(Closed) Something You Wish You Could Say To Someone Part III

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Dear Future Father-In-Law,

Please stop giving us a hard time about how much more our wedding costs than your other two sons’ weddings. They live and got married in the rural midwest where the cost of living is very low. We live and are getting married in Philadelphia, where everything is more expensive. They both got married on family property for free. We don’t have family with wedding-worthy property out here, so we had to rent a venue.

We appreciate you helping us out financially, but we’re not asking you to contribute any more to our wedding because it’s pricier. You’re giving us the same amount you gave your other two sons, so what business is it of yours how much it costs?



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Dear Friend,

I am soooo incredibly tired of seeing on facebook every single flippin day that you so love your husband and miss him.  I get it, I love my husband and miss him too, but if I want him to know that, I TELL HIM IN PERSON or I send him an email, or I post on his actual page…I do not put it on my status update 2 and 3 times a day.  And what’s the point of putting it on your status update if you husband DOESN”T EVEN HAVE FACEBOOK???  It seems like you are more concerened with the world knowing you love your husband than your actual husband knowing that you do.

As for the reason I have been avoiding you…well, I am so sick and tired of hearing you complain about your life every…single…day.  In the beginning, I was so sympathetic to you and your situation and tried to be the best friend I could.  However, when all I hear about from you every day is negativity and drama, it tends to pull me down.  I am so burnt out on hearing about your problems, that when I found out your car broke down, I didn’t even care.  That’s horrible of me, but that’s how burnt out I am about hearing about you you you.  I have my own lists of issues that I’m dealing with.  Granted, you never hear about them because I keep them to myself and don’t complain.  

The other day you mentioned some of your friends kept bailing on plans with you…I’m starting to wonder if you are Debbie Downer with them all of the time too.


I Can’t Take Any More Of Your Complaining

Holy smokes…where did that vent come from?  I feel better though!  Maybe it will help me to be more patient with her the next time I get her list of things gone wrong for the day.  sigh….

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Bumble bee

Dear Sweet Boyfriend,

If anything, I thought forcing you to sit through half an episode of 16 and Pregnant with me would make you not want to have kids any time soon. It’s done the opposite. All you’ve talked about is kids and how you want to make them for the past 12 hours. I want to have kids soon too…..but……

PUT A F&[email protected] RING ON IT FIRST 😉


Your Dear Girlfriend

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@JsDragonfly: You stole the words right out of my mouth. Stop updating your FB status 2093809275 times a day. No one cares!

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Dear Mother-In-Law,

Please stop telling me that i need to lose weight for the wedding. i am not overweight, am comfotable with my body and apparently so is your son when he;s grabbing my ass everyday. I dont care that you say your trying to look out for me. Look out for yourself.

I cant take the badgering anymore. Please stop of i will stop tyou in a rude manner.


Tired of your crap.

I feel much better!!!!

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Oh my goodness, @JsDragonfly- I feel like you and I have a mutual friend!  Lol.  Literally 3 x’s a day she’s saying something like, “I miss my sailor”.  I want to be like, “Ya know what!  He’s not at sea, he’s probably at a Motel 8 just to get away from you, you’re too clingy and mopey!  Jeez!”. 

If I could say anything to someone, it’d be to my ex-bestfriend (I hate that term, its really juvenile), and cc’ed to my other one.  Here’s the background.  My best friends from 7th-college are V and A.  We did everything together, our families included.  I began dating a guy (now my husband) who happens to be African American.  Turns out that V and her family are obviously very racist because she literally stopped speaking to me.  Crazy.  Then, a few years later A started dating V’s brother.  She and I remained friends but when for ‘some’ reason she stopped talking to me too.  When they got engaged, I wasn’t in the wedding, I wasn’t invited to the shower, my invite to the wedding mysteriously got ‘lost in the mail’.    I sent her an email to tell her how hurt I was, no response.   

