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To Whom It May Concern,

Just because you two waited years before getting engaged doesn’t mean it’s wrong for us to get engaged after six months. Just because you decided to save “I Love You” for the wedding night doesn’t mean our love is less real when we declare it to the world. Just because you don’t want me getting married the same summer as you doesn’t mean we’re “rushing things.” Get over yourself… others being happy shouldn’t take away from your own happiness – seems to me you’ve got a problem of your own!


Destination Wedding

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To Whom It May Concern,

While I understand that you truly are an expert when it comes to planning weddings (consdering that you have had four of your own in your short 35 years on Earth) I am quite fond of my ideas and decisions and do not need your approval or opinion for every little thing. I know how much you would like for the wedding to be about you but for once in your life, it will be someone elses turn to shine.  So sorry about that! 

PS–your going out and partying ways are really starting to show. You better stick with the one your with cause you probably won’t find hubby number 5.


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Dear Mom~

I really wish you would have been as excited about a “wedding” 6 years ago as you are about our vow renewal. I’m sorry that we missed out on the special mother/daughter moments and I really wish you were paying for this. LOL I have expensive taste, you were right. 🙂 Oh well, I’m very excited to be renewing my vows to my wonderful husband in front of our friends and family. But, no…you can’t wear white. I’m not even sure I’m wearing it!


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Sugar bee

To Whom It May Concern:

Just because I’m married and over 30 doesn’t mean I’m crazy with Baby Fever.  We’ve only been married 4 months!  You don’t have to ask me every time you see me when we’re going to try to have a baby or when you’ll “finally” be a grandparent/great-grandparent/great aunt, etc.  Believe it or not, the only people who actually get to have an opinion about if we’re ready to have a baby are my husband and me. And we’re not…so, butt out!



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To Whom It May Concern,

your boyfriend proposed and set the same date as we did because he still wants to piss me off. Your ring is recycled.


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Dear Boyfriend,

Hurry up and propose already! We already know were going to be together forever, why not start not?




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To Whom It May Concern: 

I know you’re paying for this wedding, and I appreciate that – I truly, truly do. But if you aren’t going to be at all interested in helping plan it, do you really think it’s okay for you to criticize my choices? No, I do not want to get married where your friend’s kid did. No I do not want to have the exact same wedding as every other one we’ve ever been to. I have ideas – I am creative. Please let me know you that.



P.S. I research. Alot. So please trust me when I tell you I have found the best deal on something. I promise, it really is the best deal.

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Dear Wonderful Man of My Dreams:


Love you smoochies!!

B ~~~~~~~

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Dear Mom –

No, it was not okay for you to reply, “Why?  Are you pregnant?” after I told you that I was engaged.


Your only daughter


Dear Bridesmaids –

Even thought my wedding is nearly 3 years from now, it is okay for me to begin planning this extravaganza any darn time I want!  AND I’m going to talk about it whenever I want too!  You jerks.




lol, the second one made me laugh.. first one, not so much. 

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To whom it may concern:

Your ridiculously controlling & incredibly mean wife is known as “Hoover” (because she sucks a lot of…) to her entire office. She really isn’t the lady you like to think she is & you deserve A LOT better.

Love always,



(oh my… thats been weighing heavily on me.)

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(I am loving this thread!)

To Whom It May Concern,

I try to be the considerate one for you my whole life. I wanted to finally give you a wedding you could be proud of. Your oldest, she had two courthouse weddings, one which no one was even told about until after. Your middle, you had a falling out with him and none of us got an invite. Now me, your youngest is getting married and you act as if you couldn’t care less. The two times I ask you to go dress shopping with me, you sit there texting or you go outside for 10 minutes. I want to include you, yet you tell me things like “You’d look better if you had make up on.” Or you guilt trip me about having my sister in my bridal party….the sister that I have never gotten along with, ever. I’m sorry that you’ve had three failed marriages. I’m sorry the last one was 15 years of hell. I’m sorry that you’re in the middle of divorcing him. I really am. But I’m your daughter. You’re last, you’re youngest. This is it. I was with you, and experienced the 15 years of hell more then the other two did…shouldn’t you be happy that I found someone who doesn’t treat me like that? Or are you too busy going through your mid life crisis and acting like your 20??


Your youngest

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@ amanda.lynn I would say the EXACT same thing to my mother. She is getting better though.

Dear Future Mother-In-Law,

You know, if you stop going to bars every evening and living extravagantly outside your means, you would be able to pull together some money for your son’s wedding. Stop trying to make him feel guilty about his wedding. Stop fussing about how your husband needs to wear a tux when he much rather wear a suit. He doesn’t own a suit. So that would be more expensive in the long run. Stop fussing at him about how much this wedding is going to cost you when my parents is paying for everything. Stop saying how its a bad time for a wedding because you are broke when we gave you 10 months advance notice of the date and you know anytime would be a bad time because you are always broke anyway. Stop saying you are left out of the loop like it is my fault because it isn’t my fault you live across the United States.

Love, Your FDIL

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Dear Guest-List,

Your collective atrocious behavior and unwillingness to at least let *us* be happy with our wedding has indeed led us to elope. Please find your way to the exit out of our lives.


The Happy Couple

P.S. It was the best decision we’ve ever made not to tell you we’re eloping.

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