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Sugar bee
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Awww congrats!!! Saved a little baby:) I would just take introducing them slowly. The kitten will be scared of the dog so be sure to keep all doors closed when they are together, we had a kitten that hid under a dresser all day and we thought he had ran outside in the chaos of introducing him to our family dog. He flipped out and took off, and we finally found him under the dresser hiding:) So just go slow, show kitty the litter box and give him lots of love:)

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Bumble bee
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CorvusCorax:  Omg what a cutie! IMO non-clay litter like Swheat, and food like Purina One or better. Clay litters aren’t good for them and I found out at my recent vet visit that a LOT of cats end up with IBD (irritable bowel) so be careful with their foods – if you want to be a crazy kitty mama like me! I’d love to get them to eat real meat…that might be best, but I’m also still a work in progress, always looking for the best ways for my little girls. Good luck with your adorable baby boy!! 

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Bumble bee

Aww, congrats.  I’ve read to seperate them in different rooms with a baby gate so they can sniff each other but can’t be together.  I’m guessing so they can get used to the new smells.  

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Buzzing bee

Agree with others, introduce them slowly, especially if your dog hasnt been around cats much before. Its difficult for dogs to disassociate that “prey” drive in their head. Though some dogs understand that kittens are babies and are sweet with them. You need to supervise them for a while, because the other part of it is that dogs dont know their own strength and kittens are delicate and wont want to or be able to play the same way that a dog usually will play. 

My dogs are great with cats but thats because I was in the opposite situation, had grown cats and suddenly puppy. And even though he was smaller than them they were STILL intimidated because dog play is wrestling and chasing, and thats not really cat play. But they’re great now and they have a really strange relationship lol

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Agree with PP’s, you need to introduct them very very slowly and under supervision.

I introduced a second cat and it was a very long process. New cat in seperate room, scent swapping with blankets any toys, then letting them see each other from far away, slowly moving closer until 2nd cat could have free roam. It took a lot of hard work.

Best of luck with the new kitty! 🙂

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What a cutie! I second all the advice here about introducing him to your dog – it’s best to leave the kitty with all his stuff in one room to acclimate him to your environment, and to the dog, and to allow the dog to get used to the kitty’s smell.  Also, never let the kitten use your hands as toys – as cute and not painful as it is with their tiny little claws and baby teeth, it’s bad news bears when they’re adults (i have the scars to prove it!). Redirect that play with a toy and you’ll be fine.

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Honey bee
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awww too cute!

Honestly just give them time. Let Santa get all hissy for a bit and just be there and pet them both so they know everything is ok.  My dog loves cats. Hes weird. So there wasn’t much of an issue in introducing them. But when we introduced another dog my cat was a little haywire for the day.  She just got her scruff up and then got over it. 

Now my cat get my dog to chase her around. Its her favourite thing. Good job saving that lil kitty. Make sure to get a scratch post and encourage him to use it. 

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Honey bee
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CorvusCorax:  i wouddn’t be worried about them then.  Santa is already dominating Pete so they will get along.  eventually they will both let their guard down. 

i literally have caught my dog with the cats head in his mouth. but the cat was purring so they were playing? i dont even know. they get along really well. 

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It is much easier to introduce a new cat to a resident dog than the other way around. It is also easier than introducing them to another cat, in most cases.

I second PP about the baby gate, so they can investigate each other through the gate without making contact. It will also depend on the breed of dog. A retriever will be less likely to chase than a terrier, for example.

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Sugar bee
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What a cutie!  Congrats.  I’d just slowly introduce Santa to your dog.  Maybe hold Santa while your dog sniffs around him.  Let him know that your dog is cool.

We just adopted a kitten that was abandonded too and we have the opposite problem.  Our kitten is eager to learn about our older cats but they are jealous and want nothing to do with him lol.

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Busy bee

CorvusCorax:   this is seven I got him 2 yrs ago as a 6 week old kitten rescued from under a abandoned house. He came home with me to live with 3 yrs 3 female dogs. My one dog died a year ago, they were best friends. Sevens always got along with all 3 dogs, but it took him 3 weeks to come out of hiding to finally explore them. After he did that though they were 4 friends. Like I said it’s been a year since his favorite dog passed away, but he’s now teaching the other 2 dogs how to be easy and play with him. They sleep together, share water dishes, even toys. All you need is time, patience & supervision until they make nice & are completely comfortable with each other. 

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CorvusCorax:  I LOVE HIS FACE.

I don’t know if the same applies to cats and dogs, but we recently intro’d a new cat into our house w/ another 1 y/o cat – 2 females.  We had to keep them separated for a few weeks and fed them on either side of the door so they could associate each others scents with food.  That’s a pretty common technique, I think.    

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