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Dear World

I am tired. Seriously. I am sick of living in chronic pain and sick of not knowing what is going on with my heart. Thanks a ton for the therapist because she helps me SO much but really, what the hell do I have to do to catch a break? I don’t feel like feeling that every time I take two steps forward, I have to fall off a fucking cliff and climb back up to where I was again just to move forward a little more and then fall all over again. Love you and everything but it’s getting old. Seriously.


Dear God

I don’t believe in you anymore which makes the message moot. Either way, it felt good saying it out loud.


Dear BFF

Yes I realize that you just met someone and just over two weeks later you are “in love” with him. I am happy for you but slow down! You haven’t had the best luck in relationships and I am worried about you. Also, can we stop talking about the new man and talk about my wedding a little? Thanks.


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Dear ass-hole patient in the ER,

You are not god. You do not control me. You may think you’re being so big by coming into my ER and telling me where I can and can’t start an IV, purposefully make me nervous which causes me to miss the IV, and then proceed to demand another nurse because you say I’m an idot… but you all you do is make yourself look like a giant asshole!! I mean seriosuly! Just because I’m a nurse doesn’t mean i come to work to wait on you hand an foot, and be treated like less then garbage. I bet you treat waitresses better then that. You may have your “mommy” (and by the way, what self respecting adult still says mommy) with you in the ER but she’s not there because she loves you. She’s there because she’s afraid of you. If I saw you on the street and you were on fire, I wouldn’t waste the spit to put you out. The next time you’re a patient anywhere remember that we’re all human and no ones perfect. Have you ever tried to start an IV?? Do you even know how many years it takes to start them on someone with veins like yours??? Get a life and a new ER.

Your “idiot” nurse

Dear high-on-everything-mother,

You got high…again, and then crashed your car with your 5 year old son inside. He has seatbelt burns across his body and you laid in the ER for 6 and a half hours passed out. WHO DOES THAT?!! You are garbage. You don’t deserve to have your son. I’m glad CPS was called. Do you know I had to cut his fingernails because they were so long and dirty that it was unsanitary? Do you know what a sweet, smart, and loving child he is?? And I don’t even like kids and I’m saying this!! You disgust me. When you woke up and all you were worried about was your phone and if the cops knew you were on drugs I wanted to slap your face off. Thank god i was only your nurse and not related to you in anyway. It’s people like you that make this world a shitty ass place to live in. If CPS is smart they’ll give your kid to someone who will love him, feed him, clothe him, and keep him safe because it sure as hell isn’t YOU! If you decide to drive your car again, can you please make sure you’re not high? I don’t want to die because you needed another cocaine fix.

the nurse who saved you

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Dear In laws (yes, all of you – even crazy Aunt Kathy)

I love you. I’m kinda jealous about how devoted and supportive you are to each other, and wish my family was less superficial and more open and inviting like you are. I felt like a member of the family the first time we met, and I can’t wait to make it official.

Dear Mom:

I kinda wish you showed more enthusiasm beyond whisking down here, throwing around some money, and then criticizing everything we had done thus far b/c we didn’t know about your gift. I am truly grateful, but just because your very expensive wedding was one way, does not mean it’s the protocol for all weddings. Ever since you married into money, you act completely different. Our wedding: simple. Please understand that we are still on a budget, kk thx.

Dear sibling:

You are 30 and older than me, and yet you still can’t maintain a dwelling or job. You have no interest in doing anything unless it benefits you directly, which is why you are not in the wedding. God forbid I have to ask you to do something the day of, I know I’d get a huff and an eyeroll – so I’m not dealing with it. My friends are prepared to throw your drunk ass out anyway. The only reason we took you shopping was so I could guarantee that you wouldn’t show up in something slutty like the open back dress that went down to your asscrack, which you originally wanted to wear. Oh, and your 32 tattoos are cliched an ugly, and I didn’t want to spend the time photoshopping them out of my pictures. I don’t mind tattoos (since I have a few of my own) but yours are completely cliched and tacky. I’ve always wanted to say this to you: get your shit together and quit being so selfish!

Dear Grad School Peer:

I get it – I know you’re supposed to show that you are completely dedicated and will foresake family to get this degree – it’s just like teaching: whoever has the worst social life wins. However, I’ve warned you that I’m getting married this semester – stop asking me to lead research projects and group projects (especially one that is due 11 days before the wedding) just b/c you want to lead the project that will get us published just so you can have your name on it first. It’s GROUP WORK – we do it as a team, not when it’s convenient for you. My wedding is priority for me; I get to do it ONCE.  I’ve warned you, so don’t get pissed when I’m distracted at the end of the semester. And quit with the passive/aggressive “hey buddy, what’s the progress on this project that I’ve just appointed you as leader for without having discussed it with you yet? Why are you not meeting MY HYPOTHETICAL DEADLINES?! YOU KNOW I WANT EVERYTHING TURNED IN 3 MONTHS BEFORE IT’S DUE! YOU ARE THE WORST PROJECT MANAGER EVER!!” I’m not kidding – this conversation just happened 10 minutes ago. rawr!

