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Sugar bee
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Dude, you need to take prenatal yoga or meditation or something. The level of stress you’re putting on yourself is not healthy or normal.

You can literally find anything on Google. Before I got married, I was worried about getting pregnant on birth control. Any symptom you type into Google, one of the first things that comes up almost 100% of the time is pregnancy. This is just like that — you’re always going to read horror stories from strangers on the internet, but you need tell yourself that 1. the chances of something bad happening are low, and 2. you are lucky enough to live in a time and a place with advanced medical knowledge/great doctors.

Take some deep breaths, do something that you find relaxing, and look into a group you could join or someone you could see who can help you reduce your stress level about this pregnancy.

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Bee Keeper
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If you’re the kind of person to read and buy into this kind of stuff, please stay off the internet. I have never heard of such a thing. I’m sure it has happened to SOMEone, but there are a lot more prevalent things in life to be worried about! Your body is made to be pregnant and bear children, so… you aren’t putting yourself in danger by being pregnant, you’re putting yourself in danger by driving a car, or going bridge jumping, or any other number of things!

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Maybe you should google the number of healthy, normal, non complicated pregnancies there are instead.  You really need to do whatever it takes to relax. Stress and worry are not good for you or baby.

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Sugar bee
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@BellaDee:  I think part of what you’re feeling is totally normal. This is a big life change, and a big biological change for your body too. Based on your past posts, you have a tendency to obsess over certain things/get anxious easily, especially with health-related stuff. I think you will really benefit from not Googling every little twinge or symptom as Google tends to pop up the worst case scenario. I had a cold last year, and WebMD told me the top possibility for my illness was bubonic plague. Yeah. Trust your body, trust your doctor, and try to de-stress a little bit. It will be better for the baby and better for you in the long term.

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Helper bee
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As long as you have decent healthcare all will be fine, regardless of what may or may not happen. I developed severe pre-eclampsia with my son and actually went through worst case scenario. I will skip over all the details since you are pregnant, but ultimately it ended with having a perfectly healthy baby (just some jaundice, which happens a lot!) and both of us staying in the hospital for one week for monitoring until my blood-pressure was normal again. Just know everything will be fine and stop reading all of the scary stuff!

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Sugar bee
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If you’re really struggling with anxiety some days I would talk to your OB about some kind of chill pill for the really bad days. I don’t know what is or isn’t safe for pregnancy, but it sounds like you could benefit from something that takes the edge off.

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Worker bee
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Awwh sweetie try to stay calm. Pre-exlampsia does happen but it is a rare complication of childbearing and as long as you know the symptoms to look out for and don’t ignore them if they do pop up (which is a rare) everything will be fine.

Medics are extremly good at managing pre-eclamsia and i know definatly in the UK they screen for it at every appt by taking your blood pressure and dip sticking your urine sample.

Your midwife / obstetrician will go over all your concerns with you but if you get any severe headaches or visual disturbances, notice excessive swelling (not just hands and feet) or get any epigastric pain (above your belly button but below your breast bone) phone simebody and let them know. 

Noone will turn round and tell you you’re silly for worrying.


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@BellaDee:  Ok… I say this with so much love my dear, I love reading your posts and here’s a delayed congrats!!! but!!!! I have to say….. YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN!!! lol You obsessed about getting pregnant (we all do to a certain extent when TTC) and symptoms of that and now that you are pregnant it seems you are now fixated on what *could” go wrong with your pregnancy. The anxiety and stress you are putting yourself through is unhealthy for a pregnancy. There are far more *normal* or healthy pregnancies out there than there are pregnancies that result in complications. If you have no preexisting conditions your odds of having something this extreme happen are very very low. You put yourself more at risk by getting in your car and driving on the roads everyday than you do by having a baby. There is always a “what if” but worrying about it isn’t going to help anyone. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY STOP GOOGLING. My sister is a web MD freak and she constantly thinks she has cancer or is about to have an aneurism or that she has some exotic disease and is going to end up becoming some kind of news story. She actually has to go to therapy now because it got so bad for her mentally. You don’t want to drive yourself mad worrying about things like this. step away from the google!! lol

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As a neonatal nurse, I have seen preeclampsia, however, cases are definitely few and far between. I think in the last three years, I have seen it twice. In one case, the mother was 43, and it was her 8th child (or somewhere around there). The other case, the mother was extremely overweight and had minimal prenatal care, resulting in extremely high, unmonitored blood pressure. I will mention that in both cases, mother and baby ended up fine. Obviously, you can’t be guaranteed a curveball-free pregnancy, but the chances of preeclampsia are minimal. Make sure you have regular appointments with your OB, take prenatal vitamins, eat healthy, and exercise. Preeclampsia is not something you should be this worried about. I would be more concerned with your stress levels than the potential for preeclampsia. Take the advice of the other bees and do some yoga! Your body was made for this and you are going to do great!

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Stress is more likely to hurt you than the hundreds of potential things Dr.Google tells you can go wrong. And no one posts online “I got pregnant, other than being a little woosey and swollen ankles I had a healthy pregnancy,  I delivered a baby and we went home”.They post the horrible “I had every possible complication and delivered six weeks early and almost died and its a horror movie” etc.  Because it doesn’t happen to most people and so it’s interesting. Most people have relatively uncomplicated pregnancies, deliver and go home with a healthy baby. Not to say you shouldn’t be informed and know what is “normal” and what isn’t,  but stressing about every small thinthing that could possibly (but probably won’t) go wrong is just not going to help. 

Step away from Dr.  Google! 

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Blushing bee
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I was on of those who went pre-eclamptic at the last minute i am perfectly healthy and of healthy weight so it does happen but i was one of those rare cases. I had to stay in the hospital a little longer and was on some medications but I have a happy healthy 2 month old baby girl. two months later i am as healthy as i was pre pregnancy. So dont worry Things happen but you can’t stress over them and believe that you and your baby will be just fine. 

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Sugar Beekeeper

@BellaDee:  Do not Google. Avoid the Google. If you have questions check out the Mayo Clinic or ask your doctor. Google provides the worst of the worst and until you are in that situation there is no need to fret.

I am desperately trying to take my own advice, I know it is tough!

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Helper bee

@BellaDee:  I’m with you. I’ve very guilty of the same thing. I’ve been freaking out about certain things (I was going to put all of it, but realized I’d be spreading my anxiety onto you) I actually came to the Bee for a break between massive multitab searches. I actually HAVE a prenatal Yogo DVD I’ve never used just sitting here. So Much Googling. I get it. It’s really hard. I just want to do this right and i’m TERRIFIED if something goes wrong. I tell you what. I’m going to get a coat on and take a 10 min walk. Because your post showed me I really need to. And maybe if you read this you can take a walk or something and we will have helped each other. Good luck. 

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