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Dear Future Sister-In-Law

I understand it was your will to have two children who are under the age of 5 but why do you feel it completely necessary to bring them to my wedding.  When I said I was having a “no kids policy” why did you hear “you’re kids are welcome though”.  Your kids being at the wedding is pointless.  How much can a 4 year old and a small person under 1 really understand.

I realise that we have to co-exist on this planet but the day WILL NOT be all about your children.  You have recently advised my FI’s cousin not to bring her child and told her “she will have the whole day to relax and enjoy herself” …..any chance you could apply that logic to yourself?

I would also like to add that YOUR children are not related to me.  Therefore it would be wise of you to stop suggesting that “Mr Potato Head is really big now….of course you haven’t seen him for ages so you wouldn’t know”  I don’t know and I DON’T CARE!!

If you could keep the little monsters quiet for the ceremony at least I would really appreciate this – it’s the least you can do!


Not child friendly – might it ever sink in with you.

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Dear Fiance

Could you please try and remember that you have already had your big, fabulous wedding with everything that you wanted. Despite being married before, I hated every part of my wedding from start to finish because I was a fool and married a controlling, horrible man who insisted on everything being HIS way. I have dreamed of having a candlelight ceremony but agreed to have our wedding outside to make you happy. I have no problem marrying outside but I am very afraid of having bad weather on our wedding day. Saying that we can use a gazeebo is NOT planning for inclement weather. It is still outside and if it is horrible outside, I can have my candlelight ceremony as a back up plan. Why is that such a problem?

Also, I like the idea of a beautiful, formal wedding BUT my internal five year old demands that we have FUN parts to our wedding as well. I am wearing cool shoes or sneakers underneath my dress. Yes, you can suck it up and wear funky socks if I decide that’s what I would like. It’s not a big deal and since I am planning my only wedding ever, I want to do a lot of it my way. Again, YOU HAD YOUR DAY and I am not in anyway being controlling or demanding. I am very flexible and agree to things that I don’t particularly want because I want us BOTH to be happy.


Your Future Wife

Dear Future Mother-In-Law

You don’t know this yet but you are going to insult me on our wedding day when you see what shoes I choose to wear underneath my dress and the things that I want to do as props for my wedding photos. It is in your best interests to STFU and not make your notorious little digs when you see everything. I may well punch you in the face because up until now, I ignore your stupid comments. A year from now and on my wedding day I may not be so kind.

Consider yourself warned,


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Dear ex-roommate,

You dropped out of college. You then proceeded to get a DUI and tell everyone that for that reason, your dad didn’t let you come back to college. Regardless of the reasoning, you no longer attend this college. Please stop tweeting about places here and upcoming events as if you will be in attendance… you won’t be.

<3, your ex-roommate.

*PHEW* glad to get that out.

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Dear job,

I quit.

Happy to be out of here,


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Dear hell bent on making my life hell co-worker,

Stop singling me out and picking on me. It’s childish. Not only does it offend me and make me feel bad but it ruins my whole night when you do that. You embarrass me in front of other people when you do that, and although you may not care how I feel, I think that someone who purposefully does this on a regular basis has something seriously wrong with them. It’s unprofessional…. what gives? What did I ever do to make you hate me so much? I only started bitching about you when you started picking on me. Had you treated me like everyone else I never would have given you a second thought. But now I dread coming to work when you’re here because I have to walk on eggshells around you. Everyone gets along on our shift but you and me and you’re starting to make me look bad. I don’t know if I’ll ever get the guts to tell any of this to your face because honestly you’re mean and scary. You purposefully intimidate me and I hate it. But not as much as I hate you. I Hope you leave our job soon because I can’t stand you anymore. And the next time it’s time to take a lunch break I wish you would just take it rather then being so stubborn and making all of us take ours 1st so that you can get it exactly half way though your shift. Gee, wish I could do that. But I always have to take my lunch in the 1st two hours of my shift and then I go for 6 hours with no break. No one seems to care about this but me and they all let you get away with it. I hate that. I hate that I would never be able to get away with that but for some reason you can.