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Dear Biotch,

You are the biggest, laziest, most manipulative biotch to ever walk the face of the earth!  I am so freaking glad that I no longer have to work with you.  I hope you have the worst days ever and get bombarded with every single bit of work that they can throw at you.  You deserve nothing less.  Someday, every single thing you did to me and J will come back and bite you in your big fat ass.  I sincerely hope that one day soon, everyone will see you for exactly what you are (which is the scum of the earth) and I can only hope that I’m able to hear about it.  If you really think that you “got me”, think again.  I am jumping for freaking joy that I no longer have to go to work in that hell hole and see your ugly effin face ever again.  I’m happy that I get to find a new job, because let’s face it, no one, and I repeat, NO ONE can ever be as much of a biotch to me as what you have been.  Enjoy your life you miserable hag.



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Dear _____,

Please stop being passive aggressive.  If you have a problem, out with it.  I can’t fix whatever it is I’m doing wrong if you don’t tell me.

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Dear Sister,

Please stop acting like my mother when you are two years older than me.  News Flash: you are not so much older and wiser than me because you got to go through every life milestone at exactly the right time and have gotten everything you’ve ever wanted.  Just because you have decided to aspire to do everything perfectly and traditionally in every way does not make you better than me. 

I have a kickass job, a kickass boyfriend, a great apartment, a fantastic social life, and the fact that I don’t act like I’m 50 when I’m 33, as you do, does not make me irresponsible.  I pretty much don’t even want you to make you my Maid/Matron of Honor because I’m sure you will judge every decision about the wedding and talk about how you did dress/invites/venue/etc cheaper than me.  That will be so fun.

Thanks, Your Little Sister Who’d Like to Look Up to You If You Didn’t Demand It So Much

Dear Mother,

I know you already got that first experience of planning a big fun wedding for a daughter, so you’re probably over it by now, and I’m sorry that I’m not getting married until you and Dad are already retired and in love with fixing up your retirement home, but I do hope that helping to plan my wedding will bring you to town a little more often.  Thanks!

Love, your daughter

Dear Future Mother-In-Law,

You’re awesome!  I wish you didn’t live on the other side of the country and could be involved in every aspect of this!  I’m sorry that my Future Sister-In-Law is such a shrew and acts like she has a stomachache very time she and FI’s brother come over for dinner, so that she can claim that they need to leave right after everything is over.  You had two boys and always wanted a daughter and I’m sorry your first DIL tries to restrict the amount of time your son even gets to see his own family.  I wish we lived closer!

Love, your FDIL

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Dear Baby,

I am soooo excited to bring you into this world in a few months. I’ve always wanted to be a mommy, but I have to admit I HATE being pregnant with you. I would really like my body back to myself, less back pain, less being hungry ALL of the time, less puking, less total strangers walking up and touching my belly and telling me I look like I’m ready to pop {still 4 months to go}, less forgetting the most random things, less my boobs feeling like I look like ‘Dog the bounty hunters’ wife and not being able to find a comfortable bra. Although it was a huge surprise we got pregnant on our honeymoon we are excited for you to get here and for you to be part of the family.


Your Mommy

Dearest Husband,

I know you mean well but yelling at me because I forgot to take the sticker off the lime I put in my water isn’t going to cause our baby to have birth defects because of the little amount of glue on the sticker from the 8 sips I had before you noticed it. I thoroughly washed the organic lime, I just didn’t peel the sticker off. Same goes for waking me up in the middle of the night because you noticed I rolled over onto my back or micro managing EVERYTHING I eat. I’m sorry you have to listen to me whine and complain about my aches and pains or I keep forgetting little things. You are not the one who has to give up their body for this adventure or be sick every day for the last 5 months.. I think you are going to be an awesome hands on dad and I’m so excited you are so into this, but please back off a little.


Your Wife

Dear Mother,

I’m still not totally over the fact you pretty much ruined my wedding day with your selfish behavior. I know we agreed to put it in the past but I’m still having a hard time not resenting you for it. It will take me a very long time to get there so stop pushing it and give me my space. 

I will still always love you,

Your oldest.

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Dear Family,

I am so sad that my Fiance is stuck with you bunch of dysfunctional lunatics while I get blessed with inlaws that are exactly what I dreamed of as a child.  Please, can’t you all grow up and learn to communicate some way other than screaming obcsenities at each other? That’s not healthy or normal.  Also if you want your grandson/nephew/great grandson to come over for a visit or to stay the night like he does with his other sets of grandparents, I suggest you stop smoking in the house like we have asked you repeatedly to do in order for him to come over.  Sister, I’m so incredibly glad you have finally been diagnosed as bipolar, perhaps now you will actually get meds and help that will work so you can grow up and do something with your life. Mom, I don’t understand how it’s plausible for sister to be bipolar but not at all for you o be. You are just as bad if not worse than her at times. Please get help!  And Gramma, We do Not believe in God, please stop trying to get us to come to your stuffy church.  I also am not at all interested in praying for something to happen, I have come to the conclusion all on my own that if I want something to happen, I need to make it happen myself. I am not going to sit around and wait for some all-powerful, invisible, big dude to make shist happen for me. Look where it’s gotten you. I plan on doing something with my life and damn it I’d appriciate it if ya’ll would just shut your faces and let me do it.

