(Closed) So, my mom thinks I'm crazy…

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  • poll: Am I insane for thinking about a nonmedicated natural birth?

    Girl you're insane- who would go through that pain when they don't have to?

    Crunchy all the way! Bring on the granola, but hold the pain meds!

    Obligatory other...

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    @DaneLady:  Its funny because my mom is the exact opposite with me.  She is like you should have a natural birth, I did it with you.  LOL.  I told her that I would try to have a natural birth (would be ideal for me) but if I was in too much pain, I would probaly ask for pain meds.  I guess you don’t really know, until you are in the situation, but’s your decsion, and mine, and not our moms.  lol.

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    @DaneLady:  I don’t think you’re crazy! my plan is pretty much the same as yours: go into labor with the intention to go as long as I feel I can without medication, but get it if I feel like it. I have no idea what labor will feel like for me (obviously it will be painful, but some women say it “wasn’t that bad” and some women say “it was the worst ever” so I don’t know where I’ll fall) and I don’t want to pigeon-hole myself into any one kind of birth experience until I’m having it.

    My husband is super supportive and I haven’t really talked about it with anyone else. Most people know that I’m not going in asking for medication, but I don’t discuss that I’m going to try to avoid it if I can. My DH is the only one (besides nurses & my midwife) who will be there, so he’s really the only one who needs to know.

    Also, my midwife mentioned what some other posters said. Sometimes the epidural is good for women because it helps them/their bodies relax and can move labor along. So there’s that to consider, too, when the time comes.

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    My mom had no pain meds with either of her births (and pitocin with one of them), so I would probably feel like a wimp if I needed pain meds. I’m not saying AT ALL that women who want the juice are wimps, just that I aspire to be like my momma : )  Now on the other hand, she does think I’m insane for wanting to try for a CNM home birth when that time comes…


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    You’re not crazy!  My mom had both myself and my sister with no pain meds and my sister had my second nephew the same way (first was induced and had a lot of problems and was long, so she got pain meds.)  I plan on having kids without pain medication as well!

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    I had my kids with no meds and I survived to tell the story. My mom had four of us with no meds and she survived. We are ttc now and I pray that I can manage this time again without the help of meds. 

    I hear my of my friends complaining about backaches years after they had their babies. No thank you! 

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    I had a natural birth. And I’m a HUGE wimp. For example: I donated blood once, and I cried the entire time. I whine and hobble around if I stub my toe.

    But I managed to make it through childbirth drug-free. Here’s my birth story if you want to read it: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/welcome-baby-ronan

    If I have another baby in the future, I’m going to do it natural again.

    My mom thought I was crazy too, even though she had both my sister and me drug-free. Pretty much everyone that knew I was going to try it drug-free told me I was crazy and/or I wouldn’t be able to make it through. The only people who were encouraging were DH, a co-worker who had 5 children drug-free, and my Bradley instructor. (Speaking of, I highly recommend taking a class like Bradley childbirth, not only was it helpful on what to expect, it also gave me a lot more confidence that I could do it.)

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    I really think that now a days woman dont even try. So many of my friends will tell me that they ask for the epideral as soon as they get to the hospital. I just find it special to do it like iet was done by so many woman in the past. 

    I also read that sometimes an epideral can affect the baby’s sucking reflex when born. I didnt believe it but it happened to my sister. My nephew did not eat or wake up for 24 hours after he was born. They had to force him. The doctor said it was because of the epideral. 

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    YOU never know until you are in labor or have a medical emergency. Every pregnancy is different, every labor is different, every Dr.’s protocol is different, etc… You can have a tentative plan, but your plan may be derailed. I would have a very open mind.

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    Go for it girl!! I had my son 100% un-medicated. I delivered at a hospital w/ a CNM and had a doula that came to my house to help me labor there before going with us to the hospital. Although it wasn’t for long. Once she got there she wanted to check and see if I was dilated. She checked me and said “you’re 7,8,9cm dilated… we need to go to the hospital RIGHT NOW!”. From my first contraction to the time a gave birth to my son it was 5 hours. I gave birth to him in a birthing tub and it was AMAZING!! My mom was in labor with me for 29 hours and she ended up having a c-section w/ me, but I just KNEW that it wasn’t going to be that way for me. Mind over matter!!!

    My best advice is to keep the attitude you have and not to listen to the naysayers. People kept telling me I was crazy and I kept strong. I truly believed I could do it and wouldn’t let anyone get me down. I did take a hypnobirthing class that I really enjoyed, but I will say while I was in labor I could not listen to the CD they gave me to relax. I really just wanted to throw it and focus in my own way. Which I did. But the class helped me w/ that and learning how to relax. Like when my body was  contracting and basically pushing all by itself I just wanted to grab my husbands and my moms hand and squeeze so hard, but that just tightens up your muscles and it’s better to just stay relaxed.

    Don’t get me wrong… there was a point when I called my doula and she told me I was probably having early labor signs and to try to relax, and it would be a long night. I told my honey that if this was early labor and I had the whole night to go that I didn’t think I could do it without meds… little did I know that was probably the point when I was progressing from 6,7, or 8cm.

    Anyways… sorry for the book Laughing I could go on and on. I think childbirth was fabulous! 

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    i didn’t read thru the other responses, but just wanted to say i’m in the same boat!! my mom is supportive even though i feel she’s uneducated a bit about the advances now-a-days…my Mother-In-Law looked at me though as if i was insane…lol she was all ‘yeah you just wait, you’ll be beggin for the epi” ….i’m like you, i’m open to having to have interventions if something should arise, but i’m hoping and planning to at least try natural unmedicated….in fact, i’m going to be taking hypnobirthing classes in hopes to learn some techniques that will help me stay focused….but you are absolutely NOT crazy!! 🙂

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    My mom had two kids without an epi and me with one. I asked her (28 years later) if it felt much different with or without and she just sort of shrugged and said, “Not really. You still have to push them out.” She did roll her eyes when I said I like the idea of giving birth in water.

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    I haven’t read through the other responses, but you’re definitely not crazy!

    FWIW, I’m due in just over two weeks and was planning a natural, intervention free delivery and I actually avoided telling people about my plans if I could!  Unfortunately people like to have an opinion so it I found it easier to just be non-committal 🙂

    As it is we’re now heading towards a scheduled c-section due to Baby being breech and it’s certainly left me feeling grateful that we even have the option to birth naturally at all!

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    You can always plan to have naturally and change your mind, just don’t miss the epidural window. I, personally, like the idea of a water birth, which is suppose to be more soothing for mothers and easily adaptable for the baby.

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