SO frustrated with inability to loose weight

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Obviously just calories in calories out isn’t enough but it’s a very simple place for a lot of people to start and then build on that by making healthier choices in place of unhealthy ones and how much you earn does matter, its just silly to say it doesn’t. As someone who tried and failed for years on all different types of diets I always suggest counting calories because it’s a simple place to start and become aware of what you are eating. I don’t get why people hate on it so hard when it does work for many, many people. You don’t have to do complicated shit to lose weight.

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jannigirl :  Most overweight people aren’t overweight because they simply eat large amounts of food.

That is simply not true MOST overweight people are overweight because they eat too much food.

That would imply that if most overweight people ate less they wouldn’t lose weight which is total nonsense. 

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I am a registered dietitan and the biggest problem with weight loss is that there is no one size fits all approach, which is why you need to consult with your doctor and/or a nutrition professional to determine what is the best approach for YOUR body. 

It is true that your metabolism will adapt and down regulate so simply slashing calories to very low levels could actually work against you in the long run. Also, there are a whole host of reasons why your weight loss efforts could be stalled. Are you super stressed at work/home/school? Are you getting enough sleep? These things , among many many others can mess with your hormones and stall or even prevent weight loss. 

Take a look at your daily routine and see where you can possibly eliminate some stressors, go to bed 30 min eariler, take one less handful of “munchies” throughout the day, order vegetables as a side more often than not, take 2 fifteen minute strolls around the office during the day. 


They may all sounds trivial, but trust me they add up! GOOD LUCK!!

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Butterfly6 :  I agree so much with both of your posts!

OP, I have NEVER been able to follow a meal or diet plan. Ever. However, I’ve been in my best shape when I tell myself to eat non-processed things. For example: green smoothie for lunch, Greek yogurt with honey and fruit for snack, salad or veggies chicken brown rice for lunch and protein and veggies for dinner. Drink only water (no soda or juice). I don’t even cut out booze, but I stick to wine (no beer.) Less packaged foods, more foods that you can easily put together from their natural state. You can do it!

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I don’t mean to be rude at all, not only to OP but anyone else on this thread. But if you can try (and fail) to google Meal Coaches for *one hour*, how do you not have enough time to meal plan/prep. That is plenty of time, especially if you’re just doing it for the next few days and not the whole week.

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Another Keto-er here! I’ve lost about 40 lb on Keto! I hit a plateau after the holidays (yes 5 months ago lol) and haven’t been following it very closely, BUT I haven’t gained weight back.. just stuck so I still consider that a win! I’m starting up again hopefully to lose the last 15lb-20lb before my trip to mexico in 6 months.

I was totally that person constantly trying new diets and restricting calories (too much, my body would end up doing the opposite of what I wanted and hold onto fat for dear life lol). Exercise doesn’t do anything for me either, I literally ran 7-10 miles 5-6x a week for over a year and lost NOTHING. Didn’t even look different.

Keto is the first low carb diet I can actually stick to, you just have so much wiggle room with the fat! The hardest part is to stay hydrated and make sure you don’t go overboard on calories, it’s easy to do on protien and fat!

I actually see results with keto and it’s awesome. I agree with PP though, every body is different. Some people can eat high carb vegan diets, lose weight and feel amazing. I did that, gained weight, and almost ended up in the hospital. Definitely have to find what works for you.

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starwarsfan2016 :  download my fitness pal and track your meals. Portion control is your friend. Limit processed foods as much as possible and read ingredients on every packaged food you buy. If it has sugar or any artificial sweeteners in the ingredients list, cut it out. I’ve done the 21 day fix a few times and know the meal plan really well. Feel free to message me if you need help. I promise I will not try to sell you anything! 

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kristin36890 :  Its not down regulating…when you lose weight/ weight less you need less food. That is the biggest pitfall to many people losing weight- say they eat 1500 calories, lose weight , end the diet and then go right back up to eating 2000+ and gain it back.

What they fail to realize that to maintain that weight they need to continue eating 1500 calories as it is all they need at their new size. 

That is why people are told to view it as a lifestyle change, not a diet. Because to maintain weightloss, the diet never really ends.

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CakeSniffer :  that’s very true and I get that. My whole thought is more about fixing your body to be healthy, get your hormones checked, etc. Bc usually once that’s all taken care of and your body is running efficiently, then you naturally don’t have cravings anymore and you can more easily pay attention to feeling full and the calorie deficit is created naturally and you don’t have to count. Usually when you fix your health, weight loss follows if you need to lose weight. Usually having your only goal as weight loss can lead to unhealthy ways of achieving it and usually people end up gaining the weight back once their goal weight is achieved. When I eat food, I don’t have to think too much about it, I just enjoy it. I would hate having to count and track all of my calories. 

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Boxerlover24 :  you’re completely forgetting how the thyroid is involved in metabolism and how not eating enough can ruin your thyroid function. Sometimes calorie deficits can work against you for weight loss.

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Keep it simple and go in stages:

1. Begin to exercise if you don’t already. Start with 30 minutes of walking per day and increase to 60 minutes.  Then, add weights and body resistance exercises like planks, squats, and lunges. Pop Sugar has a bunch of 10 minute exercise videos. 


2. Then begin to work on your diet.  3 liters of water a day. Cut out alcohol, processed foods, fast food, and sugar.  Berries are really the only fruit that don’t wreck your metabolism.


3. Once you’re walking daily and doing the basics of eating more healthy, begin to refine your diet and test for the things that inhibit your weight loss. This is a great meal plan:

Breakfast: protein, veggie, healthy fat. Ie, 2 scrambled eggs with red peppers, top with 1/2 avocado. 

Lunch: protein, veggie, healthy fat. Big salad with greens, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, grilled chicken, avocado, olive oil & vinegar dressing. 

Dinner: protein, veggie, healthy fat, non-wheat carb. Bake a piece of salmon (brush with olive oil, salt & pepper to taste) and serve with cooked quinoa & spinach sautéed in butter or olive oil. 

Snack/ desert: 1 cup berries.

*on days you exercise with weights, add a 4th meal with non-wheat carb: cup of cooked quinoa, baked sweet potato,  Ezekiel bread or wrap, etc. 


You’ll notice there is no dairy in the above meal plan. A lot of women have dairy issues. I have one & had no idea until I started adding it back in to my diet. I can digest goat dairy but now cow dairy- bloats me up like a whale!!  You also don’t really need to count calories when you’re eating like this but my guess is it’s around 1200-1600/day range. 


Food prep on Sundays. Cook your batch of quinoa or brown rice if you plan to incorporate that week.  Grill your meats. Chop all your veggies.  It literally takes me 2 hours between the grocery store and prep time. The more you do it, the faster it goes!  

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