(Closed) social media and pictures…what is appropriate?

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  • poll: What are appropriate pictures to post on social media?
    Duck Face : (27 votes)
    9 %
    Pics of me in the bathroom mirror : (28 votes)
    9 %
    family pictures : (112 votes)
    36 %
    tasteful pictures : (122 votes)
    40 %
    pics of me in my underwear : (3 votes)
    1 %
    naked pictures : (3 votes)
    1 %
    other (explain below) : (12 votes)
    4 %
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    In a professional setting, you really should be more careful.  But with that said, nobody really knows what the far future holds & who knows what can be found on the internet in say like 20 years or something.  So even if now you’re not a mom or not in a serious career, just be mindful of what may or may not sneak up on you!

    Duck face, bathroom pics ..although distasteful really do no harm.

    Family pics ..just be sure the other people you are posting are cool with it.

    Naked pictures & even certain vulgar pictures really should be left to the privacy of yourself ..regardless of familial or professional identities currently or in the future.

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      My personal thought is…if you wouldn’t want your boss or grandparents to see it, don’t post it. Plain and simple :-). With my job, I have to be very careful with what I post on social media. I try not to even post a picture of me with an alcoholic drink in my hand. I know that is definitely not the worst thing, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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    Ughhh duck face. It’s very rare that I see a FB picture that’s inappropriate. I’m not “friends” with young-ins. But I would never post a picture of myself that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with my dad seeing.

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    @darkflame:  I think it’s inappropriate to share any pictures you have that you wouldn’t want your grandmother, your nephew, your teacher/professor, your future mother in law, or your boss to see. That’s my rule of thumb. Down the line, you never know who is going to get access to these pictures!

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    @darkflame:  I voted “tasteful pictures” b/c if by “family pictures” you mean a picture of your toddler pooping on a potty, then NO, that is not appropriate as well.


    Naked/nude/lingerie pics on FB

    If you are a guy, pics of just you and a bunch of girls who look like (or are!) p0rn stars

    If you are a guy or girl, pics of you getting sloppy at a bar/bachelorette/bachelor’s party

    True story: I know of a guy who worked for some famous Wall Street firm, and he had FB. On his FB, he had pics of him with a bunch of legit female p0rn stars. B/c he had 1k+ friends, someone reported those pics to his job. His job “asked” him to close his FB b/c he wasn’t representing the company well.

    Just plain annoying/desperate:

    Mirror pics

    Duckface pics

    No-make-up pics where it’s clearly captioned “No make-up #nofilter” etc.. I have found these pics to be a ploy to get your “fan friends” to be like “But you are GORGEOUS without make-up!”


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    I have to be careful going into teaching with what I post… apparently teachers are supposed to be Puritans, you know. I keep everything super private, but even then I make sure to keep photos clean.

    But bathroom pics, duck face… I may not find that pretty, but who cares if others post them. I’ll just scroll on by.

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    I’m sure pictures on my facebook are viewed by some as “inappropriate”, and those people are more than welcome to keep on scrollin’ or unfriend me.

    There are many photos on my FB of me in swimsuits at fitness/bikini contests I’ve done over the last 5 years, as well as ones I’m tagged in for a tattoo calendar I’m helping with.

    I also do makeup on the side and I post photos of models whose makeup I did; sometimes they’re in a sweater and jeans, sometimes they are in lingerie.

    In the last 3-6 months, I’d say 80% of my clients have come from seeing my work on Facebook, so I will continue to use it as a tool to make money.

    My “real” job is in finance, and I simply have my FB under a different name and have something generic and non-related listed as my occupation.


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    @MrsNewDay:  Seriously + a million on the potty pictures.

    You in the bathroom mirror? Whatever. I’ve done it; sometimes it’s the best way to get a picture of yourself.

    Pictures of anyone sitting on the toilet? No.

    It all depends on context like @badabing88: posted. You in a bathing suit at the beach/at a competition/etc.? Whatever. Pictures of work you’ve done? Fine. You in sexy lingerie for no reason? Not appropriate.

