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Music: He loves heavy metal and rock. I love country music, and pop,

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FH is a morning person and could wake up ready to go after about 4 hours of sleep. I have to drag myself out of bed every morning if I wake up before 9. FH could not survive without coffee but he only drinks instant. I am not a bug coffee drinker but mine has to come from a pot. FH is a picky eater and dislikes most of the things I cook with the most. I will try anything once. I like going to the theatre and museums, FH thinks they’re lame. FH is a neat freak, I am most definitely not.

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Mr. 99 and I are exact opposites in every way, a shorter lisn’t:  What are we the a exact same on?  We are crazy in love with the other.

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Food!!! I love to cook, I will try many different foods and eat a variety of veggies and things my Fiance would never go near! He has the diet of a 3 year old mixed with a college kid…he’d be happy with pizza, wings, burgers, steak, mashed potatoes, breaded chicken cutlets, & fries forever. He refuses to even try things like spinach artichoke dip, risotto, any kind of fish…kills me! I told him he better not let our future children have the same diet as he does. I know when we live together I’ll have to make broccoli or spinach every night because those are the only greens he’ll eat a tiny bit of. 

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@Miss Bat:  This is us except backwards! I too am gluten intolerant AND picky so eating sucks for me. But he is like a human garbage disposal. 

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EVERYTHING!! We are exact opposites!!! I’m very talkative and outgoing, where he is more quiet and wont go out of his way to talk to someone. He is a thinker and a planner, where I am not. He has a good sence of humor and I don’t. I love different kinds of food (I love Indian and Asian foods) and he would rather have chicken strips or pizza haha! We dont like the same kind of movies. He is a musician and I am VERY tone deaf. He hates conflict as to where I have a tendancy to get bicker…. ECT. I dont think we have much for similaritys except our love for eachother, but I think we even eachother out!

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DH is a super neat freak. Everything has a speical place and that better be where it is. Where as I’m more of a organized chaos kinda gal. I know where everything is but its not excatly neat. 

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I’m a clean freak, and..well.. Fiance is messy and probably doesn’t know how to clean (properly) at all! I’m also a neat freak. EVERYTHING I own has it’s own “home” and I always know where to find what I’m looking for. FI’s organization skills suck haha! Everything is always messy, cluttered and all over the place!

I have a really good memory. I can remember things from when I was 3 years old. Fiance cannot remember last week/ 10 years ago! We’ll be at a party and he’ll introduce himself to someone he’s met 5 times before hahah! 

I love mushrooms, he hates them! And he loves meat and I’m a vegetarian Tongue Out

I love pray mantuses, and he is really scared of them!

He hates Thai food, I love it. 

And there’s probably more too hahah!

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Music. I listen to Rock, like Sevendust, Smashing Pumpkins, Hail Storm, White Stripes, Korn. I will occasionally listen to Top 40. Fiance hates the music I listen to. He says he can’t stand the screaming music of rock or the poppy music of Top 40. He listens to country. While I can listen to a few songs by some artists I can’t stand the depressing, twangy sound of country. I always joke that “He’s a little bit country, I’m a little bit rock and roll” Like Donny and Marie Osmond used to sing.

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Just one thing?

I am talkative – to the point where even I get sick of the sound of my voice – where as FI-to-be is quiet, he’ll only say something worth saying,

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Same here.  Dh can correctly identify a plot of land in open desert nowhere near a sign or typical landmark (we used to buy and sell vacant land, so I mean this literally).

Our other big opposite is patience.  I’ve got none.  He has lots.  That’s actually not a bad combo when you think about it.

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Affection. FH loves being affectionate and cuddly and is constantly touching me in some way (such as his hand on my back, or on my leg, etc.)…and I am not like that. I don’t like to touch a lot at all, and I prefer to have my own space. I do enjoy cuddling with him and being close, but it has to be when I am feeling like it (that’s horrid, I know, and I’m trying my best to be more open about it).


Also, he’s a biology major and I’m an English major…so he can correctly identify every living thing in existence (lol!) and I am clueless about anything related to that.

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I loooovvvee sweets. Fiance hates thEm. What is wrong with him???

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Quite a lot, actually…

Food: he’s a chef and will eat almost anything, whereas I’m verrryyyy picky; I have a ravenous sweet-tooth while he’s into more savory things…

Music: he listens to heavy-metal while I’m a 30-year-old tweener-at-heart into Justin Bieber, and Top 40.

Movies: I prefer chick-flicks, rom-coms, comedy… he’s broody, and enjoys action, and adventure,

Affection-wise: I’m very PDA-driven, he’s not.

Sleeping habits: I need a solid 8 hours to function properly, while he can go-go-go on only 2 or 3, if necessary…

Cleanliness: For me, everything has it’s place, almost to the point of being CD about some things… HE leaves dirty clothes beside he bed, even though the hamper is only 5 feet away, etc.

The list could go on-and-on, really.

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He’s a meat eater and I am really not. 

I love country and pop and he loves rock, especially Tool/A Perfect Circle/etc. We don’t fight about it, since our tastes often converge (I listen to basically everything, but I can’t stand Tool/APC/etc.).


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