So if I could say something now, now that it’s been so many years I’d say:

Dear V,

I’d first like to say that I hope you’re doing well.  I’ve never wished a bad thing upon you.  I write this letter to get closure.  The way our friendship ended left me very hurt, but more so confused.  Could you and your family be that close minded?  I see no other reason for ‘disowning’ me.  I have never done anything to you.  I was always there for you.  I have dreams about what it’d be like to run into you.  And what it’d be like to meet your son and husband, to ask your family why you feel its ok to be this way.  I’m upset with myself for wanting to hear the answers.  And for not completely moving on.  And I’m disgusted that you’re ok with it all.  Pass this message along to A.  To be honest, I feel even more betrayed by her.  She isn’t like this, it seems like she just married into an intolerant family.  But just know that my husband is a wonderful man, that we’re doing well and that I’m happy knowing I have not limited myself because of what other people might think. 


That’s deep huh?  Sorry it was so long.  I’m sure I’ve written a post about it before.  I do still think about it all the time.  How can people go from going on vacation together to ignoring emails and literally never speaking to someone again.  They give people from my backround a bad name.  What a shame.

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Dear Future Sister-In-Law, 

I know that no one wants to sit through a ridiculously long wedding. I get it. So when I told you we were having a ceremony instead of a mass and you thanked the Lord it wouldn’t be SO LONG, I wanted to smack you in the mouth. If you can’t handle spending an hour at my wedding, please don’t come. I don’t like you anyway.

and just because it’s been one of those weeks…

Dear Friend, 

Your best friends father just passed unexpectedly and in an attempt to show you care you make a mention of it in your FB status. Sweet, okay. But when the same status also includes “can’t wait to get on the boat this weekend and PARRRTAYYYYY!!!! !!!! <3 <3 <3” you look tasteless and inconsiderate. Please get it together. 

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Dear Boss,


I deserve a raise! The one question you asked me during my interview was what my salary requirement was. Did you meet it? No. As soon as I started did you quickly pile on responsibilities that were not included in the job description? Yes. If you increase someone’s responsibilities, then you increase their PAY! Stop telling me to get you files every two seconds. You know where the file cabinet is where everything is placed in alphabetical order. Get off your lazy butt, walk in there, and pull the file yourself instead of me dropping everything I’m doing multiple times a day to do stupid, unnecessary things for you.



Your annoyed employee

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Dear “Friend”

Why must you be so hungry for attention? I just don’t understand.


Your very confused Friend.


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Bee Keeper

Dear Sick Co-Worker,

Please stop snorting up your snot every 30 seconds. There are tissues for a reason…so blow your nose. Not to mention, if you are really THAT sick, that you can’t stop coughing and sniffing for 3 hours straight, go home. Don’t get me sick.

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@JsDragonfly: ahahahaha, we must have a mutual friend 😉 lol

This girl I went to high school just got back together with an ex a few weeks ago and since then literally EVERY SINGLE POST she’s made (yes, I was bored one night and tested my theory, and it is every single post!) contains one or more of the following phrases:

I love my man

I love my man sooooooo much

I’m so lucky to have my man

I miss my man

I love you babe!

Every. Single. Post. – Multiple posts a day


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@JessicaL: Oh my gosh…10 bazillion facebook updates are sooooo freakin irritating.  Unless it’s the people that update a lot, but make me laugh when they do.  This gal just drives me batty! lol

@jennifer_espos…Sheesh.  Annoying isn’t it?  I mean, I feel like such a jerk when I get irritated, because he is deployed, and speaking from experience, I know how hard it is…but it was the constant whining before he got deployed that got me to the burnt out stage.  She would whine and complain about missing him when he was in the field for only a few days….I seriously wanted to just yell at her considering I hadn’t seen my husband in months…not days.  lol

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It’s so tempting to post several long diatribes in this thread but I’m paranoid that the people they’d be about would find them. Ah well, it’s entertaining to read yours, at least!

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