(Closed) So, when’s the wedding?

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“I don’t know, I don’t think I’m the one to ask about that.”

“Never.  Ever.”

“You’ll be the first to know when I find out, okay?”

I tend toward the first and the last.  But I reeeeaaaaalllly want to answer “never.”  I could probably start throwing in “some time next year, according to BF’s mom.”  

Or, whenever someone else is getting married and I’m invited, I’ll answer whatever date that wedding is, because no one ever asks “So, when’s *your* wedding”, it’s always “*the* wedding”.  

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I searched for it, but I couldn’t find the thread where someone posted THE BEST WAITING ANSWER EVER. Maybe some of my fellow bees can find the thread and share it???Anywhooo, basically it went along the lines of this: “we’re waiting for his rap album to go platinum” etc etc etc. I think that’s the perfect answer to shut up the rude ppl, and it doesnt’ hurt at all that it helps deflect your own anger/sadness/frustration with the situation by using a little snarky humor to get your laughs. I haven’t gotten to use it yet, by I’m almost dying to.

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some people just cant help themselves


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Argh. Sorry you got irritated, but glad you got her with your comment.LOL

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Yes so frustrating. I sometimes want to be like “well if you’ll chip in on the ring/wedding, that might speed things up”. Gr!

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I kind of have a different problem, lol…….everyone assumes we’re already married.  My guy is always referred to as my husband and vice versa, it’s extremely frustrating.  So a part of me is worried that when we do finally announce our engagement, people are just going to roll their eyes and be like, “ummm, so what?”  🙁   

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@AudzinLuv: I guess I shouldn’t feel bad about the reactions I got which ranged from ‘At last’ to ‘He took his sweet time’… a few congrats were thrown in but…

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I typically answer something like. “you tell me?…”

@Wonderwoman217: “we’re waiting for his rap album to go platinum”…. THAT’S HILARIOUS!!! OMG!!! I so want to use this!

@AudzinLuv: our neighbor and a few associates do this to us. I don’t want to be disrespectful but it takes everything out of me not to shout “HE IS NOT MY HUSBAND!!!!”….

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It makes me SOOOOO angry to hear this question. I’ve decided that whomever asks is officialy uninvited to the event. Though the people that tend to ask that are not people close enough to be invited.

Maybe I will just start saying “Julienuary.” Thank you Penguins of Madagascar.

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I always get “So where is the ring?” or “When will this be official?” and mostly I get “when do you plan on having kids?”.  I think I get the last one because people think we are married too and we are older.  I just say “I don’t know, ask him”.  He just laughs.  It’s not funny!!  ugh!! On our last vacation a stranger asked if we are married and we said no but then she replied “oh so you guys are just hanging out having fun”  Yeah, cause we are not serious at all since we are not married!!  The nerve of people.  Ok, I’m done.  LOL. 

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I get this pretty often.  It’s flattering that so many people are excited to see us get hitched, but it does make me anxious!  Because I act like a twelve year old I tend to respond with nervous giggling.

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This one ranks right up there with, “When are you getting pregnant?” It’s so personal to ask those sort of questions, and I know people are just trying to make conversation, but they have no idea how painful it is for a woman to go through either waiting period. I’m married now, but I can’t imagine getting question after question about when the wedding is or where’s the ring to a girl who isn’t engaged. As if she has anything to do with her boyfriend’s brain!

Same thing with the pregnancy thing. Awesome to ask someone who has been married for a while when they’re having kids. How do you know they aren’t having tons of fertility issues? These questions make me so angry!

I’d love to hear some good comebacks for both.

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I originally posted this a month or so ago. The answer you wish you could give

The answer you wish you could give

I think this is what you were referring to @wonderwoman217. 

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Uhhh I hate that. My own brother who is very anti-weddings asked me Sunday “So, where’s the ring.” I told him “I don’t know but if you find out, you let me know.”

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