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Moissanite isn’t supposed to be compared to diamonds. It is completely different gemstone and should only be comparerd to other moissanites for quality. Definitely don’t try to pass it off as a diamond. CZ is more closely related to diamonds than moissanite. 

There is actually a short interesting history of what a moissanite is and how it was discovered. http://www.moissaniteco.com/moissanite_about.html

Personally, I find moissanite actually to be much more beautiful than diamonds, because they sparkle more and I love the rainbow light refraction. They are actually harder, more durable and more sparkly than diamonds. Also truely natural uncreated moissanite is incredibly rare almost to the point of nonexistance. Be proud of your non diamond moissy!!

I tried to convince my Fiance to get me a moissy, but he went with a blue diamond which I love! If I hadn’t gotten the blue diamond, my gemstone of choice would have been a moissy or sapphire in either blue or purple. 

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“Moissanite may be it’s own unique gem, but that’s not how it’s marketed.”

Yes, I think some of the issue lies here. My best friend has a moissanite ring and she does “pass it off” as being a diamond. I am one of only a handful that know it is not a diamond. Although I guess if people see a white/clear sparkly stone, they will generally make their own assumptions.

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‘passing it off’ as a diamond has more to do with people’s assumptions that all engagement rings are/must be diamond.

And why the hate if people let people assume it’s a diamond? If you whiten your teeth, color your hair, wear makeup, tan, wear non-designer sunglasses and shoes, wear height to your shoes, pluck your eyebrows, ETC ETC ETC are you ‘passing off’ something ‘fake’ by letting people assume your teeth are really that white, you’re really that tan, your skin is really that clear, your eyelashes are really that long, you’re really that tall…ETC ETC ETC.

Well, I guess we are all a bunch of fakers passing off something we think is pretty. Hate on!

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Ha, I’ve been telling people what it is so they don’t assume it’s a CZ!

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I know this is an older thread, but I wanted to add my opinion on jewelers thinking moissies are diamonds.  I honestly think it is because of those crazy lights they have on the jewelry at the mall jewelers, because when I go into those stores I agree, my moissy looks exactly the same as their diamonds (because the diamonds get super sparkly in that lighting).  However, in REAL life, my moissanite does not look exactly like a diamond.  AND when I’ve gone to a jewelry repair shop, rather than a retail shop, they knew it was moissanite immediately.  It sparkles a lot more, and has a lot of different COLORED sparkles, than any diamond I have ever seen.

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Oh oh funny story…

I was at the fair and I saw a booth that said “Alternatives to Diamond” and I was like “weeeeee!!!!!!1 maybe they have moissanite?!!!” and I asked the lady and she was like “Whats that?” and this other chick was like “Oh thats a simulant” and SO was Like

“No moissanite is not a simulant it was found in a meteor and…….”

I mean just this litany of what moissanite IS and IS NOT. A good 5 minutes talking about it…I was cracking up the whole time. 


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I must admit that reading the threads about moissanite got me curious and now I totally have pink moissanite envy! I kinda wanted a pink diamond but could not afford one in a decent size, so we bought a more traditional diamond engagement ring. And don’t get me wrong, I love it and hate that it’s still at the jewellers being resized and I can’t wear it right now, but a small part of me thinks ‘how awesome would it be if I had gotten a pink moissy as the centre stone…’ 

Maybe I’ll get a really big pink moisanite ring as a RHR 🙂


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First of all, why are the dates so off on all of these posts? What’s going on here? I purcHased a moissanite for Moissanite & Co. and returned it.  It was a 2 carat Amora enhanced center stone but thering did not compare to the picture. it am still waiting for the credit back to my credit card….it is 3 weeks now even though they confirmed they received the ring and say they issued the credit.   BEWARE!!!!

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I got a .75 carat moissanite from Moissaniteco.com, and I’m very happy with it. I’m not very interested in jewelry. It’s nice, but I’m not much interested in it. I do like nice clothes, however, and expensive wood furniture. In the end, I thought I would rather spend my money on a wedding dress and a really nice hand-crafted bed frame.

Also when my fiance took me ring shopping, I never had that “Ah ha!” moment where I thought that I had discovered the most perfect ring in the world, the one that I was destined to wear forever. And when I found out that slightly flawed diamonds still cost $8k, I was even more sure that I had been right to express my preference for a different kind of stone.

So we got a moissanite. It’s extremely pretty. I find myself staring at my finger a lot, more than I ever expected I would. Plus, no one I know can tell the difference. They might notice that it sparkles a lot, but they don’t know why until I tell them it’s not a diamond. And when I do tell them, they’re generally impressed. 

I think they’re impressed because:

1) I had the guts to go against the grain;

2) They know my fiance has the money to buy me a diamond, and they’re impressed that I did not ask for one;

3) The ring is extremely pretty;

4) They know I didn’t exploit any workers in Africa or Russia to have an overpriced, overmarketed stone. 

Of course, it’s possible that they’re just being polite and they think my fiance is cheap. But they’d probably think that for about one minute before they forget all about it and go on with their lives. Ultimately, your ring choice is up to you. But I wouldn’t discount a Moissanite until you’ve seen one. 

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@cakebaker:  I don’t think any moissanite retailers market it as a diamond simulant. Moissy is it’s own gemstone, just because it’s white doesn’t mean it’s supposed to or will look like a diamond. 

And for all the info you see about it looking like a diamond, you can find equally if not more info about how it doesnt’ look like a diamond.

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I am looking into Moissanites (never heard of them before I joined) and I have to say all these boards have left me more confused 🙁 

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fake this, real that.

I have seen SO many arguments, the OP just vented on how she felt that a lot of people including jewelers always compare it to a diamond and she felt like it didn’t deliver….whats wrong with her stating her opinion???

and as for the whole fake issue, the term “FAKE” should be thrown out the window. HOWEVER, if something is “created” as a simulant for something… you cannot say it’s genuine. That’s like saying a created ruby is the same as a genuine earth mined ruby – BIG price difference, that’s also like comparing pleather to leather big price difference too.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion seeing as this site is a forum based website. So why do most people get worked up of what’s real and whats not? can’t we all just get along?

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@epalmisano829:  I absolutely agree with what you said about people referring to it as fake is because they are lab created….if they were the real deal then that is truely something facinating & of course the real deal…I didnt go with diamonds because I wanted something different so I went with Blue Topaz with a few tiny tiny diamonds on the band…I wouldnt have wanted something lab created, although they are just as beautiful, I wanted something that came from the earth if you know what I mean…purely a personal choice though as lab created look totally amazing too.

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I LOVE my moissanite gem! I just will NEVER be able to afford a actual diamond the same size as my moissanite. I do see a yellow hue in the center stone at certain angles, but I don’t care. I will wear my moissy with pride!


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@Legendre2014: “They are actually harder, more durable and more sparkly than diamonds.”


 I know they are more sparkly, but are they really harder and more durable???

“Moissanite ranks 9.25 on the Mohs Hardness scale making it the second hardest gem. Diamond ranks 10 making it the hardest gem.”


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