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    @darkflame:  I chalk this up to being young… possibly. I feel like when you are young you kind of have an untouchable, in the moment mentality and you think less about the future consequences of things. Not in all cases of course, but for people like me, it happens. I did some stuff when I was younger and could see myself posting about it in my younger days and not thinking twice. FB and things weren’t around during my wild days so I lucked out but I think before I act way more than I did then. I also care more about how im perceived now that I have a more grown up career and lifestyle. So I don’t do things as lightly as I used to. Now, I do have some photos where I have on a lower cut shirt or something, but nothing I would be embarrassed for any of my older relatives or bosses to see. I have a child though and my biggest worry is how my actions, even on the internet, will affect him. He is really involved in neighborhood sports and things like that so there are a lot of parents of kids he plays baseball with and goes to school with who are on my facebook. Even if they werent, once things are posted they can easily be copied and spread like wild fire if someone chose to be mean.

    As an example, there is a page dedicated to people in my neighborhood called the “easy side”. Its a page where people tke photos of girlsguys they don’t like and put their private business out there or just make stuff up to make them look promiscuous or trashy. they mainly use revealing photos or photos of the person doing something inappropriate and caption it with rather mean opinions. It’s my nightmare to have something like that happen due to some of the idiotic crap i did when I was younger. There isn’t much they could run with that I have out there now, thank god, but if I had been able to post things and document more of my younger years I would be screwed. everything comes back to haunt you and its even worse if you are posting things like that on a website. My son plays ball with the children of some people I used to hang out with that witnessed some of my worst moments. I cringe everytime I see them because I just hate that they have seen that part of me.

    So in regards to your sister posting that photo, I think she may just not realize how it can be taken and the things that can happen from posting things like that.

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    Depends on the context. I wouldn’t mind my Fiance, Mother-In-Law, parents, bosses seeing my photos. I’m in a more visible career. It’s good for me to post tons of photos of everything and so I do. I work about 15hrs a week in a corporate capacity and some of my coworkers follow me on IG and FB but I don’t censor what I post because that money doesn’t pay bills really.

    Im ok with someone down the line seeing what I post including my Dirty Delete so I s don’t woRey too much. I’d never post porn or me in some overtly sexual position because that’s not the kind of model I am but I’ve done nice artistic nudes and I think some of those are on my IG.

    FB I have two accounts, one fan page and one that’s more for family though.


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    @badabing88:  Totally appropriate. It’s contests and stuff.


    I’m fine with bikini shots or even boudior if that is your job but just randomly no.


    Especially girls who are under 18 posing in their mirror in undies or a bikini. F*ck no that’s so inappropriate. I have a 13 year old cousin who is seriously a stunner. She looks 16-17 and she posted pictures of her doing the splits in the air, with a string bikini on, on the trampoline. I cringed so bad.

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    I think there’s a difference between what is inappropriate and what just makes you look bad. I think that any picture with the intent to look sexy on social media just makes people look like they are trying too hard. Bikini shot on the beach while on vacation? Fine. Bikini shot in the closet mirror just because? Dumb.

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    @Chrissy26:  +1 I’d also like to add I have several Facebook friends that are professional models (as in, that is all they do) and have FB pages with their work on it. Social media accounts for a huge fan base, and it only makes sense they’d share their work.

    @vorpalette:  You’re dead-on. I’m sure my friends who have BF/FI/DH that are on my FB dont really appreciate some of the stuff I post of the girls whose makeup I do, but at the end of the day it’s not my job to police what they look at.

    I can think of one time when I posted a photo of a model I’d worked with and in the photo she has a sheer scarf-like top on with no bra and you could sort of make out her nipples through the pattern. It was a really lovely photo……but not to everyone: one friend of mine private messaged me asking me to remove it because her husband could see it since we were friends.

    This same woman cannot understand why I take my boyfriend with me on shoots to help me stay organized when I’m doing makeup, since some of those shoots sometimes have partial (or full) nudity.


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