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Helper bee

This is so scary to even think about. Thanks for posting this! this is very important for all women to read

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This makes me never want to leave the house without my fiancé again

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7. If the predator has a gun and you are not under his control, ALWAYS RUN! The predator will only hit you (a running target) 4 in 100 times; And even then, it most likely WILL NOT be a vital organ. RUN!

 If they shoot you for running away, they were going to shoot you (eventually) anyway. 

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@Elvis:  Very True.

I need to get some pepper spray- I’ve also considered getting a taser.  Recently a young woman in our area was abducted and killed but she did put up a hell of a fight.

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Wow thanks for the post!!

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Your best defense against assault is to look and act as if you are aware of your surroundings. Don’t appear to be engrossed in your phone or a book or just generally not paying attention. Walk briskly and with confidence and purpose.

I used to ride the city bus in a rough area of town when I was a university student and I was often the target of harassment and threats and someone (two different people) tried to kidnap me twice. No joke.

Look around at the people near you. Look at their face, look them directly in the eye. Let them know that you are aware of them and that you have gotten a good enough look at them that you could identify them. If I walked too slow to my bus stop after class, I’d have a 20 minute wait til the next bus came. I passed the time by looking at everybody and mentally describing them the way I would need to if I ever had to give a police description.

I did carry pepper spray and a knife, but these things won’t do you any good if they are in your purse (or in my case, a backpack- had to keep them concealed as they were banned on campus) and you are grabbed.

And if someone is ever making you uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to say very loudly “You’re making me uncomfortable. Leave me alone.” Draw other people’s attention.

I was also given a tip by an ex-cop regarding rape. If someone is trying to rape you, don’t worry about fighting with him to try to pull your pants back up. Instead, gouge his eyes out. He said he’d seen a lot of dead rape victims who’d been killed while trying to pull their pants back up instead of fighting back.

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Wow, this is really important information. I hope I can remember it all, and I hope neither one of us are ever in a situation like this. Thanks for sharing!

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I saw this on Pinterest as well and posted it to my Facebook. It’s scary to think it could happen but it’s better for someone to think I’m being a rude bitch than to have someone tell my husband I’m dead.

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All good tips, but it is also good to remember most women are raped by people they know. 

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If you’re going to run from someone who is shooting at you, do not run in a straight line.  It’s an easier target than if you are running side to side. 

I know this says that rapists are looking for ‘easy’ targets, but I think if you fight with someone, it is more likely to get you killed than just complying and giving that person what they want. 

Maybe it’s different with rapists and robbers.  Maybe rapists will leave if it’s too hard, but I know robbers generally don’t get physical once they get what they want.  A large majority of the time, robbery victims will be unscathed if they just hand over what the robbers want.  They want to get what they want and leave before police arrive.  I can’t say the say from rapists. 

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@Diamond84:  Local community colleges often have self defense courses. Weapons are only good if you are 10 steps ahead and not in the moment. While walking to your car you always need to be aware of what is going on, it is all to easy to zone out

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This is a hoax. It started as a chain email in the early 2000s. Snopes has an interesting piece on it. http://www.snopes.com/crime/prevent/rape.asp


Please be careful with regard to pieces like this. A number of the “tips” are not accurate.

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Agreed, this has been debunked. Notice how there is no reputable reference. A few of these points might be ok, but it’s mixed in with so much rubbish it’s useless.

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