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Dear Dad,

Just shut the fuck up about the guest list already. We are footing the entire bill for the wedding ourselves so just stop it with your demands and complaints. 50 spots for your friends and family is more than reasonable. So you MUST choose who you want to be there. We are not inviting random people that we do not know and we are not made of money. We are not interested is what you think about the type of venue that we should have picked. We don’t give a shit and we don’t want to hear it anymore. All we ask is that you show up looking decend and just don’t ruin our day by embarrassing us with your endless complaints.

Please stop advocating your case and unleashing all your unhappiness and complaints to everyone and anyone who is willing to listen at any social functions anymore especially while in front of us and my future inlaws. It makes everyone feel uncomfortable and awkward and frankly, nobody cares. Stop complaining about how you have to spend $500 on a suit when you don’t even blink an eye when gambling away tens of thousands of money on the stock market. (Seriously… who DOES that?) I am your only daughter so just please be a decent man like you should be for my wedding and stop ruining all my happy moments like you’ve done my entire life.

If what happened today ever happens again, I swear to you I WILL CALL THIS FCUKING WEDDING OFF. You can then invite whoever the hell you want and wear whatever the hell you like at a venue of your choosing PAID by YOU, but WE WILL NOT BE THERE.

You Daughter


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ok, just have to vent about this one…

Dearest Boyfriend,

I love you to pieces… but I have been BEYOND supportive through this whole “remodel” situation that was going to take a “week” and has now turned into over a MONTH with people who are no longer strangers staying in our house.  I have supported everything you’ve done, I have been there for you when you were stressed out, I have been there for you when you were tired, I have been there when you were sick, I have been there when you were drunk and upset about everything in the world… I have just BEEN THERE.  Incase you haven’t noticed, I need you too, I can only be so supportive without some support myself!!  Where are you when I’m stressed out??  When I’m crying and emotional because my ex was an asshole and he likes to randomly remind me of it?  Where are you when I’m tired?  Where are you when the dog needs to eat, go potty, go for walks?!

I am grateful you put a roof over my head and feed me… But I do need EMOTIONAL support too sometimes!  Get out of your self absorbed work bubble and pay attention to your fucking girlfriend!  And I don’t mean take her to your work and get her drunk while you half heartedly spend time with her while still managing to WORK!  TURN YOUR PHONE OFF FOR AN HOUR and spend time with her, take her to a movie, cuddle with her without interruption (or falling asleep!), buy her cards or flowers for no reason! TAKE THE DOG OUT SO SHE DOESN’T ALWAYS HAVE TO GET OUT OF BED TO DO IT!  Fucking decide if she is the one you ACTUALLY want to spend the rest of your life with REGARDLESS of how often she does the dishes!  She does them more than you do anyway, and remember she’s cleaning up after 2+ EXTRA people now since your WORKING ALL THE TIME!  A hug would have been great on the two year anniversary of when I got proposed to, instead you bitched at me for the dishes not being done.  Thanks.  I had been crying all day because he decided to text me to remind me… but you know… I’ll do the dishes.   No need to hug me, even after I told you I need a hug even before you got home from work and you KNEW I was upset.  And you know what, I work alot too, your not the only one, and I still manage to put a smile on my face and try my best to make you happy at the end of the day.

please.  I just need a little love.  I feel so alone all the time.


your ever supportive yet never supported girlfriend

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To whom it may concern:

Please, for the love of god, can you please please please try to act like an adult?!  I am so freaking sick and tired of everyone complaining about me behind my back.  If you’re pissed off at me or aggravated with me for whatever reason, please try to remember that you are an adult and come and talk to me (AND ONLY ME!!!) personally so that we may get things straightened out without having to drag other people into it and then have them b**** at me that they’re sick of hearing hearing people complain about me and that I need to stop it, which, By The Way, is none of their business in the first place.

To so called friend:

Just because I happen to talk about my wedding when I’m with (other engaged friend) or when somebody asks me about it does not make me a bridezilla.  I personally think you’re just jealous.  Grow up. 

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WOW. I love this thread.

