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I don’t always wear my ring when I am sitting around in the house, washing dishes, cleaning, cooking, bathing, or washing my hair. I want to keep it clean and keep it from getting damaged. Maybe she is trying to be extra careful with her ring.

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Busy bee
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That’s so sweet that you care so much! Ha usually guys arent so perceptive ๐Ÿ˜‰ although with this, Im sure my Fiance would be, too! I don’t think you’re being selfish at all, this was a big purchase for you and a big step/commitment. I dont mean to knock your Fiance bc Im sure its nothing to do with being egaged or not loving the ring but I do find it odd that she takes it off a lot. I personally NEVER take it off, I just cant ๐Ÿ™‚

What does she take it off for? For how long? I know some ladies take it off to shower, clean, yardwork, etc…is it for things like that? If shes taking it off and leaving the house then yea, thats a little weird.

Why dont you ask her about it? Just tell her that youve noticed her not wearing it and you just would like to know why. Dont argue or attack her, just tell her that it kinda bothers you and you were just curious. Play the sensitive card ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I’m with trugem. I don’t  wear my ring that much. I love my ring sooo much and I don’t want it to get damaged by clumsy and very active ways.  However, that being said I put it on whenever I leave the house  with and without my hunny. I’m sure she is just thinking about protecting it. I would bring it up to her. She may not have thought it would bother you and will love your concern!

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I wear mine all the time except for baking, doing dishes, or showering.  Pretty much only when I could easily lose it or get crud under the stones.  I know some girls on here have said to take it off at night to avoid damage to the prongs, and during cleaning/sitting around the house to avoid unneccesary damage or dirt.  You could talk to her about it, tell her you love seeing her wear it, how special you feel when she does, she should get the hint.

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It takes a little while to get used to wearing something that clunky all the time on your finger. I used to get “annoyed” with how it felt sometimes when I was trying to type or write (I’m lefthanded), but that decreased over time and I wear it much more now.

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I don’t wear my ring around the house.  It keeps it from getting hit on things because I am kind of clumsy.  I really don’t think that your relationship is cursed if you don’t wear your ring all the time, my Mother-In-Law almost never wears her ring at all.

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I agree with the other ladies.  Ask her in a nice way why she doesn’t wear it.  She probably has a good reason and it has nothing to do with not liking it or liking the ideas it’s meant to symbolize.

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at first i wore mine all the time, until my husband thought it was weird and told me he’d be more comfortable if i didn’t. he didn’t like me wearing it for sleeping and showering, and i take it off if my hands are going to get dirty in the kitchen. also, there was a chip in it (that we got fixed) which made it a weaker stone, so i didn’t wear it unless i was going out of the house because i didn’t want to chance breaking it if i was just lying around the house. now i have my wedding band that i wear all the time because it’s just a simple, plain band.

did you ever ask her why she doesn’t wear it all the time? it might make you feel better if you know her reason.

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I wore mine all the time. While there’s likely a valid reason for her not to be wearing it (probably doesn’t want to hurt it), i’m of the firm belief that you can’t really hurt your diamond ring and if it causes problems to wear it, you can fix the setting, lower the stone, etc to fix any prong issues. I just feel like it should be worn all the time….my mom always said there’s no point having nice things unless you use them =]

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Sugar bee

I don’t wear my ring around the house either or when I run or work out or when I sleep (mainly finger swelling issues).  I don’t like anything on my hands when I’m cooking or cleaning.

I hate to say it, but just because YOUR mother wore her e-ring everyday doesn’t really matter.  Talk with your FW about it and share your concerns in non judgemental manner.  I’m sure she has a valid reason for taking it off, esp. around the house.

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When does she take it off? I’ll admit that at first I ONLY took it off to sleep (because i would wake up with ouchy swollen fingers if i didnt) and shower (afraid of it going down the drain, irrationally I’m sure). But now that I’ve had it for a while I wear it a lot less. I don’t usually put it on until I’m going out into the world (and I work from home so a lot of days I don’t wear it at all), and I don’t wear it to the gym. 

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As much as I love wearing rings, I can’t stand to wear them at home.  As soon as I’m at home, the rings come off.  I guess I do more with my hands at home than at work, and I’m afraid of getting the rings dirty or damaged.  One time I had my e-ring on and I was putting a suitcase back onto a shelf in our storage closet.  As I lifted the suitcase up to the shelf, the wheel hit the band of the ring and placed several scratches onto it.  I was so mad at myself for leaving it on!

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Honey Beekeeper

I am sure she does love it! But it can be hard to get used to, and there are some times when it just isn’t comfortable. For example, I take mine off when I am taking a nap. I think that I at least try to be careful with my ring when I am wearing it, and there are sometimes when I just don’t want to have to be careful.

But trust me, I love wearing my ring way more than I like not wearing it, and I am sure your fiancee is the same way!

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I take my ring off when I’m get home from work – everyday. And if I’m home all day, then I don’t wear it. I absolutely LOVE my ring, but I’m afriad I’ll be careless with it if I don’t immediately place it in its home/ring box when doing house chores (washing dishes, doing laundry,etc.).  I’m sure she loves it to death as well, and just wants to be sure careful! ๐Ÿ™‚

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