(Closed) So I kind of hit FI in the face…

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Blushing bee
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Hahaha the poor thing!

I’ve never accidentally hurt my Fiance but I did seriously hurt my best friend. I had stayed at hers for NYE and we were sharing her bed. Apparently in the middle of the night I sat bolt upright and started repeatedly slapping her across the face. She woke up and started screaming at me to stop at which point I lay back down and went straight back to sleep!

I have always had very vivid dreams but goodness knows why it happened. I have been apologising to her ever since but she seems to enjoy teasing me about it.

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Busy bee
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According to my dh I have hit him in my sleep a few times, never hard enough to leave a bruise mind you but he still claims I hit pretty hard. Then there was the time I left him a hideous bruise on his shin for weeks, he was tickling me and I asked him to stop, he didn’t and well from my experience with my brother and tickling as a kid, I started kicking. I didn’t mean to hurt him but apparently I connected harder than I thought. He’s forgiven me but is wary now when tickling!

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Sugar bee
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@ZebraPrintMe:  I elbowed mine in the head the other night. He was just grumpy I woke him up.

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Buzzing bee

@ZebraPrintMe:  I’ve never done it, but I’m on the receiving end constantly. My husband is a very restless sleeper. And nights after he watches a UFC fight–forget it! I already know to sleep on the couch unless I want to get elbowed in the head. Don’t feel guilty–it’s something you had no control over. 🙂

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I dreamt i was looking into a room so I flung my head forward REALLY REALLy hard and headbutted him above the eyebrow with my forehead. There was a massive *smack* noise. We both had really bad headaches all night and kept waking up. Though mine bruised and his didn’t I still felt really bad and kept apologising for days and felt like he would start to feel unsafe with me. I told him this and he thought it would be funny to start flinching whenever I touched him for the whole day after.


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Sugar bee
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i regularly got elbowed in the face or in the back of the head before we were in a bigger bed. it happens. no big deal.

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Honey bee
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I was having a nightmare and kicked the monster/ursula thing/actually husbands lower back attacking me maximum hard… 

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Blushing bee
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That’s hilarious, I just finished telling my Fiance about hitting him last night when I stumbled across this post.

I usually rest my left hand/arm on the back of my FI’s pillow. Well this morning I tried to but then clocked him right in the face. It was in the very spot where I rest my hand. He didn’t wake up but wow it looked like it mighta hurt. 

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Honey Beekeeper
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Darling Husband accidentally hit me in the face while sleeping a few years ago, so I’m in your FI’s position.  Honestly, I thought it was funny, and obviously not intentional.  Darling Husband said he was dreaming about being in a fight, and woke up as soon as he connected with my face. 

As long as he knows it was a total accident, I’m sure he’s really forgiven you and moved on.  Don’t stress yourself out about it!

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Sugar bee
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Fiance elbowed me in the eye while he was still awake, he was almost asleep but not quite there. I tease him about it now, but it hurt at the time. Apparently I’m a vicious kicker when I’m asleep and have left many a bruised shin in my wake. Fiance and I currently have separate twin beds, so we’re able to flop around without bothering each other. Mine is a daybed and I have woken up before punching the back wood part of my bed. The last time, I was driving my fist into the wood so hard that it bruised.


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Helper bee
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@ZebraPrintMe:  Ohhh yeah I did almost the exact same thing once before we were engaged.  I dreamt that he was blatantly checking out another woman’s assets right in front of me (something he would never do in real life), and in my dream I elbowed him in the side.

Turns out, I also elbowed him in real life, and pretty hard, too.  We joke about it now 🙂

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Buzzing Beekeeper

We have both hit each other while sleeping. I don’t feel bad about things I do by accident – if I did it on purpose and later regretted it, then sure. But I didn’t mean to and I wasn’t even conscious.

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Sugar bee
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I have also been on the receiving end. Fiance has elbowed me in the face, slapped me in the face, punched me in the hip, stomach, and leg – all white completely unaware he was doing it. He never wakes up while this is happening even when one night it shocked me out of sleep so badly I ran out of bed in tears to go put ice on my face. It’s never left a bruise so it’s not horrible, for me I think it initially seems worse because I was asleep! The shock of being woken up that way is just as bad as the actually action of getting hit.

I wrote a post about this too. I know one bee suggested my Fiance might suffer from a sleeping disorder and should get help. He also often sits up straight in bed breathing heavily like something has terrified him (but he’s still asleep) or will sometimes talk in his sleep. Last week I woke up to him giving himself a pep talk in his sleep. It was like “C’mon, let’s do this! C’mon I know I can do this..yeah!” – LOL?!

Earlier on in our relationship I would kind of wake up hitting him. Only because I was not used to sharing a bed so it would scare me awake when all of a sudden someone was putting their arms around me. LOL. I apologized and usually he said he didn’t even notice.

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Busy bee
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A couple of years ago, my Fiance broke his hand and had to wear a cast. he doesn’t wake up for anything while he sleeps. One night, I was sleeping on my side with my back to him and I guess he turned over pretty quickly and flung his arm out because he brought his cast down on my face! that one hurt but it was obviously an accident. he kept snoring right on through it. apparently I got him back last week. He took a softball to the shin while pitching and came home with a bump so big, it looked like he had a 2nd knee cap on that leg. apparently that night I kicked him square on his bump :S

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