(Closed) S/O of 9/11 post. Does anyone else think its sad…

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@Laurenskii:  I work in the financial district and my desk literally overlooks the World Trade Site and memorial.  Coming to work this morning was a little somber- all the streets are closed off and lots of cops everywhere but honestly, I feel like many people in NYC are ready to move on. How many years are we doing to continue to do this?

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@Laurenskii:  I also think this – aswell as the fact that it brings lots of, uhh, terror-fear? into kids. They see this huge terror attack on TV every hear and hear about it over and over, and I see so many who grow up thinking terror is everywhere and muslims are horrible and more and more, because you’re right, what about the rest of the horrible things that have happened? Its not like this was a stand alone, nor is it the worst thing that has ever happened?

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timeliness. pearl harbor was over 60 years ago, but 9/11 was only 12. until our generation is dead and gone, it will probably continue to be ‘remembered’ just as our grandparents’ generation ‘remembered’ pearl harbor.

its still very fresh and an open wound for many people, while pearl harbor isn’t something most living people experienced. the active remembrance may fade over time and it will be left to history books, as many other attacks and atrocities are.

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@Laurenskii:  I think part of it is that it is still very much an issue. Our country is still dealing with issues in the middle east. Maybe sixty years after we are done there, we won’t replay videos or have moments of silence, but for now, it’s still relevant.

I haven’t seen anyone showing videos of the event, just photos of the NYC skyline or the freedom tower or the memorial. I think that happens regardless. We certainly see remembrances of MLK or D-day each year. It’s important to keep these things in our minds.

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Working in NYC I have quite a few co-workers who were in some way impacted by 9-11. I hope they find it cathartic to know that so many people were affected so deeply by that day. I think it would be sad to treat today like any other day.

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@Laurenskii:  I know people on FB that plaster “NEVER FORGET” stuff on their walls on every September 11th.


There’s really no harm in it but what they’re doing, in my eyes, is kind of meaningless and it feels strange. 

And for Pearl Harbor…I guarantee you at just 12 years out they were doing the same things we’re doing for 9/11.  I’m guessing in 20-30 years it will feel more like “history” – right now it’s too soon.


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I understand what you’re saying. Although, I have a feeling that Pearl Harbor was “remembered” every year for quite a while…we just weren’t alive to hear about it back then.

Another thing that keeps 9/11 in the front of our minds is that we’re still feeling the aftermath. NYC still isn’t back to it’s original state. Streets are still blocked off or construction is still taking place because of the attack. Almost every day someone else gets diagnosed with cancer because they were in or near the the towers when it came down. We are still in the Middel East fighting (granted, I don’t think it’s because of 9/11 at all anymore, it was the “reason” we decided to go over there). All of that is a constant reminder that this is still a fresh scar to our country.

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I think for those of us who were in adolescence when it happened, it was such a marked moment in our development. And I still see video and pictures of Pearl Harbor every December 7th? Not to the extent the Sept. 11th footage is replayed, but that might be because most of the people now living in the U.S. weren’t alive to remember Pearl Harbor first-hand. 

I’m watching the memorial service from NYC, and the families there are still grieving the losses of their loved ones. 

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As an Australian, we have ANZAC day every April 25th which is actually a national holiday to remember the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War in 1914.


Its a tradition that I really can not see Australians moving on from, everyone takes it quite seriously actually.


Its the only thing I can liken this to, sorry its not exactly the same, but what I am saying is: Maybe you will continue to “remember” this day 99 years + later?


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@Laurenskii:  I think social media  as well as 24hour news cycle plays a huge part as to why you see video and hear about 9/11 much more than you do Pearl Harbor or any other national tragedy. We live in a very digital world now where youtube can pull up history and show you 11minutes of it as it happened. Had Pearl Harbor, the JFK assassination and other peices of history happened now, we would see it constantly on the anniversaries. And you can even look those things up and see them if you wish.

However, as much as I understand your point, I think its a duel-edged sword. there are good and bad things that came come out of seeing tragedies like this over and over again. It can breed more hatred and more fear, or it can give you more perspective and a greater understanding as to why this is such an important event in our history. The outcomes of 9/11 were good, bad, ugly, and even indifferent. It amazes me how many children I teach that don’t understand why its a big deal but then they go home and see the video and suddenly get it. Sometimes seeing history is more powerful than what you read in a book.

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I work on a military base so I don’t expect things to change for me anytime soon. We have very high security today and I think its completely appropriate.

Pearl Harbor didn’t occur during many of our lifetimes and even so that was an attack during a war that was started and finished. Twelve years is really not that long and we are still facing these types of threats, so in my mind the issue is still “alive” if that makes sense? Though personally I do try to avoid all the talk and coverage of it. I don’t want to personally relive it, but I do understand why it is still acknowledged the way it is.

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@Laurenskii:  I agree with you. It’s not something we’ll forget, but I don’t think it needs to be rehashed every year. I don’t need to put up pictures on Facebook to show everyone I remember (I lived next to the Pentagon and could also see it from my classroom windows. I remember).

Yes, it happened “recently”. Yes, it was a defining moment. But so was the Challenger explosion or JFK being shot. we don’t show footage of those every year (and didn’t immediately after those events either).

I may also be “skewed” because I teach 9th grade. My students were barely 2 when it happened. It means as little to them as Pearl Harbour does to us.

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@Laurenskii:  I think I get what your saying.  I think it’s important to remember, but one or two news stories and a moment of silence should be enough.  I don’t think we need to keep closing down roads and making a huge spectacle of it.

However, I will say that 9-11 is unique.  It is the first attack by foreign people on American soil since Pearl Harbor in 60 years.  It was also against American citizens and not a military base.  Combine that with the fact that it happened in recent memory and it’s probably why 9-11 gets so much attention.


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