Making too huge of changes all at one time (like a complete overhaul on your diet) is a recipe for failure. Track your calories, incorporate more healthy foods and less junk. The weight will come off.

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Counting calories seems beyond exhausting to me. I’ve lost over 20lbs since January and stick with an 80/20 lifestyle. We started with the 24 day challenge and it basically helped us figure out when and what to eat. KISS- keep it simple stupid. I eat eggs, turkey bacon and whole grain toast for breakfast pretty much every morning. Then a snack mid morning and something like a packet of tuna and a veggie for lunch. Then an afternoon snack. At dinner we usually just throw some chicken or turkey together with some more veggies and usually a sweet potato. Meal prepping is key and saves time and money. Basically what it boils down to though, is if it’s important to you that you lose the weight, then you will find the time and effort to do it. 

Heres basically what we live by.

 My progress from Jan 2-April 25

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The 21-Day Fix really worked for me!! It takes time at the beginning to start measuring your foods and prepping meals. Pretty much you end up having to cut fat and sweets, and you add lots and lots of veggies. You can shove a lot of spinach on a shake, so that’s one way to get in the veggies. Once you’ve been doing 21Dear Fiance for awhile, it’ll become routine. You don’t have to make it fancy. I often just add a protein (like chicken) to a salad, or I eat brown rice with fish and a veggie. If you look online, you can find lots of people’s meal plans for a week. At first I thought 21 Dear Fiance was too much to do. However, I got desperate and started trying the eating plan. I’ve lost 45 lbs so far. 

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Look up TiffXO – it’s an Australian program but it does everything for you down to the shopping list.  Six 20-minute workouts a week.  You can swap meals around if there’s something you really don’t like, but pretty much all of them that I’ve tried are delicious!  It runs month to month, next one starts on 5 June.

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Calories in, calories out. I have PCOS which makes it a teeny bit harder, but it doesn’t especially matter what you eat, if you are below your TDEE you will lose. I am down 46 pounds, and still have days where I eat ‘all the bad things’, just in moderation. 

I guess what I am saying is you don’t need a meal coach, just track your calories. My Fitness Pal is awesome for this. 

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lulubelle2017 :  Well done you! We are loss twins! 45 pounds is some SERIOUS weight loss. How good does it feel!!

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The 21 day fix was so overwhelming and awful for me because it required a complete overhaul of my diet- I’m a vegetarian and try to eat a little protein in everything, but the 21 day fix required me to separate everything into specific macros. 

Total overhauls can be overwhelming and are what lead to mid-week meltdowns. Instead I challenged myself to make one food item I normally eat healthier every week. For instance, replacing soda with seltzer water, coffee with tea (those are such major hitters) then I went after my carb addiction… replacing peanut butter and toast with apple and peanut butter and then apple and unsweetened almond butter. Switching out my granola bar for yogurt with granola and then with plain Greek yogurt/berries/pumpkin seeds.

For packed lunches I do lots of healthy snacks which is way easier than trying to plan and pack a lunch. Currently I pack some combination of: plain Greek yogurt with frozen berries (they thaw by lunch) and pumpkin seeds, a clementine orange, homemade popcorn (just pupped in some olive oil and topped with salt and dried herbs or truffle oil, it lasts a week in a mason jar), apple and almond butter, light baby bell cheese, carrots and hummus, black bean tortilla chips and guacamole, chia seeds mixed into iced tea, a mini salad with just lettuce and dressing and one veggie, protein powder, chocolate milk, cauliflower rice from the freezer isle with some Parmesan cheese, single serve bags of frozen veggies, and plain instant oatmeal with honey.

I do always try to pick one dinner for the week and stick with it. One that works great for me is baked ziti, but replacing half of the pasta with roasted veggies like peppers, zuchinni, broccoli, and carrots. Low fat ricotta is pretty healthy and you can go light on the cheese and use ground turkey for some extra protein. Another thing I do is breakfast for dinner- eggs, hashbrowns, turkey bacon if you eat meat, and a protein smoothie.

Good luck and remember progress not perfect.  

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Oh yeah. Keep it simple, nothing complicated. Just download MyFitnessPal, keep track of what you eat and how much you exercise. You don’t even have to get super religious with it or anything. Don’t fuss about counting every single calorie. You will lose weight. I’ve lost almost 20 lbs doing this and still going. 

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To re-iterate what others have said, keep it simple.

