(Closed) So what did you think of SATC2?

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Worker bee
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I loved it, but I didn’t think it was quite as good as the first. I think maybe if I didn’t already know so much from previews (Abu Dhabi, Aiden, etc) it would have been more exciting like the 1st movie.


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Buzzing bee

I’m a huge SATC fan, but I didn’t like the movie. (I enjoyed the first movie, but it wasn’t as good as I thought it’d be.)  It was long, nothing really exciting happened, and it didn’t spark any emotions with me.  I feel like all of their story lines are completely played out now.  Yes, Samantha still sleeps around.  Carrie and Big finally got married, and I don’t think anyone was expecting them to have kids, so of course Carrie runs into Aiden and kisses him for some drama. And nothing really happened with Charlotte or Miranda.  I’m still a big fan, so if there is ever another movie, I’d have to go see it, but I think they should stop until they come up with something good.  I also think they should keep any future movies basically in NYC.

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Sugar bee

I liked it. It was quite funny. I even liked Miranda and she is usually SUCH a big bore to me. It was nice to see her spice up a little bit.LOL

I still liked the 1st movie better though.

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Busy bee
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I watched every episode of SATC when it was on TV, and really loved the first movie — it’s the ONLY chick flick I can watch. I just saw the second one today, and while I didn’t think it was as exciting or engrossing as the first, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Frankly, the fact that the women never change their personalities is what I like best!

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i am a huuuuuge SATC fan, and liked the first one. this one sucked.

partly because the whole movie im going “you cant do that” when they went to abu dhabi. it was REALLY disrespectful and made americans look stupid and ignorant.

didnt have a whole lot of LOL moments either.

not impressed.

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I liked the series & 1st movie better, but still thought it was good.  I enjoyed all the marriage talk and of course the clothes, fabulousness etc.  The jokes were weak.

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Buzzing bee
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I am a massive SATC fan, I own all the tv shows on DVD and I loved the first movie.  I just got back from seeing the second and I totally loved it!!! It wasn’t quite as an emotional experience as the first one, it was just fun! Loved Samantha’s line about how they’re soulmates, I love my girlfriends like that too!

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Busy bee
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I am a diehard SATC fan and thought that this movie was better than the first.  That said….I really didn’t like either movie.  Here is a random list of things that bothered me from both:

1. Anthony & Stanford would never had married.  I loved their rivalry on the series. 

2. Louise (SATC1) would have never gotten engaged to her “ex.”  Once again……she was the new “carrie” in town and remember how long it took her to find Big???

3. Aiden showing up.  Hmmm…….odd, though I LOVED him in the series.

4. Miranda quitting her job.  Another hmmmm……

5.  Samantha dumping Smith EXACTLY the same way she dumped Richard Wright.  WTF!!!!

I thought Charlotte’s arc was the only one true to her character and SATC series storyline. 

Sorry….just had to vent!!!!!

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Helper bee
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I’m a huge satc fan and I really didnt like the 2nd movie. I found it boring, felt it had zero story line and just wish they would have left it at the 1st one.


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Blushing bee
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I agree  this was  NOT the best movie, though I was drooling over the clothes the whole  time! The wardrobe was FABULOUS!!!

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Worker bee
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I **love** SATC.  I was really, really excited about seeing this, but walked away dissapointed.  I thought the dialogue was horrible, the plot predictable and cheesy, and agree with the above poster who said that their actions during their trip to Abu Dhabi made Americans look spoiled and ignorant. 

And of all the karaoke songs they could pick.. “I am woman..,”  really?  That’s the best they could come up with? 

I did enjoy the light they shed on Miranda and Charlotte’s lives as mothers.

The sexual scenes that they included looked awkward and forced into the script, unlike the first movie where it was done in a much more attractive way.


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Busy bee
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I LOVE LOVE  SaTC…….But I was NOT a fan of the 2nd movie!!  I LOVED the 1st movie – I watch t all the time 0 I cried when Big left her and then they married @ City Hall.  I just didnt find this movie very “movie worthy” (if that makes sense).  I think it was just an extended episode – nothing shocking or intriguing about the storyline.  Which sucks cause I was soooo excited to see it!

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Helper bee
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I’m a big SATC fan, have probably seen the TV series 20 times over, and was giddy over the latest movie coming out. But I thought the movie was TERRIBLE.

You have to take it at face value as they’re clearly catering to the legions of existing fans who are going to eat up just about anything they put out, but I actually felt insulted when I left the theatre.

Other posters have mentioned the girls’ obnoxious, embarrassing behaviour in Abu Dhabi — which was the worst. I found myself rooting for the locals who were turning them into the police and chasing them through the market!

I don’t find the characters very likeable anymore. It used to be that they each represented something we could all relate to, but god help me if my world view and value system is anything like what they portrayed in the movie. Especially Samantha! What 53-year-old self-respecting, professional, cultured woman simulates oral with a hookah pipe in public in a Muslim country? It makes me cringe.

The best part: Aidan again! xoxo

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