(Closed) so upset/annoyed…horrible experience at David's Bridal

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@lah12:   I think if you feel this bad about everything you should try talking with your Mom to see if anything can be returned.  I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience!  Maybe you can still get some $$ back or salvage things so you can be happy with your wedding attire. 

Also, how about talking with a manager at David’s Bridal?  Chances are someone in the management level wouldn’t be too happy to hear how you were treated in their store, and how you were essentially coerced and pressured into buying things you didn’t want or need.  You may get somewhere if you try, I wouldn’t give up just yet.

Don’t forget, you are the BRIDE and the Bride is a pretty important person in her own wedding!  You deserve to be happy with your wedding day.

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I am so sorry I had a VERY similar experience when I went into the store. I had fell in love with a maggie sottero fit and flare gown that they claimed they had a “knock off of”…well it TOTALLY wasn’t the one I wanted.

I am SUPER cheap so I tried convincing myself to like it as it was ALOT cheaper. Well my Sister eewed and awwed (she was the only one there) and convinced me to get a credit card. They were telling me to buy on the spot. I REALLY felt pressured and almost did…I AM SO GLAD I LET MY GUT KICK IN AND SAY THINK ABOUT IT OVER THE WEEKEND!

Well I did and I realized I only wanted to get it to A) Save Money and B) To me the dress was NOT flattering at all on me. C)All the alterations I wanted done such as adding in corset, getting 3 sizes smaller to do so, then having to worry about my hips fitting it as my hips NEEDED 3 sizes bigger LOL….I REALIZED ADDING IT ALL UP THAT MY MAGGIE GOWN WAS CHEAPER

SOOOO…I bit the bullet (took a risk) and ordered it online (guessing my size) and got a discount. It will be in my hands next week. Oh and they looked at me funny when I didnt want the Mermaid slip under it cuz it was TOO poofy for my tastes!

**I AM SOOOO SORRY THIS HAPPENED TO YOU AND IT ALMOST HAPPENED TO ME! I would say try your BEST to sell it and find your DREAM gown!!**

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Aww, honey. It will be alright.

Just be honest, your mom probably just got emotional because she wants to see you happy. What about the dress bothers you so much? Is it the money spent for a dress that doesn’t fit? Does it not fit your personality? Pinpoint exactly what is upsetting you and then come clean. Maybe it’s an easy fix, maybe it’s not. It will put your heart at ease to at least know you voiced your feelings rather than bottling them up. Maybe everyone can come to an agreement about what to do with your dress.

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I think that you should get a new dress if you really dislike it.  You do NOT want to be in a dress you dislike on your wedding day!

But if you get a new dress, try to sell your old one, and definitely try to pay your mom back!  If you do that, I think she will be more OK with the whole thing.

Nordstrom and J Crew have good prices for non-poofy wedding dresses!

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@lah12:  Ugh pushy salespeople are the worst. I’m so sorry your shopping experience was not what you wanted or expected. I agree with PP and try to talk to someone in management. Hopefully everything will turn out with a happy ending.

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I understand that you are upset, and I am sorry to hear that.

However I really do not think it is fair that you are blaming the store, they did their job in providing you with a product that you decided to purchase, they cannot force you to get it. I know that it can be hard to walk away, and say ‘no’, but it is not the store, or the salesperson’s fault that you agreed to buy the dress and accessories.


On to the real matter behind this, you do NEED to be happy with your bridal look. Call the store, talk to a manager and ask what they are going to do for you. Explain that you felt pressured and excited and made the wrong decision, I’m sure that they would be more than accomodating to exchange your products for a store credit, then make an appointment and take you time deciding what YOU want. It would probably do better to take a trusted friend or relative that will not pressure you to your next appointment and then decide what direction you want to go.

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I am really sorry that that happened to you. Hopefully they will let you return it for store credit or something at least.

All of these stories are heartbreaking, and are making me really glad I ordered my dress online.

If they don’t let you return it, maybe you could sell it and get enough back to get a good replica and some left over for putting back in your budget?

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@lah12:  I would hardly blame your purchasing a dress, veil and hoop skirt on the employees at DB. You obviously saw that those you brought with you were loving everything and got caught up in the moment. Not one single shopping trip did i end up being talked into buying a dress on the spot. Also, you should be able to return it, I’m stil allowed to exchange the dress I bought in August from DB, can’t get cash back since I talked them into a lower price on the dress. 

I fully understand getting caught up in the moment and buying everything that all your friends, family and the consultant are suggesting to you or telling you looks amazing, but that’s not their fault. 

I am most certainly going to be purchasing the tiara that matches my dress and I tried on at DB, not the veil though since even though it was almost exactly the veil i wanted, I know I can find a better price.  

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aww im so sorry to hear about the bad experience.  though i too hate DB because i think they have ugly dresses that don’t fit well and double book their sales pple so i was there for like 3 hours trying on 4 dress, you can’t blame them for your ultimate decision.

i didn’t feel any pressure to buy, probably because im not easily pushed…i’ve been in sales and i know all the sales tactics.  i can tell when someone’s trying to close.  but i didn’t love anything enough there to go back.

but i will say my sales person was kind of a tyrant, she wouldn’t let my bms try on bm dresses while we stood around waiting for her, she wouldnt let me put the dress on myself (which was absolutely rediculous considering their gowns are cheaper than any bridal boutique ive been to), and she wouldn’t let my bms pull dresses for me!  i’ve been to much nicer boutiques with $5k+ gowns where the sales person didnt have such issues.  i really don’t think DB has the right to have such a snooty attitude.  

this may be too broad a generalization, but ive found that the more run down the bridal shop and the older the owner, the more horrible they are to work with!!

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I only bought my bridesmaid dress from David’s but would they let you trade it for something else? Call them and see if it’s an option.

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Sales people are trained and designed to make you  buy things.

Maybe next time you need to go in with a firm list of what you want and don’t stray from it no matter how convincing they are.

I used to be one of “those people” that can talk you into buying a horse when you came in looking for a feeder mouse. I didn’t like doing it, but it was my job.

This is advice to you, and to anyone else: You know what you want. Don’t let anyone change your opinion or talk you into something unless you know you actually love it. Sales people are going to tell you everything under the sun to make a sale, especially if they work on a commission. Do not be afraid to tell them no.

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@lah12:  I am sorry you had a bad experience, but it sounds to me that you just let yourself get walked all over. I don’t mean to be harsh, but that really isn’t anybody else’s fault but your own. Not your mother’s and not the salespeople. I do not think it’s fair for you to put the blame on them and call them “horrible” for something that was ultimately YOUR choice.

However, with that said, I do hope you’re able to return it or at the very least get store credit to find another gown. You really do deserve to wear something you feel excellent about! Also maybe bring just ONE honest and supportive person along (who is not your mother or anyone else who’s pushy). Best of luck! 🙂

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That stinks you had a bad experience. Hopefully you’ll be able to figure out a solution. I’ve been reading so many bad reviews on David’s Bridal. That’s discouraging because I saw a dress online that I love. After reading these reviews, I’m scared to go!

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