(Closed) So what is your SO/FIs biggest Pet Peeve or Turn off about YOU?

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I really don’t know!  I’ve been trying to think what he would say if I asked him this question.  It would probably be along the lines of:  “How can you not know how much I love and adore you, just the way you are, without question?”  Because he really gets a shocked look whenever I seem even the tiniest bit insecure, as though he can’t believe that I would doubt his love for even a second.  I think he wonders about my need for reassurance from him sometimes. 

But it is perfectly fine for him to need reassurance from me – which is totally weird to me!  I’m not allowed to ask, “Do you love me?” without him freaking out and saying, “Why would you ask me that?!  Of course I love you, you know that! I love you, I love you!” Whereas when he asks me I say, “Of course I love you, my darling.  I adore you, I live and breathe you, you’re my entire world.”  But I’m never shocked when he asks, the way he is when I do.  I just chalk it up to he’s having an insecure moment and needing a little attention.  Haha!!

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@sunkisthappy:  Apparently we are the same person.

I am always late because my schedule is always crazy. If one things gets delayed then my whole day is screwed. My Fiance hates the fact that I am running behind on a constant basis but it is what it is.

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Haha! This post is so fun!  

Turns out I’m the worst wingman ever when it comes to heavy lifting.  For some reason when I try to lift things that are too heavy, I start giggling hystrically.  FI will load my arms up with a few heavy grocery bags and I instantly start laughing so hard that my legs turn to jell-o, my arms start sagging and I’m standing on the front steps like a droopy clown with a drunk giggle.  You can imagine my uselessness when it comes to moving heavy furniture!  (Sidebar: my mom does the same thing.  We once tried to move an armoire together – complete fail!)


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Yeah, this is hilarious.

1) I leave clean clothes in the dryer. I fluff them a million times before I actually take them out to fold them, or he’ll have to fold them to be able to dry his own clothes. (Score for me!)

2) I never finish a can of pop, or a cup of coffee.

3) I steal covers.

I’m sure there’s more, but he loves me 🙂

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Oh god he HATES how self-critical/self-loathing I can be. I’m convinced that I’m hideous. He’s naturally thin and I have to work my butt off and obsess over calories in order to just maintain my current weight, so I get frustrated very easily. Which then frustrates him. It’s a beautiful cycle!

I also don’t handle stress well. It seems like every time we fly anywhere, something goes wrong with our flights and I end up crying in an airport with him sternly telling me that crying doesn’t help the situation, which just makes me cry harder. I’m sure strangers think we’re nuts.

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Haha love this!

  • I am a blanket hog. I can’t help it, and I’m always super apologetic when I wake up, but for some reason during the night I do not care for his warmth at all!
  • I’m always late. Always. For everything. He is a time person, I’m not. I’m working on it.
  • I haaaaate getting out of bed in the morning. I start my alarm clock 30 minutes early, because I know I’ll push the snooze for about that long. He likes to leisurely get ready for work & drink coffee, while I’m accustomed to a hurried-frenzy, running out the door halfway ready kind of thing (hence the being late thing)
  • I have a lot of common sense, and am a control freak. This is a terrible duo, because it basically has resulted in me not trusting him to do anything on his own from cooking to managing our finances. I’m also working on this!

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Fiance hates that I have selective memory…LMAOOOOOO! I never remember arguments that I lost or things he’s asked me to work on…I’m always like “uhmmm that NEVER happened” and he’s like “you’re kidding me right???”

He also hates that I can be so clingy!! I love this man more than anything in the world…OF COURSE I want you to stay in bed with me all day on my days off, lmaoooo! Of course I want you to cuddle and watch movies instead of going to the gym! I’m soo attached!

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@Annie624:  “I haaaaate getting out of bed in the morning. I start my alarm clock 30 minutes early, because I know I’ll push the snooze for about that long. He likes to leisurely get ready for work & drink coffee, while I’m accustomed to a hurried-frenzy”

This is one I forgot about! I set the alarm early to snooze, which he HATES because he does not snooze and I have to get up before him anyway. I try to compromise and only snooze once or twice.

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My absentmindesness/forgetfulness

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I’m super messy.

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I just asked him this very question and he said, “When you’re grumpy and you don’t wanna do it.”

Ahaha he heard me typing this and just said from across the room, “Are you writing that!?”  Lol!

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I believe I fiddle with my iPhone a bit too much for his liking. It’s starting to turn into my biggest pet peeve about myself, too!

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@the_future_mrs:  FI loves skanks. I dress like I’m going to sell bibles.


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