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lbdpgrl :  Do you like Moissy because of the stone or the budget friendly options? We ended up with a preloved ring. I got diamond for cheaper than moissy (on patent) and I really loved that it was eco friendly and avoided conflict diamonds.

In the US, most people buy online. Many national chain jewelers will not stock them.

Hearts and arrows is a particular kind of cut for round stones. At a specific angle you can see arrows and hearts. Some people swear it is the “ideal” cut and a mark of quality. It’s like a ford vs chevy argument, some people are just super loyal.

Amora is from another company. Charles and Covard makes the forever one. C&C has a lot of complaints from jewelers and others about quality. I gather that the process for moissy and quality control at C&C could be a bit flexible at times and people got varying quality. The company that started Amora’s moissy decided to buy C&C’s stones when they were on patent and recut them to look better. If moissy is off patent in your area (its off patent in the US) you can buy moissy straight from the company that makes amora.

Personally, we almost bought an Amora, but found preowned diamond to be less expensive. I was really concerned with the eco friendly aspect, so between the money, being unable to find it in person and eco concerns we decided to go with diamond.

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lbdpgrl :  

Forever one vs amora vs hearts and arrow.

What is the difference between each?

Forever One is a colorless type of moissanite, made by Charles & Colvard. So think of that as the raw gemstone material, it comes in different cuts/shapes (including hearts and arrows round, for a time). The Amora Gem is also a colorless, or near colorless, type of moissanite, made by Better Than Diamond. The big difference with Amora Gems vs other moissanites is their premium cuts and their grading: each gem is graded by an independent lab, just like diamonds, so you know exactly the color, clarity, etc., of your individual stone. The premium round cut of an Amora Gem is a hearts & arrows style.

Hearts & Arrows is simply a cut style. It can be made with either Forever One or Amora Gem or any other gemstone. It is highly valued in diamonds and moissanites not because of a brand association, as the previous poster suggested lol, but because the H&A cut produces superior sparkle, light return, etc — basically a H&A moissanite or diamond will generally look much better than a more typical, inferior cut. The H&A cut is also relatively rare, in both diamonds and moissanites (I think something like only 2% of all diamonds are cut to this standard). Also, specifically for moissanites, they traditionally were cut (by Charles & Colvard) with a very flat crown with splintery facets, and may people don’t care for this look. So with the H&A moissanite you get a more diamond-like cut.

There is a third brand of colorless moissanite now available through Moissanite&Co which is a round H&A. It’s not F1 or the Amora Gem, it’s a third supplier, but the cut is fantastic by all reports.

There is also something called Supernova moissanite, grown and cut by yet another company, which is another brand of colorless moissy.

So for colorless moissanite you basically now have 4 options: 1. F1 (which is not necessarily well cut), 2. the H&As rounds from Moissanite&Co, 3. the Amora Gem (premium cut and various shapes), and 4. the Supernova (available in all shapes).

Is there one that is the best? Although it seems the amora is not being made and pretty much not available at all anymore?

The best is a very personal preference if you’re talking about aesthetics. Some Bees really like color and moodiness so they prefer classic moissanite. Personally I like white gems so I prefer the Amora Gem and other colorless moissanites. By all accounts the best you can currently get for a round gemstone is the newest Amora Gem because their cut is so good (Soaring Hearts, I think it’s called — stupid name imo lol but it looks exceptional).  The Amora Gem is indeed still being made, in fact they seem to have just ramped up production again after a long delay, and they release new stock twice a week. However they are still in VERY high demand and sell out almost instantly, so you have to keep a close watch on their website if you want one. But I suspect that Moissanite&Co’s Hearts & Arrows stones look nearly as good (just a different style of the H&A cut). So personally I wouldn’t necessarily wait around for an Amora Gem if I simply wanted my ring NOW, lol.

The hearts and arrow seems to only be available in a round cut. Will a cushion cut hearts and arrow ever be available? 

Yes Better Than Diamond makes H&A cushions. However I dunno if they’re restocking those at the moment as they are focusing on their new premium round cut. I wouldn’t ever hold my breath for Better Than Diamond — I have an Amora Gem and I love it, but the company has ridiculous wait times, they simply cannot keep up with demand and their gemstones really are very rare. I had a regular moissanite for FIVE YEARS while I waited for BTD to work out their production of the Amora Gems, lol. Worth the wait, though!!

So if you want a cushion cut I would check out a F1 cushion or a Supernova. I think Supernova can do a H&A cushion cut. And at least with the F1, you can order a gemstone to see for yourself in person through Moissanite&Co, and return it for free. Easy! That’s what I did initially because there are hardly any retail stores which carry premium moissanite. However there are some stores! Have a look on the BTD website for their retailers, maybe you’ll be lucky and happen to live next to a shop that has Amora Gems.

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Here’s my Amora Gem. My husband ordered the gemstone (along with three others for comparison) from BTD and we had it set by my local jeweler. This is the older Ultra cut, I absolutely love it but apparently the new cut is even better!