Here goes, just out in the open:

Dear Selfish Bride,

Please stop saying MY wedding. YOUR wedding. In case you forgot it takes two to get married. It’s yours AND Fiances wedding. And as hard as it might be for you to think about some people DO have big(ger than they want) weddings for their families. You want to know why? Because they are NOT selfish. Sometimes in your life you have to do things for other people. And yes, this includes your wedding. Shocking I know. Thinking about other people

Quit making excuses for why you’re a selfish, immature brat.

By The Way. If you did not want the whole wedding thing anyway why did you jump so far into it that you’re a regular on WeddingBee?

Thank you.

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Dear Ex-Mom,

Why are you doing this? I thought I’d be fine with you moving into my mother’s house, I told myself that accepting this is the right thing to do, that I will be the better person by just welcoming you back into my life, but you will always be your son’s mother, no matter how long he’s ex-communicated you. Everytime I visit my Mom, I will be reminded of him because of you. You have other people to turn to! You’re not even friends with my Mom! My Mom told me the news … about you moving in THIS week?! WTF happened to you waiting until April?

We were close once, but ever since you got weird about me being with my Fi, I’ve distanced myself. I even went out of my way to write you a letter about accepting him. Why the f%^& did I even have to write that? Your son is a @!&%#%@%$!!!

Parts of your story just doesn’t make sense … you said you called your close friend saying you’ll be moving back to California soon and she cried because she was so happy. Why the %^* couldn’t you ask her? You even called your old neighbor you think of as a mother, you two are very close … but why couldn’t you ask her? Then there’s the job offer in Philly?! Why turn to my Mom, someone you’ve only visited once and spoken to on the phone less than a handful of times in the last 10 years?

Are you plotting to get me and you pathetic excuse of a man son back together? By The Way I HATE when you mention his name! If this is ever going to go well, then you have to stop saying that bastard’s name out of nowhere. Seriously, please stop. I don’t care how “successful” he is now, he’s still and will always be a #%^$&^%&*%^% to me!!!

What sucks the most is how I feel like I’m the bad one for bitching about this, yet you’ve put me in an uncomfortable situation with my future-in-laws. What will happen when they decide to visit? I thought I could just let it go and not say anything, but I can’t do that – I don’t want to lie to them! They don’t deserve that!

I know I should be happy that other people can be happy too, but really, is my Mom really your only hope? You have a daughter! You have friends! And most importantly, you had a great job with people that really cared about you in Hawaii. I know you’ve been wanting to leave, but why my Mom?!

I’m going to accept this, and who knows, maybe it will all turn out very well. But I hope this will only be temporary. I want to be able to visit my Mom and talk about my wonderful husband-to-be without having to think twice about what I say in front of you. I want my future-in-laws to get to know my side of the family without them feeling awkward. I want my future babies to know my own mother and not have to worry about you telling them about your son.

I just want a normal life without unnecessary complications, is that so much to ask for?

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Dear Birth Mother, (who I recently was reunited with- boy this will feel good to get off my chest!)

my whole life I respected you, telling myself that you must have endured incredible pain once you decided to give me up for adoption and I told myself that you truly had my best interest at heart however, it’s clear for all to see that your decision to relinquish me was a selfish one, not a selfless one as I had once believed. I have never heard a good word about you, even from your other children……one who you abandoned at sixteen months old, a mentally disabled child who you take nothing to do with and the other two who you were nothing more than a part time Mother to. You have breezed through life avoiding responsibility yet creating it for everyone else. You relyed on others to take care of the lives you created, to pick up the pieces- children are not disposable, we were humans with feelings and now we are damaged emotionally and have trust issues thanks to you! You have continually made bad decisons your whole life….dating men who frequent jail, drug addicts, men who beat you…..you can’t blame that many men on “bad luck”, for once in your miserable life take some blame. You got pregnant to a a drug heroine addict then a man who beat you and cheated on his wife with you, then another druggie then an alcoholic, talk about poor judgement calls. You put your children and only Grandchild on the backburner for alcohol and men. You have lied and cheated your way through life I hope you find happiness at the bottom of a bottle and I hope you wake up one day, sad and lonely….maybe you will get a taste of all the saddness you have caused your five children who you had little to no regard for. You are trash, always have been, always will be. You are the most immature 49 year old I have ever come across. You’ve rarely had a job in your whole life, here’s a thought- if you’re going to sleep around so much, maybe you should charge for it and start making some money. You have cut your children to the core but with the love and strength of the people in our lives who do have time for us, we will heal and become stronger people and you will be alone and I will not pity you.



