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@KeeKalena:  Ahaha, oh yes, THAT GUY!  Ughhhh.  I had to stop talking to him at all.

@MrsNeutrino:  THAT is some scary sh*t.

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Seriously, some men are such creepers! LOL

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I found out real quick ain’t no shame in some people game. They find the ring more attractive and find trying to hit on a engaged/married person as a challenge.

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@MrsNeutrino:  Wow, what a creep!

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I am (and always have been) very oblivious to guys flirting until it becomes ridiculously obvious. I did notice the barista guy at Starbucs recently trying to flirt with me though! Thank goodness I ahven’t had any experience like a lot of you did.

The only time something even remotely similar happened was when I was studying abroad, a guy in the group had a huge crush on me. I always treated him as a friend, and made sure to make multiple references about Fiance. Crazy thing was, I found out that him and I were the big gossip of all the study abroad students. Apparently he was the guy all the girls liked, and it was big gossip that I had a Boyfriend or Best Friend back home that I was staying loyal to!

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@KatyElle:  Haha…I get that a lot. I take public transportation and get hit on at least three or four times a week. I always pull the “I’m married, sorry” line (which is true!) but it always suprised me how many guys ask, “Happily married?” Geez. 

On a sort of related note, I got on today on the bus…by a ten year old :-P. He straight up asked me if he could have a hug. What the heck? I told him no, that I don’t hug strangers, and he said, “But you’re a pretty stranger…” I’m not sure if I should be flattered or just horrified. 

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once when i was on a bus going into work, before my Fiance and I got engaged, this guy sits next to me, asked if i was single. when i said no, he turned to the woman on the other side and asked the same thing!

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Geez. :-/ Creep-o-rama!

One thing I’ve heard a handful of times:

You’re out @ the bar w/friends. A guy comes up & asks you to dance or whatever & you say, “Sorry, buddy. Got a boyfriend!” Then the goober has the nerve to go, “Are you happy…?” Dude, if I wasn’t happy, I probably would have just lied & said I didn’t have a boyfriend, correct? Get lost.

Also, a guy once responded to my refusal w/”I’ll let you have a few more drinks, then come back.” My friend & I promptly ripped him a new asshole. 🙂

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I stronly dislike it when people continue to bug me asking me out when I decline. I was hit on a lot more when I was a bartender (and not engaged), so I’m still a little bewildered when I get hit on. I had a guy ask me out at the gas pump (!! I was just pumping gas and he was at the pump behind me). When I thanked him, and declined, and mentioned I’m engaged, he got weirder! He actually handed me his number (I had no clue what to do) and he said he didn’t mind that i was engaged and that my partner doesn’t have to know. I again tried to explain that I was not interested, and while my partner may not have to know, I would know and that goes against my values. He told me to hang out to his number in case I changed my mind. Ohhhh-kay. I tried to leave as soon as I could. 

I also once had a guy hitting on me, and he asked if my relationship was serious. I said, “Well, I’m engaged…so..” and then he again asked if it was serious! What the hell. I was so tempted to say “Nah, the ring is just for funsies”

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@MrsNeutrino:  Wow! That dude was a creep! I’ve had people asking me out, but I just  hold up my hand happily, and I always get a congratulations and a weird face. 🙂 


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@KatyElle: BAHAHAHAHHA. Oh restaurants. 



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Lord. Men are so dumb.

My friends and I used to go to this one bar that did 90’s night on Fridays way before I was engaged, but living with my then Boyfriend or Best Friend. The line was SUPER long every week, but we got to know one of the bouncers (I remember that his name was Oliver…just like my cat…). He used to get us to the front of the line every week! I always assumed he was flirting with my best friend, who is gorgeous.Then one week we were there and it was super loud and Oliver said something to me, so of course I was yelling “WHAT?!” and then he yelled really loud “WE SHOULD GO OUT SOMETIME!” and I didn’t even stop and think, just blurted out “I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!” The next time we went to that bar, I was with Boyfriend or Best Friend and one of his friends that was super drunk. Oliver actually KICKED ME OUT because I bought a drink and he thought I was buying it for our drunk friend. Guess I killed the romance on that one…

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OP: Oh wow… That’s really skeezy… I’m sorry you had to go through that! Somehow I feel like living in Baltimore in general increases the chances that someone will say something odd to you… I was once waiting outside my apartment building because I’m really bad and never bring my keys… Someone walking along the street said hello, so I was trying to be polite and said hello. He noticed the ring on my finger and then proceeded to tell me that men can satisfy more than women, they just need to be told what to do and that I shouldn’t go leaving my Fiance for another woman…. Wrong on SOOOO many levels!

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