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lbdpgrl :  Here’s the list of Amora Gem retailers. Looks like there are 5 states where you can view them in person: https://betterthandiamond.com/pages/Amora-Gem-Official-Retailers.html

But really it’s so easy to order online through BTD or Moissanite&Co and return what you don’t want — just double check return policies so you’re aware of restocking fees, if any.

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Above is a link that compares H&A, F1, Amora and Neo. (There are also supernova moissys) I personally like the H&A and that is the stone I decided to go with. I love the cut better than the F1 (has a taller crown. More diamond like, but still smaller). The F1 sparkles more than the H&A, but the H&A sparkle is more diamond like. 

The amora gem has some issues in my opinion. The cut is beautiful, but BTD have messed up so badly with production on it, it makes me nervous about the quality of these stones for the premium price you are paying. I also think they didn’t fix the depth issue with the stone enough. So it looks solid white when you take pictures or in certain lighting.


MoissaniteCo only plans to make the H&A cut in a round. They have stated they have no plans to make different cuts at this time.


We purchased our stone online, fell in love with it and are setting it with our own jeweler of choice. I hope this helps!


My H&A Moissanite! 🙂

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You know whats confusing to me…  **Please note – I do not have a mossy and have never seen a real one in person…  Why aren’t the cuts labeled with the same wording as diamond cuts?  For example…  Excellent, very good, fair, poor.  I got my sapphire looked at and had its cut and color ‘graded’.  The  gemologist stated my stone had an excellent cut.  It seems like the mossy company or someone has spent a great deal of time putting patents on cuts?  I just don’t get the reasoning behind this. 

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lbdpgrl :  I also love the cushion, but the classic round just speaks to me. Why not get a round stone with a cushion halo ring design? Those are gorgeous! Good luck!

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I was in the completely same boat! I had no experience with selecting a stone and had never premeditated my own engagement ring before. So when it came time to design it I truly fell in love with multiple shops on Etsy. By the way, after extensive research I decided to go with Moissanite for the fact you can get more bling for Less budget and the beauty can be identically remarkable as diamonds! Although I am now engaged, my one solid piece of advice would be ordering online and finding a reputable Jeweler with excellent reviews vs. Going to a local custom jeweler for your Moissanite. My fiance went to a local jeweler (a friend of his who owns the store) and he paid an alarming amount for not that much Moissanite… after our engagement and I kind of pressed, knowing he spend a lot more than intended (and that was my point in choosing moissy) he said “but this is a Forever One and its clarity is the best!”- he could’ve gotten that online as well… He just would’ve eliminated paying the middle man so much.

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I believe that there is still no restocking fee if you purchase loose stones through moissaniteco.com. That way you can see them in person and then decide on the cut and rough (classic, FB or F1) that you like – and ship back the ones that you don’t. All you’re out is the cost of shipping.

I *think* Helzburg now carries moissanite, so you might be able to see them in person there.

If you are color sensitive, then the F1 is the way to go. But do note that all moissanites are inherently “moody” and can go from steely grey, to bright white, to warm depending on the lighting. I think perhaps the F1s are a little less moody, but I haven’t seen one in person. I have seen a round classic, a FB cushion, and FB OECs in person.

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lbdpgrl :  I tried to respond to this last night to help you, but my laptop was being weird and kept freezing. (It may have actually been the site.)

I feel the other bees did a great job giving you some more info, so I’ll just add my 2 cents. I recently decided to upgrade my round FB to MoissaniteCo.com’s H&A cut. I’m waiting on my new ring now and should have it by the weekend. I’ll post pictures as soon as I get it, if it will help you. 

For diamonds I prefer a G color, and though FB is supposed to be near colorless I see a lot of color in my stone. Personally unless it’s GIA I don’t really trust stone gradings. For this reason I opted for the new colorless material as it comes in D – F and VS clarity. I requested an F color stone, and if unavailable an E. I’ve heard they are colorless by many people who’ve ordered them, but I’d still rather stay away from D. Especially as my diamond eternity band is G/H in color. Luckily the stones are tiny so I don’t think I’ll notice a color difference. I like that the stone I chose does come with its own lab report as well.

I’ve never been too fond of the Amora Gem personally. In pictures to me, it just doesn’t look right and I’ve heard many people say it looks plasticy or too white. Though I must say @valentine has a stunning ring. It’s also way more expensive and just wasn’t worth it to me.

Good luck looking at stones in person. Please let us know what you thought. I personally still recommend looking at a stone you can order through an online vendor, because on all the boards they seem to be superior to moissanite purchased in store. At the very least I’d check out the H&A from moisssaniteco.com to compare to the Amora and if the Amora has any issues I may give it another chance ordering one from BTD.

For my first ring I had Beth from Joseph Schubach hand pick a stone, previewed it and then sent them my setting. This time after seeing so many good reviews and tons of pictures and videos I felt confident enough to just order the entire ring without previewing the stone. It will still be returnable in case I don’t like something about the ring/stone.

Happy shopping!

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