(Closed) Someone else share a gross cold/flu story with me (icky story warning!)

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@MrsRevolutionize:  omgggggg i didn’t even know that was possible!!!! i imagine that hurt!!! feel better soon : (

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@MrsRevolutionize:  Not to be a jerk but that sounds awesome! Did it hurt? 

I’ve only had the flu once so no bizarre stories, just the usual N-V-D which is gross enough on its own I guess. 

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@MrsRevolutionize:  That is the weirdest sounding thing ever!!! I get sick a lot, so I can relate to how horrible you’re probably feeling, I’m sorry! Hope you feel better soon!

My contribution is the love-hate relationship that I have with the Neti Pot. First time I used it, I was FaceTiming my cousin and family while doing it and proceeded to throw up in the sink caused by the vast amount of snot that was literally pouring from my nose. My family was cracking up at me, which didn’t make me feel much better about the horribleness of the situation lol. It definitely helped clear my sinuses, but the whole process is just awful to me. And last time I used it I was SO stuffed up that the liquid wouldn’t even come out the other nostril, it was just going down the back of my throat (HORRIFYING btw). Yuck.

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@Saria213:  I just bought a Neti Pot last night and BOTH of those experiences I had. At first I couldn’t get it to flow out the other nostril, and all a sudden it was a landslide in the back of my throat. I started gagging. Finally, I was able to get it to run through my other nostril and I felt so much better! Haha, it’s a gross contraption that works!


@MrsRevolutionize:  I really hope you feel better soon! I’ve been sick for about a week, and I’m finally getting over it. Have you tried sleeping with a humidifier? I put mine like 6 inches from my face, propped up a couple pillows and was able to sleep with the help of some cold medicine. Your pillow is likely to get wet, so I threw a towel over mine. It was a total life saver. I’ve definitely never had snot come out of my eye though, that sounds really terrible 🙁

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Share my gross story?  Well in 2011 my husband and I went to Clearwater Beach, FL  – from New York – I don’t know if it was change in climate (I had never stepped foot in Florida before, but had layovers there a few times)

The night we settled in, I started to get the worst sinus infection ever – I  literally blew my nose every few minutes and loads of yellow and green came out, even brown – I was scared shittless.  I could feel it sticking to the back of my nasal cavity it was so sticky and infected.

I was miserable for a couple days, and then it was gone.


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Girl I think you need to go to an ENT! I don’t think that your sinuses are supposed to connect with your eye sockets!

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To @MrsRevolutionize:  you said:

It doesn’t actually hurt, no! It sort of just… bubbles up through the corner of my eye, and feels sort of like my eyes are watering? But then when I go to wipe it away it’s clearly gross snot, hahahah. It happened once before, right when Fiance and I had started dating, and when he saw it he was basically all “OH MY GOD, THAT IS DISGUSTING, DO IT AGAIN” hahah.

I think if you had it analyzed you’d discover that it is “snot like”… what infact it is is the beginnings of ConJUNCtivitis (notice the word JUNK in the middle) aka Pink Eye… this can be either a virus or bacterial situation

When you have a cold / flu and your sinus are all blocked up… it can indeed feel & look alot like you have snot coming out of your eyeballs !!

I’ve had the flu for almost 2 weeks now… so I can certainly relate to your story.

If you wake up with your eyes swollen and “glued shut” you’ll have to get yourself some drops to to kill the mess off (OTC = Polysporin makes a product for Pink Eye)

Using an Eyewash a few times a day also helps relieve the symptoms / itch

NOTE – Pink Eye is extremely contageous.  So wash your hands a lot, and try not to touch much… use seperate facecloths, towels, pillow cases etc.

Hope this helps,

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Not gross really, but my husband is sawing logs because he’s so congested. Every once in awhile he will try to breathe through his nose and it’s the most horrific sound ever. Sounds like he’s really miserable 🙁


I am also miserable because I CAN’T SLEEP!

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PS – You CAN actually have fluids non related to conjuctivitis or other eye issues come out of your eyeballs.. your ENT is all connected…hence “ear nose throat” doctors.. you know how select people can pull spaghetti through their eyeball ?  I actually saw on tv a contest where they would squirt water out of their eyes and see how far it goes…it’s all connected. no need for the ER..just visit your doctor as planned.

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