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  • poll: I use social media to post

    everything from what I eat, when I go to gym, to daily selfies and long love memoirs to SO

    Me and SO have written on each others wall while sitting on the couch together

    I'll post a picture every now and again when we do something special

    I usually don't use social media and i don't even know what a fb relationship status is

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    Not on facebook. He is but posts a few times a year. What goes on the internet stays on the internet forever, even when “deleted”. I don’t need random strangers or potential employers to know about our personal life.

    Edit- I can’t vote because I don’t use social media, facebook, twitter, instagram, ect

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    I am the same as theatrejulia: I don’t use social media. I do not have a Facebook account. DH does, but only as a work presence; he posts nothing personal. Actually, he posts nothing at all. Neither of us use any other social media. 

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    I only have a Facebook page. It satisfies my nosy curiosity of what’s going on in people’s lives. I rarely post unless it’s something I’m really happy or excited about. My husband used to have a FB page but deleted it years ago and thinks social media is dumb. I do have a really bad habit of being on my phone on FB when I’m bored or there’s a lull in any kind of activity. He calls me out on it all the time. It’s a habit I need to break because I typically don’t even remember pulling up the app.. It’s just something that happens. 

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    I have a Facebook solely for getting updated pictures on my dogs’ progeny. Even then, I usually get an email to go check because I never log in to check on my own. I don’t see the hype. 

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    There was no option in the poll for using social media only for business purposes.  I have to maintain accounts just to be competitive, but I don’t use them in my personal life at all.  Ever.

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    I have facebook and post every once in a while. DH isn’t on facebook at all. I don’t feel the need to broadcast all the little details of my life, and I don’t need to tell the world how much I love DH. He already knows, and that’s what really matters. 

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    I find it gross when people schmooze all over each other on social media.  Very offputting.  I don’t need to be right inside their intimacy.  Some of them seem to be in nice, solid relationships and only do it for their anniversary, say.  Others do it constantly.  I had a friend who posted about her “hubby to be” and “love of her life” so often I forgot his name.  I hadn’t met him, but it definitely looked like she was trying too hard. They got divorced within half a year (he was absolute scum, it turned out).  She’s mellowed out with her new fiance (some) so I’m hoping it’s a lot more stable this time.

    Me, I’m more likely to post a few pictures of house renovations or growing things than I am to post any of us, aside from occasionally changing my profile pic.  I did a monologue for my anniversary this year though, since it was my first one.  It went like this: “blah, blah, soppy stuff, husband, year, yay! More to the point, look at the yummy meal I made him Saturday b/c he’s out of town today for work. Paper anniversary, so paper wrapped cod. Even pulled the good china out of a box to use.” followed by a couple of photos of dinner (I post food I make more often too, since I”m pretty proud of a lot of what I cook)

    Husband doesn’t have social media and if he did, I wouldn’t use it to talk to him.  I think that’s plain silly and attention seeking, not convenient.

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    I use Facebook and Instagram.  I like to follow current events, museums, musicians/comedians/performers, organizations, travel & tourism pages, news outlets, cooking/food & wine media, local businesses, etc.

    I am also “friends with” all my family & friends that I know of on FB/Instagram, plus people from school, colleagues, etc.

    I post something – like a picture or a status update or another person’s post maybe twice a month I’m guessing?  I will share things on my friends, siblings and husbands wall that I think will interest them or make them laugh or just brighten their day maybe 1-2 times a week (spread among all of them, not 1-2 x each per week).  I’ll wish happy birthdays when I notice its someone’s birthday but I often don’t notice.  Facebook is slowly adopting the hashtag/trending aspect which I like since I don’t use Twitter.  I used to maintain a business page also but I don’t anymore.   

    I use Instagram as a place to put images in real time just for fun.  They are mostly travel pictures or pictures of my dogs or occasionally food.  It’s just kinda silly/fun.  I’m terrible with ever actually printing or properly organizing photos so it’s nice to be able to scroll back through the years to reminisce.  I also like the community and hashtag aspect, particularly when traveling.  I have found great restaurants and hidden gems and even made some friends this way.   

    My husband uses Twitter and Facebook, mostly to keep up on sports, politics, current events, musicians/comedians and to goof with his friends.  And of course give me a birthday or anniversary shoutout when one is due 🙂

    One cringe-y thing I do sometimes is A LOT of check-ins when I’m traveling.  But it’s the best way for me to keep notes on where we ate, what we saw and what we did.  It’s just the best way for me to organize.  So I don’t really care if it’s obnoxious.  And it probably is.  


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    We both have FB pages, we did update our relationship status to married to each other but it was during a lull at the airport. We both updated our profile pictures to one of our wedding day. Neither of us share posts as a general rule, I’ve posted something more frequently than he has but I was that annoying person doing fundraising and even that amounts to 3 posts in the last month and then nothing since our wedding in February. Neither of us write each other birthday messages on Facebook or anniversary messages. We basically ignore each other on social media. Other people basically keep our social media relationship going by tagging us both in pictures from events.

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    We both have FB pages, he has Instagram but I passed on it years ago. I’m barely on FB and there are all of 5 posts on my page, mainly vacation related. We’re friends there but feel no need to tag each other constantly or post on one anothers wall lol I’m usually right under him or vice versa so its just unnecessary to use social media when we can actually speak to one another. The close mutual friends we have are aware of our relationship but neither of us felt a need to shout about being together or update our status to *in a relationship with _____* I know who I am to him 😀 But I’m 34 and miss the days when your personal business was your own and not the entire worlds via the internet! Days when the only people who were aware of your business were family and close friends bc those are the only people who mattered.

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    I use it, DH doesn’t. I don’t post about him or his picture at all since he wants to stay private. I think its whatever you want it to be. If both of you are cool with using it all the time, and you are happy, then that’s awesome. Just know that everything you put out there is out there forever. 

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    onepeople101:  Both my husband and my FB pages are super family and friend oriented and we use it to stay connected through the long distance. I love seeing pictures of family members that we can’t visit with on a regular basis. Hubby also has a business page and I blog, so we use social media quite a bit. We show our appreciation for each other, but we definitely do not overshare! lol 

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    I keep FB because I’m nosey and mostly my extended family. We have a private group where we post things we don’t necessarily want all of FB to know. I keep twitter for current events. You immediately know when things happen. My brother convinced me to get snap chap and he sends me videos of my niece all the time but I don’t use that for much else. I don’t post much on any of them and never anything about my relationship

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