So whats up with MLMs?

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I generally unfollow or unfried people on faecbook when I see that they have become involved with an MLM. Partly because I just don’t want my feed filled with that crap and partly because I feel bad for them!

There are a few products I’ve tempted to try over the years but that form of marketing pushes me away. For some, it’s because I’ve read about the trouble of getting them to stop charging my credit card and partly because I don’t want to be guilt tripped or harassed constantly if I don’t want to continue using the product.

The biggest thing that bothers me though is the constant bragging about how well their “small business” is doing. I understand that my work is different as my job doesn’t actually provide me “perks” and I certainly work more than a few hours from my phone per week; rather my employer pays my salary for me doing my job. I also understand that the car provided or cruise or awards ceremenony provided by MLM companies aren’t quite as good as they seem, but still. It would be soooo strange for me to post “so thankful for #companyiworkfor for providing me with the means to pay for this luxury SUV parked in the garage of my large, beautiful dream home!” or “so blessed that we are able to travel so frequently thanks to #companyiworkfor!” but yet if I sold Plexus or LuLaRoe, it would actually be encouraged?!

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MLM’s truly bring out the worst in people.  Aside from the countless jewelry/makeup parties I’ve been duped into attending, I’ve witnessed the most appalling marketing tactics by friends who are pushing their products.

The worst I’ve seen:  my next door neighbor promoting her super-vitamin weight loss drink mix by posting pictures of her with her eight-year-old daughter, who was in the hospital for 7 months with a serious illness. Her pitch:  the drink mix was healing her daughter, and also helping her melt off the pounds without diet/exercise.

The most recent:  A FB friend of a FB friend sent me a message claiming that we were relatives. Apparently she was snooping on my profile to gather my friends/relatives info before messaging me. When I messaged her back to find out exactly HOW we were related, she pitched me her scentsy crap.  I replied by asking her if she’d sold her soul to the devil. Still waiting on that response, btw.

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What do you all think of DoTerra oils? Scammy or somewhat legit?

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lifeisbeeutiful :  I hope they’re legit I have a bunch. But the only one that doesn’t trigger my asthma is the peppermint.  

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lifeisbeeutiful : The oils are fine, just extremely overpriced. The issue with them (IMO) is that the reps give horrible advice, such as using toxic oils on pets or oils directly on skin without a carrier oil.

You can easily find the same/better quality oils elsewhere likely for much much less and avoid the entire MLM. If you have any organic/hippy/crunchy markets or stores they normally sell nice oils.

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I loathe MLMs. I ALMOST got swept up in Beachbody once, I was -this- close to signing up to be a coach and did more googling and ironically, searching on here about honest reviews and decided against it. I’m surprised Beachbody was only mentioned like once or twice here because to me that is one of the biggest MLMs out there today that hasn’t had any known issues or legit scams with it, other than being super overpriced.

I’m in my mid-twenties and I remember in college MLMs started booming because well… you needed fast money to spend at the bars and MLMs were the “easy way to earn money quick!” and whatnot. What college kid didn’t want cash + “could be paid to be on social media”? I did a HUGE Facebook purge and deleted a bunch of friends at that point in my life and holy cow was my quality of life improved so much, haha.

I think Instagram is where its at nowadays though. I tried to keep my Insta on public for a while and got flooded with MLM people following me and messaging me non-stop. Because I did Beachbody (found out about it on Insta), I still follow a bunch of people and THEY ARE SO ANNOYING and I know they probably have to work more than my 7-4 office job to just make like $40, its ridiculous.

…. And now I’m off to do another purge of MLM people from my social media accounts and I ain’t even sorry about it.

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I have such a strong hatred towards MLMs. They prey on the weak and desperate as an easy way to “wOrK fRoM hOmE & pAy Off YoUr DeBt 😍”. In reality VERY few ever actually make any money and instead invest a ton of time and money into something that ends up a failure. I have the constant harrassment from the Huns to get people to buy or try their product.

Or the posts about how they just got their R&F paycheck and it covered their car payment for this month. Cool Karen, so did my paycheck from my job….and I didn’t have to harrass my friends to do it. Or the posts about how such and such is a tax write off. Yep, so are the expenses I have with my business too. 

By far the thing I hate the most is listening to them call themselves “boss babes” and how they “started their own small business”. Bitch, no you didn’t. I did. One that I created from the ground up and poured the last 10+ years of my life into. I just love when they message me asking me to like their page and support their small business. Um, in the last 10+ years have YOU ever supported MY small business Karen? Nope, didn’t think so. 


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starfish0116 :  Funny how you mention “boss babes” and “started my own business” because a girl I follow on Insta who is a Beachbody gal uses these terms a ton. 

She went so far to even LLC her “business”. I’m not even kidding. 

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