Lots of Love,


Whew, that was much needed.  Also, I have nothing against Christians, these are just my own beliefs due to the way I was raised and the way I have interpreted things myself over the years.  No offense is intended.

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Dear Grandma,

Miss you and grandpa terribly.  I have so much to tell you, and if you were here now in person to do that with, it would be more than I could ever possibly deserve as a person.

You’ve been gone a year as of 2/10/10, and I miss you each day.  My sis and I had a really hard time that day, and we both shed more tears on the anniversary of you leaving us.  I wish more than anything I had been able to get there in time and hold your hand as you crossed into eternity, and I beat myself up over that alot, but am so thankful your nurses allowed me to talk to you on the phone, and pray with you during those moments when you left us.  That was one of the greatest blessings of my life.

I want you to know we’re doing great.  Your great grandson misses you so much, and we have grandpa’s baseball photo on his dresser, up next to the photo of him and John Smoltz.

I just wish I could tell you, hug you, again how much I love you and go over all those little moments in life we shared together, some memories again.  I just wish I could again tell you how blessed I was to have had you as my grandmother.  I also want to let you know that I’m going to be the kind of mom and one day grandmother like you are/were.  I have had the greatest role model ever, and that is you. 

Miss you more than words could say.  You were more than grandma to us, you were also mom. 

*thx everybody for letting me get this out.  I’ve been holding this in since 2/10/11, the one year anniversary of her passing.

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I love this and I have one!


Dear FI’s cousin,


Sory that you’re a miserable bitch. You lost your job due to your own arrogance and it’s no one fault that you’re going on 2 years of being unemployed. Maybe if you got off of FB and actually looked for a job, you’ll find one. Oh and in this economy, ppl are not waiting for their “dream” job, but taking any job, so don’t complained that there are no jobs out there. You’re just too spoiled and think you’re too good for them, but yet have gone on 5 vacations in the last 6 months. So don’t complain how you’re broke and jobless as well. And while you’re at it, please stop snooping around our lives and sabotaging every wedding decision we make. We already had to cancel once cause of you’re gossip that resulted in a huge blowout. So do us and the rest of the world a favor and keep your mouth shut and your bad mojo to yourself.



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Dear Family and Friends, 

I am waiting to find out when/if my SO will propose just like you. Great-grandma, I love you, and I want you to be at my wedding, but the guilt trip isn’t putting a ring on my finger any faster. Friends of the SO who have been teasingly calling me “le fiancee” for months now already– you are not helping the situation, and it hurts a little that even you think “girlfriend” isnt a good enough label for us. Mom, I will have plenty of time to give you grandkids even if we dont get married for the next 5 years. Chillax. 

We have not ‘set a date” and I dont know when I will know, but, no, that does not make things any less “serious” between us. 

Get off my back! 


I’m Waiting TOO

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This is AWESOME!!!

Dear Father with 9 brothers and sisters,

Yes our wedding will be 160 people and 100 of it is YOUR family… could you maybe contribute to my wedding like you did my sisters?


Dear Fiance,

No your friend from Utah with their 7 kids can not bring the kids to our wedding that is why we are having a “no kid” reception…You are NOT going to Myrtal Beach with the “guys” for a “golf” vacation while i’m trying to save my pennies for this wedding. do you think its going to pay for itself? no we can’t go away for all of these mini vacations we need to save our money, oh yea and can you please get a new job and make more money and move out of mom and dads house to move in with me to cut my monthly bills in half?

Love you


Dear Mom,

Can you pretend to be a lil bit more involved in my wedding planning other than adding more people to my guest list and balking at the cost of a $700 wedding dress? (really its only 700 bucks thats NOTHING compared to the 4500 my friend spent… thanks love you

🙂 this felt great what a great post!!!

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I wish you would stop bragging about your wedding. I do not need to know that you are trying to convert your fiance to a Catholic and that you are attending Mass every Sunday. And all of your overzealous comments on FB are annoying and you are becoming laughable, at best. Why can’t you just take it in stride that you are getting married and it will be a wonderful time instead of throwing pithy comments all  over FB that make you look like an arrogant, egotistical, megalomanic! All of your bragging will leave a bitter taste in others mouths – you will see that at your wedding if you are not careful.

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Dear future in-laws,

I am sorry – but we are not having a wedding. We are running away. We have been to enough weddings/receptions to know how much they cost – and who needs to see all these people again in such short order? We have never wanted a formal wedding –  we are running off – we are running far far away – maybe to the US Virgin Islands – we will take lots of pictures. Maybe we could have an intimate dinner when we return. We don’t expect gifts – just want all to be happy for us. We love you, but we also just saved you a boat-load of $$$ so please remember this when we have your grandchildren.

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