SO frustrated with inability to loose weight

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starwarsfan2016 :  you CAN lose weight, you just aren’t taking the necessary steps!

Stop looking at complicated plans- go back to the basics- CICO ( calories in , calories out) calculate your TDEE, subtract 200-500 calories a day ( depending on your goals) and take it slow

I hate fad diets and even things like the 21 day fix because they flat out aren’t sustainable, especially for people who get overwhelmed by meal prep ect.

Also, start logging your food. Download my fitness pal and input everything that you put in your mouth . A lot of time people don’t lose weight because they have no idea how many calories they are actually eating! 

Check out the subreddit r/loseit. there is a lot of good advice there!

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pinkshoes :  I actually eat yogurt, but it was on the avoid list because you should limit dairy during the challenge! I usually mix my greens (lemon flavored) with plain Greek yogurt for a snack! 

slomotion :  I had to google it… apparently it’s kinda like beef jerky lol doesn’t sound appetizing! 

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slomotion : Holy crap! Never heard of it before!

“Ostrich meat is very low in cholesterol and calories with almost no fat. It resembles red meat but tastes like poultry with a smokey kick.

These snack sticks are perfect on the go, or as a snack at home paired with cheese. They are not too salty. Roaming acres is a beautiful environmentally conscious farm that makes sure all their birds are vegetarian and happy.”


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I have a 6 pack and 130 pounds soaking wet at 39 years old so I think you can trust me with this advice.

Stop overly focusing on counting anything. Just eat NON processed foods  and stay away from (most) foods especially that are processed AND white. Eat foods that are actually grown and STOP eating when you are satisfied. Dont eat till you are full (again, only satisfied). That is all I do (and workout consistently – resistance training mostly). When you do that, the weight will come off but you have to make an effort on the nutrition side to do this or nothing will change. Oh, limit salt and sugar.It is the death of your waistline.

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Oh, one more thing…

ANYTHING tastes good after being cooked in the oven. So easy…put a BUNCH of stuff (whether it be chicken, potatoes, carrots or whatever vegetables you like, a lil salt and pepper and bam)! Easy and doesnt take a lot of time.

You find it hard to stick to cooking, make it easy. Buy things you can boil (like corn/sweet potatoes, etc.) or put in the oven (almost everything else). Cut out sodas completely (I havent drunk a soda in years).

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starwarsfan2016 :  Hi!! I’m so sorry to hear you’re struggling. I don’t mean to promote myself, but I am a registered dietitian getting into nutrition counseling. My sessions are done via phone/video chat. I have low rates since I’m just starting out. Please feel free to PM me for my contact info/to chat if you’re interested. I can start working with you as early as this week.

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I have lost 35+ lbs since January 10. I have been stuck at the same weight for a few weeks now but I am just happy I am not gaining. I need to lose about ten more pounds to be in my healthy weight range for my height. I have done no exercising at all to lose the 35 lbs. I know I would lose more if I start incorporating it.

I am sort of doing Weight Watchers, I don’t attend the meetings or anything but I remember how to do it from the last time I did join in 2011 after having my second baby. I totally recommend WW. I am doing the points plus plan, where almost all fruit and vegetables are zero points.

I love WW because You can eat almost everything you eat now, you just learn portion control.

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ksn1219 :  Was there a reason dairy should be avoided?  I’ve heard of avoiding cheese since that’s like pure fat, but low fat or greek yogruts, or cottage cheese I thought was a “good food” cause it’s high in protein and low in cal.

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Have you tried weight watchers/slimming world? I’ve lost 20lbs on it so far, and it’s pretty easy to follow? 

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If you really want to be serious about weight loss I have great news for you: It’s incredibly simple! Calories in, calories out. No, really. That’s it. If you consume more than you expend, you will gain weight. If you expend more than you consume, you will lose weight. Thermodynamics.

Start here:

You can follow the recommended calories, or if you want to make it even easier you can take your TDEE and subtract 500 calories/day to lose 1 lb/week, or 1000 calories for 2 lbs/week.

He even gives you an easy food plan to follow. No more excuses! 🙂

I’ve lost 15 pounds since February eating at 500 calories less than my TDEE with very little exercise. It’s all about calories!

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I’m just going to echo what others have said, look into Weigh Watchers. There is a reason the WW has beeen around and as consistant as it has for so many years. These fad diets come and go, and they’re just a quick fix. Seriously two years ago everyone I know was pushing Paleo, now those same people are pushing Whole 30. The problem with those types of things is that it’s not a realistic way to live your life. Is Whole 30 good? Yes for someone who is very into a healthy lifestyle and fitness because they can realistically maintain an 80/20 plan with that. The average person will stick to it for a while, and then start to feel deprived. If you deviate too far from it, you will find the weight just piles back on quickly.

The reason WW works is because it’s NOT A DIET. It’s a lifestyle change that teaches you how to make better and healthier decisions, and portion control. Because everything is on a points system, you don’t have to feel deprived. You can eat anything you want, as long as you allocate the points for it. Want to eat super healthy all week so you can splurge on a nice meal out on the weekend? Go for it!

Darling Husband and I have been on and off WW for the past 10+ years. Obviously we aren’t super diligent about it, but know 100% when you follow it, it works. I started back up last spring and lost 20 pounds in about 2 months. I got lazy and eat out way too much so I’m recently back on it and trying hard to stick to the plan.

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starwarsfan2016 :  I’m using Isagenix and it’s the only gimmick that’s worked for me lol. I do a shake for breakfast and lunch, and a 400-600 calorie dinner, plus two 100 calorie snacks. You can get your own snacks or use theirs. I get mine own so it can be something healthy. One day a week you cleanse with their drinks so you don’t even have to worry about food, my favorite part. 😂 I’ve lost 6 lbs so far (10 days in) and my coworker lost 10 lbs in her first two weeks. Take a look into it!

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samanthasmama :  “One day a week you cleanse with their drinks so you don’t even have to worry about food”

So a laxative? That is such unhealthy advice to give to OP.

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Lol! Just reading the varied responses on this post make me realize why the OP (and many other people) are overwhelmed by the prospect of trying to lose weight. There are a million and one ideas/gimmicks/pills/plans to do it but the bottom line is the best weight loss plan is the one that works for you. Just know that you don’t need to cut out dairy or sugar or processed foods, you don’t have to meal prep an entire week’s worth of dinners every weekend, and you don’t even have to count calories. As previously said, it comes down to calories in and calories out. Many people can achieve that through healthy diet changes (portions, more veggies, less junk) and exercise. Other people need the guidance of something like Weight Watchers or a weight loss app. Whatever you need to do to lose weight is what you should do. I know that’s not a particularly helpful answer but when you ask for this kind of advice you’re going to get a ton of ideas that won’t work for you. It’s hard to weed out the usable ideas from the ones that would make you fail at weight loss but you know yourself best. A bunch of strangers on the internet can’t tell you the best way for you personally to lose weight.

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I wouldn’t do the calories in calories out. Your metabolism will just downregulate to sustain itself on the lower calories. Plus it sounds exhausting. I hate planning too and just eat the same thing during the week and give myself more freedom on the weekend. I’m not trying to lose weight, just eating healthy for other reasons like mood control, PMS, etc. But when I increased my calories that were healthy food, I didn’t gain weight. Eating 500 calories of chocolate is going to have a different effect on your body than 500 calories of lettuce. Also stress is a huge factor that impedes weight loss.

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