(Closed) "Some people just need to get the $*#% beat out of them."

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@Laurenplusalex:  I’m thinking maybe some of them already did, when they were kids? 🙁

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I agree people sometimes need to be taken down a peg, but to use violence makes you just as bad as they are. Why be that way. Just be the bigger person

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I completely agree! I can think of one total douchebag I used to work with that really deserves a brutal beating. I’d like to hand out that beating personally. 

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@MrsTeasandkeys:  Oh wow! I would have castrated that asshole. If anyone ever lays a hand on my cat… they’ll kiss that hand goodbye. 

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@iarebridezilla:  My sister.

She was spoiled growing up, even though we have the same parents and lived in the same house all through our childhood. She was “the baby” and my mom coddled her. She got whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. She’s 22 but has the maturity of a 14 year old. 

She was allowed Cs and Ds grades, I had to keep As abnd Bs or else I’d be grounded. When my sister was grounded to her room, it only stuck for a few hours, a day tops. 

She didn’t get her first job until she was 20 even though I had been working in my grandparents business since I was 12 and had my first real job at 16. She dropped out of high school, has been to juvi, steals, lies, cheats, and has an incredible sense of entitlement. She has sold precious sentimental items of my deceased grandmother and mother’s. 

She thinks everything I have has been handed to me. That’s not the case. I followed “the rules” so my parents bought me a car, my dad helped pay for my car insurance and cell phone bill while I was in college. Now that I’m close to graduating with an advanced degree and I have nice things, she believes it was all paid for and handed to me by my dad because I was his favorite. Quite the opposite.

Basically, she blames me and my dad for all of her poor life choices. She doesn’t take responsibility for herself.

My dad and I had to call the police on her over the summer for selling items she stole from my mother’s estate. They couldnt’ do anything for whatever reason, but she was mouthing off to me and my dad, and the police. She comes from a white, middlec-class, suburb with great schools and nice people. Yet she talks like ghetto white trash. When she was mouthing off to me and waving her hand around like some ghetto piece of shit, I saw red. I wanted to badly to pummel her. But, because the cops were standing right there, I couldn’t. She absolutely needs to get her ass kicked to knock her down from her pedestal. 

Also, she is NOT invited to my upcoming wedding.

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Bumble bee

I definitely agre with you, but I think the punishment should fit the crime. For instance, if you physically grab someone to keep them talking to, by all means you deserve a hard deck in the nose. Learn to keep your damn hands off of people. Another one is a guy I know who can’t take no for an answer when it comes to chicks, doing little things like rubbing their thighs or getting super close. The first time he touched me, I’d break his fingers. Of course, maybe if someone threatens him with a sexual harrassment charge, that would work too.

I know plenty of people, however, who need to get their shit together but an ass-kicking wouldn’t work. For instance, my sister, who neglects her children and thinks the extent of being a good mom means sending them to our house to get ready in the morning and picking them up at night before they go to bed; she drops them with anyone she can on the weekends, won’t even look at them when they come in, will send them to bed hungry before she’ll actually cook, it’s ridiculous. I don’t think being hit would help her, even if it knocked her into the hospital; I think she needs to really face the possibility of losing her kids to DHR for neglect. THAT would be a wake-up call.

Then there’s my brother and my aunt, both moochers. My brother lived under my parent’s roof till he was in his thirties. Then finally my parents got fed up and kicked him out for good; I think it was a wake-up call that he needed to keep his job and not make excuses. If he’d just gotten his ass kicked, he’d have just whined and cried his way all the way to the police station. Same with my aunt but she’s a theif more than a mooch. She used to just come in and take food, dishes, towels… We finally broke her of coming in without permission when she got confronted twice within a week about “This isn’t your house; if you come in one more time, you’re going to end up with a trespassing charge!” Before, my mom kind of bowed down and let it happen because she thought that telling her sister no meant she was a bad person and my aunt would go without, but there is a difference between being kind and being a doormat.

My point is, for some people, an ass-kicking doesn’t teach them anything, it just gives them fuel for an assault charge.

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Nobody, but I would agree with this statement for anyone that has committed a violent or sexually violent act against anyone smaller/more vulnerable than themselves.

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@iarebridezilla:  My BFF’s husband needs a good ol’ fashioned ass whoopin’. I dread going to her house this weekend. He too is an alcoholic (39 years old) but even sober he’s a complete jack wagon. I have lived in the area my whole life, and he proceeded to fight with me on how far it was to the next town. I said it was literally like 7 miles to the next town. He got all up in my face and screams, in the middle of the grocery store, “IT’S 8!” I have already posted his FB rant on a separate thread (no matter how stupid he looks or is, everyone is the bad guy out to get him. He’s never wrong) and that right there says enogh about his personaility or lack there of.

He is the kind of guy you just say hi to and not indulge in any further conversation because he has such a bad case of diarrhea mouth, that you want to deck him. He will fight you on almost everything, and even if you say he’s right, he won’t let it go. He will then shove that in your face as hard and rude as possible. I’d love to have him get his clock cleaned by someone, but I don’t think it would change him unfortunately. You can’t fix stupid.

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@joya_aspera:  I completely agree with you. My friend was on a train one day and some guy put his hand up her skirt and tried to touch her. She broke three of his fingers – he absolutely deserved it (and more, in my opinion).

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No high horse here, some people do need their butts literally kicked. 

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@jj0313:  ditto. I didn’t even finish reading. 

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