The daughter who’s not afraid to stand up to you. 🙂


I know that one was heavy but sheesh, it sure did feel good to type it out.

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Btw, some of these are so scandalicious- yes, I just said scadalicious. 😛


Oh and bakerella, I loved your ending!!!

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Why can’t you just be happy for me? The first thing you ask me is if we got the house and when I answer you with a yes, you go on about how we really haven’t got it yet because there’s Escrow and assessment, etc, etc. Is it so hard to understand that I’m in a completely different country with different laws?! Even after I explained for 10-minutes the differences, you still weren’t convinced! And the idiot that I am sat there and tried to convince you … why the $^%$ did I even bother?! ESPECIALLY after your comment about a 30-day clause in case someone changes their mind, and when I said we don’t have it here you said, “you know something can come up” WTF like a death?!! And you actually said YEH!!! Why the heck do I have to think about a DEATH at a time like this? Seriously?!!!?

Just say comgratulations. That’s it. Is it really so hard?!!!

I should have known better than to share with you the news after what you said about my dress. Remember what you said? You don’t think an A-line would look nice on me and then asked, “how do you feel about tight fitting clothes?” WTF it’s a friggen A-line it’s not a skin-tight outfit? You act as if I’m a whale? Am I supposed to wear LOOSE fitting clothes???? I’m completely comfortable with my body, thank you very much, and I am in no way obssesed with trying to look anorexic!

I’m not about to feel bad because I’m happy! And I’m not going to allow you to make me feel bad about it. Ever since we were kids you always had to be the star – I never gave a shit about attention all I ask is for a congratulations! I was there you for after all your fcked up decisions and supported you — positively – the whole time!

It hurts that you just can’t be happy for me.

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Dear Mom,

your always so high that i cant stand to look at ur face. so no, i didnt miss you today and no, i dont want a hug. i wanted to be left alone so that the sight of your face doesnt make me want to cry. 


fed up me

ps your ruining wedding planning for me 

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Dear Mom,

I love you to death, but you’re driving me crazy. I can’t take the long sighs, the “sure, fines,” and the watery eyes anymore. I’m sorry that my brother royally screwed up his life (and yours) with his drug abuse and drunk driving, I’m sorry that he and I are not BFFs, I’m sorry that your biggest regret about YOUR wedding was not having your brother in your wedding party. 


I have my own vision for the big day. I’m not obsessing over who is and is not in the wedding party – because the ceremony is 15 minutes! We have a 5000 picture limit – that is ridiculous, whatever pictures you are obsessing about having brother in we can do. As for what he will do during the reception – he’s 23!! He can entertain himself.

And another thing, please stop making me feel guilty for not including you in planning. I’ve asked you to do things to help us, and inevitably you turn around, do it halfway and then tell me it’s better if I just do it myself. 

Finally, I get one week off this whole YEAR to visit you, and no I don’t want to go to the grocery store. Please don’t wait for me to go, I’d rather spend time with the family than try to edge out the little old ladies for the best pork roast. We have a wedding to plan – I’ll eat whatever you buy, I promise. 

See you in a few hours,

Your only daughter


Dear Future Sister-In-Law,

Mark my words b**ch, if you and your husband so much as glare at eachother at our wedding, I will be sure my best guy friend throws your butt out before you can say boo. I will not tolerate your backwoods hick drama that taints every family event we’ve been to and our wedding day. You’re 42 years old, get over your self and grow up. Your 21 year old son is more mature than you. 

Love and kisses,

The only one who calls you on your crap

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Dear His X,

                Stop pretending to have a “special” relationship with my Fiance….I remember you dumped him and ran away to another state while you two were dating to go marry someone you barely knew and have the nerve to tell my Fiance that you are “dissappointed and jealous” of our engagement. Big shocker that you are divorced now. Why don’t you stop talking to my Fiance and actually spend this energy on your new MAN.

