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@MrsWe:  Before I got pregnant, I was motivate just by being able to fit in cuter clothes and feel better physically. Now, I should be taking a walk each night, and I just want bring myself to do it. Even when I feel energized and ready to go, I’m just like NO, lol.

Do you have anyone to exercise with? That might make it easier to go to the gym. It’s all about getting that one foot out the door or starting your iPod on your favorite music. It’s a hard first step, but once you make it you will find the motivation to go.

I don’t have any other advice. Motivation comes from you wanting it. You have to figure out what motivates you. If Miami motivates you, I would just thinj of that bikini or swimming suit you want to wear, maybe collage a bunch of pics of Miami and beaches and perhaps that could help 🙂

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@MrsWe:  When I don’t feel like going to the gym, I have a few tricks to get my ass there:

  • Get dresses in your gym clothes. Sneakers and all. Put your hair up, get your gym bag, and it’s all of a sudden a lot easier to go. 
  • Think about what else you would be doing instead of the gym. Sitting on the couch watching TV? Laundry (ugh… no thanks!), etc. Hopefully that provides a reminder of what you SHOULD be doing. 
  • Get a workout buddy who will haul your ass there. 
  • Hire a trainer and make appointments. Tell them to call you and harass you if you think about bailing. 
  • Find a fun alternative. It doesnt have to be the gym every day. Go to a park and get on some trails. Swim, bike, rock climb, try a new class, etc. 
  • Go to any fitness website and look at pictures. I get competitive with the models and that totally motivates me!

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@BlondeBee:  +1

I also make bets with my friends that are trying to lose weight or they maintain and I wanna lose. Like we have bets on who can run the most miles in a week, who can eat the most veggies, etc. It’s a fun way to make sure you stay healthy.

Right now I’m in a bet with my cousin about who can lose the most weight loss % by 10/21. We took pictures of the scale on the same day and then we will again on the 10/21.

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I feel where you’re coming from. I’d had a solid workout routine for 2 years before my wedding, and I was a few pounds heavier than my lightest-ever weight when I got married. Now I’m about 20 pounds heavier. Like you, I can see the progession…I’ve even got a pair or two of jeans in bigger sizes.

Life stress has made it tough for me – life was pretty simple before the wedding! My husband totally doesn’t watch anything he eats and he never works out. I’ve gotten more to the point now where I need someone to go with me and help me feel accountable. Add onto that old ankle injuries, so most workouts leave my ankles hurting for a few days. I could go to the gym and ride the bike but..y’know?

I’m trying to slowly ease back into it, just work out when I feel like and try to maintain my weight for a little while before I get into active ‘lose’ mode. I know that when I’m focused on feeling guilty over weight gain or feeling like crap about myself that I backslide a lot more, and it’s suddenly a lot easier to forego the gym or eating better.

I try to view it all as my medicine. I wouldn’t let my child go without much-needed medicine…why do I do it to myself?

I try to just feel good about myself no matter my weight. Dress up a little more, etc. But sorry – I wish I had more solid advice. Just wanted to let you know that you aren’t alone.

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I’ve realized the only that can get me to workout is not letting myself have an option. I don’t even give myself an excuse, as much as I want to. I just start doing it. But it is so hard sometimes! I feel your pain!

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@MrsWe:  My best tips:

1. Think as LITTLE as possible. Sort of like getting up super early. if you just GET OUT of bed as soon as the alarm goes off, and power through the first 10 minutes…it’s not so bad. BUT if you allow yourself to lay there, thinking about how little you want to get up, savoring how good bed feels, calculating how many vacation/sick days you have and whether it would really be THAT bad to miss work….its soooo much harder. SO just dont think. just CHANGE into workout clothes and go to the gym or wherever you workout as if you were a robot an power through.

2. Condition yourself to feel like working out is you happy place. I lift, and while i do so I lift slowly and think “zen” thoughts. I trained myself to consider it the ONE time through the day i’m off the hook for EVERYthing else — every obligation, stress, to-do, past due whatever, conflict — you name it. I give myself a free pass to not have to think about it during my workout, and overtime, i trained myself to crave that moment of freedom. Now I have a much more positive association with working out.

3. Give yourself fun little rewards like a sexy/cute sports bra from VS youd never otherwise justify buying, or some new shoes for hitting a milestone, or fun gadgets like ipods and headphones. I find losing myself in my favorite music helps ALOT. tell yourself you can’t download your new favorite song until you complete 2 more workouts. I also recently bought some SUPER cute TruEnergy headphones that match my favorite workout outfit — they are hot pink and purple! For me, little things like that help.

Hope some of that helps. Good luck 🙂

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@MrsWe:  I schedule gym times in my phone. I don’t make other plans during gym time. I put my gym clothes on right when I get home, shoes and all, even if I don’t plan to go to the gym for 2 hours. I also weigh myself every day. I have a little notebook on the shelf right above the scale and write my weight down every morning at the same time. This way it keeps me from gaining weight. I’m more motivated to eat better if I weighted 2 lbs more than I did the day before. Wouldn’t work for everyone, but works for me. Now that I’m trying to maintain instead of lose.

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@MrsWe:  i’m currently eating gummi bears from my halloween stash. i hear ya. 

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I get ya…I’m on the same boat.I lost tons of weight when I got separated,about 25 lbs,and now I gained back about 8..it’s not much and I could easily lose it again,but I’m feeling lazy.Argh,help me lift my butt off the couch lol

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