I hate that you’re invited to my wedding. I can’t stand the thought of thanking you for anything, especially not making me spend $400 to have you and some guy attend a wedding that you don’t even want to be at. But you would say god knows what about me if I disinvited you now so I’m stuck with my shitty decision. I hope I get to move soon because you make my job shit. hope you’re happy with yourself.


~Your disgruntled coworker that you treat like shit.

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Dear Pregnant Facebook Friends and Facebook Friends with Babies,

     I don’t want to read any more status updates about the following:

1. Your uterus.

2. Your gastrointestinal issues due to what’s growing in your uterus.

3. Your baby-jacking other people’s non-baby related statuses. When a friend writes that she just ran 15 miles and is now tired, that is not an invitation to write “Try having a 1 1/2 year old and being 8 months pregnant. Now THAT’S tired.”

4. ANY potty training stories/pictures.

5. Any pictures of your kids that are just. not. necessary. For example: Bathing pictures. Seeing pictures on my facebook wall of your naked baby/toddler makes me feel dirty. Stop it.

6. Sonogram pictures. There’s a baby in there? Looks like an ink blot.

I’m friends with YOU on facebook, not your kid. And, I think its weird that you’re posting pictures and stories of your little babies on there for the WHOLE WORLD to see. Facebook is pretty permanent. Set up a private online journal or photo alblum for it, so that the people that truly care about baby’s every move (i.e. You, Family) can look at it, and you’ll spare everyone else.


Great Thanks

Your Facebook Friend.

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Dear Future Mother-In-Law,

I know we got off to a bad start, with you being uber-religious and looking down on my non-religious ways and all. I also know that we’ve started having a better relationship, but you still refuse to believe that your son truly doesn’t want to get married in a church and that he hasn’t been to a church since he moved out of your house (ahem 8 years ago??). Like I told you last August, the only way I’m getting married in a church is if your SON requests it and truly wants it. And he doesn’t. So we’re still not getting married in a church. End of story.

Also, while I have your attention, please stop taking over my guest list. I think it’s obscene that you’re hellbent on making sure that my FH is “adequately represented” at the wedding. We have plenty of immediate family and mutual friends that love him to pieces, thus representing him at the wedding. There truly is no need for you to invite your 3rd cousins because they saw him grow up but haven’t communicated with him in 12 years. Also, the promise that “most of these people won’t come but it’s the right thing to do to invite them” is getting old. I’m hearing it in every conversation. If they’re not going to come then I DON’T WANT TO INVITE THEM! So no, we’re not inviting FH’s brother’s wife’s parents. I don’t like her or her family. Why would i want them there?



Dear Future Sister-In-Law,

I don’t like you, never have and never will. You’ve been a bitch to me and FH since the day I met you, and I know it’s because you’re threatened by my very presence. You’re a meddling, spoiled little brat who doesn’t truly live in the real world. Just because you’re FH’s brother’s wife doesn’t mean that I’m going to have you in my bridal party. We aren’t “family” and no, I DON’T have an obligation to have you as a Bridesmaid or Best Man. I know you’d try to screw things up for me anyway.

By The Way, what is it that I did to “overshadow” you at your wedding? I was very careful not to speak about my wedding plans before your wedding out of respect for all the work you put into yours. If it was that I wore that awesome dress and looked HOT in it, hotter than you, actually, then um sorry. Not my problem. And Future Father-In-Law danced with me that night because he loves me and my personality, not just to piss you off (although that was an added bonus!).

Love (ha, not really),


P.S. If you think for a second that we’re going to put our plans for a family on hold because you believe that we need to “truly get to know one another” prior to having kids, you’re mistaken. Just because you and your husband didn’t live together before you were married and didn’t “truly” know each other doesn’t mean we’re in the same boat. We’ve been living together for 2+ years now. If we want a family, then we’re having one!

P.P.S. Stop talking about how gross pregnancy is. I happen to think that pregnancy is a beautiful, natural life process, and a miracle at that. I am very excited to be pregnant one day, and I will be beautiful. You, on the other hand… I can understand why you think it’s so gross when you think about yourself!

