(Closed) So I kind of hit FI in the face…

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No need to feel guilty for something you did in your sleep! DH and I have accidentally hit each other during our sleep several times.  Just the other day I accidentally smacked him as I turned.  And several days prior to that incident, HE accidentally elbowed me in the head pretty hard.  He tosses and turns a lot and I guess I was too much on his side.  When he elbowed me, it woke me up and I actually chuckled and said, “Ow.”  He asked me in the morning if he had hit me and I said he had.  He thought it was a dream and wondered why he heard me chuckling. Lol. It’s actually pretty funny.  We joke about accidnetally leaving bruises on each other with our sleepy smacks and having to explain them at work and no one believing the truth! 

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At least you missed the eye! I’ve accidently given SO a gnarly black eye during an intense game of Mario Kart on the Wii ๐Ÿ™‚ This is only a month after he tickled me so hard I smashed my face into a table and crushed my front tooth! It happens, just laugh it off ๐Ÿ™‚

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One time I was dead asleep and I woke up thinking I was at home. (FH anf I don’t live together.) and I hit him, lol. I thought he was an intruder I guess, lol. He was great just reminded me who he was, then we had a little fun, lol.

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Sugar bee

Once while SO and I were having sex, I don’t really remember WHY he was doing it but he was moving his leg over my head and he legit kicked me in the face and gave me a bloody nose. It hurt but I can’t help but laugh when I think about it

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Husband calls me the “abusive sleeper”. He says if I am not hitting him, I am kneeing the crap out of him in my sleep because I get cold easily and try to curl up in a ball under the covers. I don’t mean to and have no idea what I could possibly be dreaming about but yea, I have caused lots of bodily harm to my poor man. He says it was even worst during wedding planning so when he came over, he would sleep with his arm strategically strewn across me so I couldn’t move. Here I was thinking “aww my honey wants to cuddle”. Nope. He was protecting himself from my assault and battery ๐Ÿ™‚


Don’t feel bad, it’s obviously not on purpose.


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The very first time DH and I spent the night together, I punched him in the nose in my sleep.  I woke up when he sat straight up in bed yelling, “WHAT THE F***???”

I apologized, and we went back to sleep.  It’s just been our ongoing joke ever since.

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In college I accidentally shut a car door on my best friend’s finger, breaking it. We joke about ‘that time I broke her finger’ now, 8 years later. ๐Ÿ™‚ Even worse, it was my birthday… and she held it together all night! I felt so bad and kept trying to convince her that it wasn’t broken. Hehe oops…

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One time Fiance fell asleep on the couch with his arm around me. went to scratch his nose in his sleep (or maybe half a sleep?) and kind of strangled me a bit because my neck was in the fold of his elbow lol

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A few days after we started dating, I accidentally punched my SO in the face. He tried to tickle me, and I spastically flung my arm out while I was trying to get away. I ended up hitting him right in the mouth, and his lip split open and started bleeding. I felt horrible (and was pretty sure I was going to get dumped), but luckily he thought it was funny. We still laugh about it years later!

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A couple of weeks ago my Fiance woke me up because I was smaking him in the face while I was sleeping. It wasn’t hard or anything, just kept repeatedly smaking his face. He woke up me to just make sure I was alright and why I was smaking him. I told he I didn’t know I was doing that.

The next morning I apologized about sleep abusing him. We both found it kind of funny.

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I was once tying my shoes and my husband (then boyfriend) was hovering over me. I got up suddenly and whack! blood gushed out of his nostrils. It felt so awful and I kept apologizing the whole day…

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My husband is the one who hits me in the head in his sleep.  I have to be really careful especially the first night I come home after a business trip.  How he takes up all of a King bed I don’t know, but he does.  He’ll roll over and land one right across my face.

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@ZebraPrintMe:  Don’t feel bad, crap happens! I’ve elbowed and hit DH while sleeping, and he has done the same to me. He even naked farted on my leg once when he fell asleep while I was big spoon. Ain’t love grand!? 

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One night something went totally haywire in my brain and I was awake, but not really aware. I was having this dream-thing where I was trying to open a door, and I remember reaching out and pinching/twisting the skin on FH’s back, like it was a doorknob. Of course this woke him up and he was really irritated with me because he’d been in a sound sleep and thought I’d done it on purpose? So after that I was definitely “awake” and I got up to go to the bathroom but I kept seeing all this weird stuff, like colored fire in the kitchen. And for the rest of the night I was in this twilight sleep. It was so weird.

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