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Although those most of points are valid, I really don’t agree with the first one and that’s the one that is the most important to me.

Breastfed children are healthier because breastmilk has antibodies in it that the mother passes on to her child. Therefore it protects the baby from a lot of illnesses and helps the baby’s immune system if he/she does get sick.

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@classyashley:  I don’t think we can assume that a study done in 2005 and published in 2006, is necessarily still accurate.

Breastfeeding patterns have changed in the last 8 years just as they changed in the decades previously. More moms who are less well educated and less well off financially are breastfeeding now, because it has been promoted so heavily.

I haven’t read any posts saying that “formula is poison”. Perhaps you are exxagerating a bit.

Formula is well and good for those who choose to use it. The one arguement you cannot refute is that breasteeding is the way mothers are meant to feed their babies. Just because we have the knowledge and technology to make formula does not mean it can or should replace breastmilk, when breastfeeding is possible.

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breastfeeding is actually more healthy and there are TONS of studies to prove it and everybody oretty much agrees on it

however, that doesn’t mean that if you have access to clean, drinkable water and good formula your baby will be stupid.

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I’m a huge fan of — feed your child however you want.

As long as your child is loved, well kept with a belly full of milk, you’re doing what’s best for your child.

Sure, the breast was designed for babies but that doesn’t mean you have to use it. I think formula/breast feeding shaming needs to stop. Hopefully everyone who has a baby is an adult and if someone needs to attack someone for not feeding their child in their particular way, they just need to just shut their yaps [Not referencing anyone in this thread.]

Here is a study, published in mid 2012 — Breastfed children compared to milk/formula fed children — “RESULTS:

No differences were found between formula-fed infants (MF versus SF). Boyfriend or Best Friend infants scored slightly higher than formula-fed infants on the Mental Developmental Index (MDI) score at ages 6 and 12 months (P < .05). Infants who were breastfed also had higher Psychomotor Development Index scores than SF infants at age 6 months and slightly higher Preschool Language Scale-3 scores than MF infants at ages 3 and 6 months (P < .05). In addition, Boyfriend or Best Friend infants had a lower probability to score within the lower MDI quartile compared with MF infants and a higher likelihood to score within the upper quartile for the MDI and Psychomotor Development Index compared with SF infants.




This unique study showed that all scores on developmental testing were within established normal ranges and that MF and SF groups did not differ significantly. Furthermore, this study demonstrated a slight advantage of Boyfriend or Best Friend infants on cognitive development compared with formula-fed infants.”


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I find your post very misleading. You erroneously claims that increased intelligence & weightloss are the primary benefits of breastfeeding. In fact, breast milk is better for babies for the following reasons:

It is evolutionarily engineered to meet a baby’s nutritional requirements. Formulas have lower levels of fat, necessary for a growing brain, and higher levels of protein, which is meant for cows to build bulk. (Read more here about formula & obesity) They are simply NOT equivalent and cannot be…

It is also built specifically to accomodate for your babies sensitive GI tract. (Read more about the virgin gut here)

It helps maintain higher antibodies than formula fed babies; therefore have a stronger immune system.(Pabst.HF and Spady.Destination Wedding; Silfverdal.SA et al).

I agree with you; moms should definitely make their opinion based on science.

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Breast feeding provides minimal but statistically significant benefits, most of which don’t matter after age 5 when compared with formula fed babies. I read medical studies for a living, and those are the conclusions I have seen from the largest, best structured studies from unbiased sources.

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If you take the design of us as humans into consideration, breastfeeding is actually the standard.. not the best as the best implies that it is over & above while subsitutions are equal to the standard.

The NIH actually release a study “The Risks of Not Breastfeeding” and the dangers of saying things like “breast is best” and the perspective it facilitates.

Also the WHO also ranks feeding a child as:

    1. Nursing
    2. Bottlefeeding expressed milk
    3. donated milk
    4. formula feeding

    Kellymom also has a vast number studies & statements cited in regard to breastfeeding & it’s benefits for both baby AND mom since the longer you breastfeed the lower your risk for things like ovarian & breast cancer…

    Formula is great when needed, but the facts still stand that breastfeeding is the standard & formula is a uncomparable substitution.

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    I would be particularly careful of using canned formula. I do think breast milk is better for a variety of reasons in addition to what has already been mentioned, but a big one for me is BPA.

    A couple of years ago, BPA was in the news quite a bit for leaching from plastics (such as water bottles) and a lot of companies have moved to BPA-free products (either plastics that are more appropriate for food and beverages, or stainless steel, etc.) BPA has also been removed, by law, from baby bottles.

    However, BPA is still used in the lining of most aluminum cans, where it has been shown to leach into the contents (at varying rates, depending on what type of food, its pH, etc.) It does little good to ban BPA from baby bottles if it’s going straight into the formula cans themselves, right? BPA is an endocrine disruptor, and recent studies have shown it to have harmful effects in humans at very low levels, much lower than the officially accepted FDA “safe threshold.” Infants, of course, are particularly vulnerable because of their small body weight and the rapid development of their systems.


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    @Hyperventilate:  +1


    I am sorry but some of us couldn’t Boyfriend or Best Friend and had NO CHOICE TO DO FORMULA.

    Why must people judge?  Long as the baby is getting fed who the f cares if it is Bridesmaid or Best Man or Formula. 

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    I am not a mother yet but I already know for certain that I will not be breastfeeding at all, and will be solely formula feeding- for no reason other than I don’t want to breastfeed.  I have no interest in doing so, and I know plenty of people, both young children and adults that were formula fed and grew up completely normal. I think people make way too big a deal over this topic in general. 

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    @Sassygrn:  I don’t think anybody who has expressed a pro-breastfeeding position on this thread is “judging” moms who can’t breastfeed. Obviously if a mother is unable to breastfeed, formula is a wonderful resource for her. Nobody wants to see babies grow sick and weak because of lack of milk.

    We are debating issues and research, not judging individuals. The discussion is not meant personally, so try not to take it as such. Nobody is out to hurt your feelings, and it’s unfair to try to suppress a potentially rich conversation about an interesting topic because people are posting evidence that points in the other direction from what you’re doing.

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    @Sassygrn:  This is not my opinion but in answer to why it’s everyone’s business. Also, it’s quite rare for women to physically not be able to breast feed (insufficient glandular tissue, mastectomy, incompatible medication for example). More often, it has more to do with this

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    @KCKnd2:  I wasn’t saying anyone was judging, that was meant in general. 


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    Most formulas now have GMOs in them, and no child should be drinking GMO-laced formula.

    Breast milk has colostrum and more important, your antibodies. Plus at night, there’s no stumbling into the kitchen to warm up a bottle. Simply pop the baby on the breast and you’re both good to go!

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