I think you are filthy and rude and I’d like to punch you in the face. 


P.S. Stop talking to his mom on facebook…its creepy.  Go hang with your man’s mom.




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Dearest Future Brother-In-Law,

I know that you and Fiance haven’t been getting along for a while now.  Still, receiving our wedding invite and calling it an “empty gesture that you hope we can live with” on your preciously protected twitter account was rude and childish.  Am I to assume the invitation we received for your daughters’ birthday was an empty gesture as well, or did you not know your wife sent one to us?

I can’t believe you act this way.  You are in your FORTIES!!!  Get over yourself and whatever grudge you’re holding on to already!  It’s been almost a solid year…

Don’t you DARE ruin this happy time for your only brother.  If you don’t want to come to the wedding, just say you aren’t coming and call it a day.

-Your Future Sister-In-Law

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Dear Hairdresser Who DIDN’T LISTEN:

When I called to make my consult appointment, I discussed that I had very long hair and did not want the length altered. 

When I sat in the chair for my consult, you told me you would take the layering on top a bit shorter, but assured me that I would only be losing about 1/4 inch in the length of my hair. 

When you dried my hair and I saw the CHOPPED, HORRID, CHUNKY LAYERS into the whole of it… I wanted to choke you.  Thanks for taking 4 inches off of my slow growing hair!  I will never recommend you to anyone, EVER!


Vanilla Frosting

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Dear bridesmaids:

Y’all need to get your act together and show me some love.  Slackers.

S – you’re the laziest Bridesmaid or Best Man I’ve ever seen.  You know your wedding next year?  I’m not going to be in the wedding party after all.  Four weeks to send me a crappy phone pic for our website?  Whacko.

J – when someone asks you to be their Bridesmaid or Best Man, your response should NOT be “Well, you’re going to be my Maid/Matron of Honor.”  And when the bride says wedding party sits at the head table and dates sit at other tables because there are so many of us, your response should NOT be that the bride and groom should sit alone at a sweetheart table.  Selfish jerk.  And although you don’t drink, we’re all getting SLOSHED at the Bachelorette party and you get to drive us around town.



Dear Future Mother-In-Law,

I’m having fun slowly stealing your son from you.



Dear Future Sister-In-Law,

When I emailed you that random question about a dress…it was a test to see if you would ever respond.  You failed.  So no, you can’t be a Bridesmaid or Best Man just because you want to sit at the head table.

You’re too dramatic.  Oh, and your brother hates you.


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Dear Grandmom,

Don’t call me shelfish to my mom behind my back. She’s going to tell me every time, because I am actually close with her.  Stop pretending we have such a good relationship and then be a prissy bitch to my Fiance.  When he says “hello” to you, it really wont kill you to answer him, I promise, you won’t melt. You don’t have to wait until we are actually married to start being civil towards him, like you did with E and S.

Don’t tell my cousin that he shouldnt have ‘taken’ me and Fiance on a trip with him and his wife, brother and mom – because we paid our own way for the whole thing! Get your facts right before you start scolding me for that.

And stop telling everyone that “When I’m gone, rachaelrobin said that what everyone in the family will fight over the most is my map! It has all the places I ever traveled to in the world.  She said that will be the most coveted thing!” 

I never said that, my ass kissing eldest cousin did (also probably the one who started the rumor that his brother took us on a trip for free).  I stopped caring about the places you traveled to when you missed my college graduation to take a cruise – so that you could brag later that “I was on a ship while it was repositioning!” 

And you want to know the real reason why I dont call or visit often? Because not only were you a bitch to my mom when they first got married, but youre still an ungrateful bitch now, when she’s the only one taking you to your doctors appointments.  Again, you can say thank you, even if you think someone is ‘beneath’ you.

And, you have NEVER EVER NOT ONCE asked how our wedding plans are.  Emotional care and affection trump china gift sets every day.


and despite this i still love you….and will feel really bad about writing this all day.

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