Dear (other) Future Sister-In-Law,

I love you to death. I’m very excited that we’re going to be sisters in the near future, considering we were good friends in college before we met our respective FH’s (brothers) and that carries through to present day. I’m honored to be in your bridal party, but TBH, I wasn’t expecting your wedding to be BEFORE mine, since you swore up and down when you got engaged nearly a year after me that it was going to be the following summer. Yes, I know you called and asked “if it was okay”, but what am I supposed to say, no? And you’re surprised that our future family is upset about it? I’m over it though, although it is still annoying that my bridal shower keeps getting pushed around. And I’m sure it will be once again.



P.S. You’re turning out to be bridezilla-ish. Knock it off, it;s not a good look for you.

Dear Mom,

Look I love you, and I understand that you’re certifiably nuts. But please stop trying to make me feel bad for having my daddy involved in my day. He has always been there for me, regardless of the fact that you and he divorced nearly 23 years ago. It’s time to get over it. It’s been 23 years, for goodness sake!

Also, it’s not my problem that your second marriage is failing because you treat your current husband like sh*t. Of course he’s not going to live with you if you verbally abuse him every time he’s with you. And yes, I am inviting him to my wedding because after 8 years of not talking to him because of things that YOU said he did that were blatant, horrible lies, we’ve reconnected and he really wants to be there during my special day. I’m sorry that you feel that my wedding day is going to be terribly difficult for you. SUCK IT UP! It’s my wedding day, and damn it, you’re going to put on a happy face and pretend if you have to!


Your daughter

P.S. Stop telling me that I don’t take your ideas for the wedding into consideration. You’re giving me ideas for things that are already taken care of. Take your own advice and just not suggest things anymore then. I don’t know what else to tell you!

Dear Stepmom,

I love you dearly. You’ve been there for me all throughout my childhood and beyond. Please, PLEASE take a chill pill! You’re stressing me out, even though you say all the time that you don’t want me to be stressed. I am eternally grateful that you’re dong the flowers for the wedding, I really am, but you’re thinking waaaaaay too far into it. If the people at our wedding concentrate on the centerpieces as much as you think they will, then as a party hostess, I’m doing something wrong.

LOVE YOU! Take a deep breath!




Phew, I had a ton to say, apparently! How cathartic!


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Dear ex-friend

    2 of your friends are getting married this year, deal with it. Just because you rushed your relationship to got married at the justice of the peace doesnt mean you can dump on others who want a real wedding. Me getting married is not about YOU so give your husband a break and stop yelling at him to give you what your friends are having. Maybe if you don’t compair your life to everyone elses constantly we could have gotten along easier, but frankly I was really releived to end our freindship because the drama was too much. Because of you I have learned to steer away from the self centered needy girls and stick to the cool ones who don’t flip out if we don’t hang out every single week.

And another thing, your family is right you are extreamly overly sensitive! How can you think you aren’t? You take everything anyone says personally even when it has nothing to do with you what so ever.

My life is less stressful without you so thank you and please contuine to leave me alone.

no love, your ex-friend

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@NYshoppingirl: Lol at first I thought it was from the hormone-induced haze that I’m in, but I think it’s just a compilation of keeping my mouth shut too often! Need to change that! lmao

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shimmerofheaven I keep  my mouth shut too often too, that’s why I’ve posted on this thing like 3 or 4 times… it’s totally cathartic! 🙂

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Dear “friend”


Quit being a bitch because your life is miserable. Nothing will change unless you change it. Way to settle yet resent it at the same time. 



another person whom is done with you.


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@kimmylyn: You do realize there is a “hide” button right? lol

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Dear 60% of the Bees that post pictures on WB,

 STOP APOLOGIZING FOR THE SIZE OF YOUR PICTURES. They are not actually “huge”. They are sized to fit the thread.

Thank you. 🙂

P.S. Please don’t stop posting pictures, I need my wed-porn. But please, pretty please, stop apologizing.

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