I count calories and macros (you don’t need to get that into it if you don’t want) and eat plain foods. No sauces, oils, dressings. Those all add so many calories that can easily add up to 300-400 per day that you don’t even realise!

Aim for lean proteins like chicken breast, turkey, white fish. Eat a LOT of green veggies like broccoli, cabbage etc – they really fill you up and are super low cal.

Use MFP for sure, makes tracking so much easier.

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starwarsfan2016 :  You’re making this way more complicated than it needs to be!  Just focus on eating healthier and cooking simple tasty things.  You don’t need to spend hours searching google for complicated recipes.  Take the things you currently like to eat and modify them, use less sauce/cheese/oil etc.  The most important thing is portion control.

These meal plans set people up to fail as you think you have to stick to it and sometimes aren’t able to and therefore reach for more unhealthy things. 

Start calorie counting for a few weeks to really get the hang of portion control, then you’ll be able to watch what you eat without counting. 

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I think you’re over thinking it too.  You don’t need a coach or a plan or anything.  The food part can be very simple, as long as you dont expect gourmet meals.  In fact I think it *should* be cause what you eat should be very simple.  Steamed veggies, baked meat or fish for dinner takes like no prep, sprinkle some salt/pepper/seasoning on it and throw it in.  I get food in the oven with in 5 minutes of getting home, go do my 30 minute work out, and the meat/fish is done.  Then throw some veggies on the stove to steam or in the oven to bake while I grab a quick shower and with in 45 minutes of getting home, dinner and work out is complete.   Lunch is usually some left over of dinner.  And breakfast… It’s on ksn’s avoid list (which I’m curious as to why), but I just have a serving of yogurt with granola and avocado, or cottage cheese, or scrambled egg and veggies.  I eat a lot of the same (maybe boring to some people) things, but it works.  If I start to deviate and eat more junk, I can immediately tell I’m gaining weight.  And once I watch what I eat again, it comes right back off.

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Weight Watchers! It works and teaches you about balance, portions etc. It also teaches you to budget for indulgences. I have zero interest in giving up carbs and wine completely haha. Straight calorie counting doesnt work as well IMO. 

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I agree with the PPs who say you’re stressing way too much about something that doesn’t need to be so complicated. When I’m committed to dropping weight I find that routine is best for me and keeping my meals simple. I have the same thing for breakfast and lunch (a Luna bar with coffee, then half of a turkey sandwich with 3 oz of Greek yogurt for lunch) and dinner is usually lean protein with a side of veggies. Last night we had shredded chicken with a side of peppers and onions. Tonight it’ll be pork chops with a side of roasted asparagus. That doesn’t mean I can’t get creative with seasoning or marinades but I don’t need a fancy meal plan to eat well. It’s easy to stay within a healthy calorie range this way, especially when I pay attention to portion sizes. 

Your best bet would be to identify where you’re going off the rails. Snacking too much? Portions too large? Too much tasty, tasty cheese? Then be mindful of those pitfalls and plan ahead to avoid them. I’m a huge fan of My Fitness Pal even though I’m not as militant about weighing my portions as most of the folks on there. But it helps me to pre-log my meals before the day even starts so I can stay disciplined and stick to that plan even if I start to feel hungry and crave a snack.

I also hate to say it but the older you get, the slower weight loss is likely to be. I used to be able to drop 10 pounds in no time by simply cutting out dessert. Once I hit my 30s it’s so much harder to lose weight. I have to get used to being hungry, eat portions that seem laughable by American standards, and be very strict about allowing myself treats. Even so it I only lose about 0.5 lbs per week on a 1300 calorie diet with regular exercise. It feels excruciatingly slow and the reward for my hard work isn’t immediately obvious, so it can get disheartening. It’s possible if you’re nearing your 30s that your metabolism is slowing down so you’ll have to be persistent and stick with it to see results.

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Have you tried a weight loss app?  I’ve used Lose It! to try to track nutrients and plan out my meals better.  

I use the free version, but I know the paid version (sorry, I don’t know how much it costs) allows you to plan future meals.  A lot of brands are already pre-loaded into their system, too.  (I eat a lot of weird organic/natural food brands, and most of them are in there!)

It might be a more-cost effective option than a meal coach.  It could also help you stay on track- you may hesitate to eat something less healthy if you have to record it!

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ksn1219 :  This is helpful but wtf is an ostrich stick?


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