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stephanie3973:  Most of the discomfort from a laparoscopy comes from the air they have to inject to separate the organs so they can be visualized. It must all be absorbed into the bowel so you can pass it.  Make sure that you are active- walking- to help pass the gas.

You usually only have 3 tiny incisions that are sutured internally so no stitches to be removed.

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I had one years ago for the same reason.  They took out my appendix at the same time, which is a good thing because a contusion on it was what was causing the problem.  My recovery room nurse was a family friend.  After I woke up she was like do you need more morphine?  I said I dont know I think Im fine.  She told me I better take it because I wasnt getting any when I left there to go back to the outpatient room.  She was right.  If a nurse asks if you want morphine its because your dose is going to wear off soon.  My only problem after was they wouldnt let me leave until I peed and I couldnt do it,  so they put in a catheter, which didnt bother me too much on account of the morphine.

julies1949:  I remember them making me walk around.  Its really hard, but it makes things better in the long run, because the faster you can get the gas out, the faster the pressure is out.

The only thing that surprised me was that I slept for like 12 hours straight when I got home.  I recommend having someone with you for the first 2 days.  10 days is plenty of time to recover.  I was mostly fine after 5 or 6 days.


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stephanie3973:  I’ve had two laps and will have another one in the fall. My first one they found Stage 1/2 Endo. The recovery wasn’t bad at all. I had it on Thursday and by Monday I was back to work as usual. I didn’t even get the gas pain that everyone complains of. The incisions were the worst part, and they weren’t that bad.

I had another lap this past April because my pain came back in force when I came off the pill to TTC. They found Stage 4 Endo, it was everywhere. They removed as much as they could but couldn’t get it all, hence the surgery in a few months. The recovery from this one was much worse. I don’t know if it’s because they cut out way more Endo or what but the pain pills barely touched the pain and it took me over a week to be able to move around the house and about 3 weeks to be able to behave normally.

My tips: A heating pad for the gas pain helps the most. Also, drink hot beverages like tea for gas pain, the heat makes the gas diffuse out of your system faster. Try different positions if you get gas pain to see what works best for you. Laying down for awhile helped disperse mine after my second lap. Once I felt a little better moving around helped too. Buy stool softeners- the pain meds and anasthesia make you really stopped up. Wear loose fitting clothes to the hospital, the incisions are likely to be right where bikini underwear hit, so take granny panties and sweats that you can pull up above your belly button. Get a bunch of movies to watch or books to read in may not want to do much a few weeks. If you don’t have someone you live with to help you out the first few days prep some meals ahead of time that you can warm up.

Another note- if they do find Endo the best way to remove it is with excision (cutting). My first surgeon used ablation, which only burns away the visible Endo leaving the smaller microscopic Endo to grow. That’s how I ended up with it so bad. I thought it was gone and it went crazy when I came off the pill. I don’t know what your doctor is like but it’s worth it to find an Endo specialist who knows what they’re doing if you find out you have it too, IMO. I really hope you don’t, it sucks. Good luck with your surgery either way. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions now or later on.

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stephanie3973:  I have had 2 different laps to removed my endometriosis. My first one was to diagnosis it as well. I honestly think the recovery has a lot to do with what they find once they cut you open. My endo was always so bad and had to have huge endometriomas removed from my ovaries that recover was super painful and needed 10+ days out of work ( I work a physically strenous job though) If they cut you open and don’t find anything abnormal and just close you up then the majoity of your recover will be relieving the gas pain and you should feel better quickly. Just keep up with your pain meds and walking helps too. Good luck!

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I had one after my last miscarriage when they thought there might be an additional tubal pregnancy. I was completely fine afterwards and didn’t need the pain meds. The fullness from the air was the only thing that was uncomfortable.

Good luck and fingers crossed for you! 

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I had one when I was quite sick and they weren’t sure what it was – turns out it was a severe infection caused by my appendix, so they took that out whilst they were in there!

Recovery is pretty easy compared to a lot of procedures – as others have said, take the painkillers at first as it will be sore, and be really careful with twisting/lifting etc! Walking around early on helps recovery too, just take it easy.

Fingers crossed all is ok x

Edit: after mine I had 4 days in hospital on IV antibiotics, and the next week off work before going back, so 10 days should be ok for recovery time.

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stephanie3973:  I had a one a few years ago, and it was okay. Had a crampy shoulder from the gas that they used to inflate me for it, and was pretty groggy from the anaesthetic, but it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be, and I’d been really frightened before hand.

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I’ve had 2 – 1 was just to diagnose endometriosis in Feb. 2012 and the second one was an emergency surgery to remove a torsioned ovary and fallopian tube in June 2013.  Both recoveries weren’t too bad.  The first one was much less painful, but they didn’t remove organs either.  I’m pretty sure I’m headed for a 3rd something in the very near future since I spent all day yesterday in the emergency room with yet another ruptured cyst (this make #8). 

Like I said, both recoveries weren’t bad at all.  I was expecting a lot worse. Some of the things that have helped me recover are

1) use a pillow to brace your stomach when you get up to move around.  It’ll help SO much. 

2) Ask for a stomach binder/brace.  It will help support your core muscles as you try to move around.  

3) Soft foods for a couple days definitely helped me and smoothies for right after were great.  Your throat will probably be REALLY dry after the surgery. 

4) Sleep in a recliner or use lots of pillows to prop yourself up.  After my first surgery, I could not get comfortable to sleep in my bed because laying down hurt a lot and it made the gas go up into my shoulders.  My mom finally got the idea to try the recliner and I was able to sleep great.  DH made sure our apartment had one when we got married because of that.  I’m sleeping in it now until the cyst pain wears off. 

5) Don’t be afraid to ask for help and be sure to take the pain meds they give you.  After my second surgery, I pushed it too hard too fast trying to get back to work and I definitely felt it.  Take the Vicodin and Motrin they give you – it’s for a good reason. 

Hope this helps!  Good luck!

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stephanie3973:  good luck with your procedure, best wishes for smooth sailing! I actually just had my appendix taken out laparoscopically (literarily typing from my hospital bed actually, lol) and it’s not bad at all. You’ll probably be a little tender around any incisions they make, but they’re small. The air in my tummy is the one thing that threw me off, I had a little bump when I woke up yesterday. Make sure to get up and walk when you can bc that will help any of that air and gas get absorbed or moved to where you can pass it. They told me that it can sometimes get up to your shoulders which will cause them to ache but for me at least, so far so good. 


Hope all goes well

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