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Dear Out of Whack Hormones,

Why couldn’t you figure out the estrogen to progesterone ratio yourself instead of producing way too much estrogen and no progesterone and make me crazy for 3 years? 

Annoyed Me

Dear Doctors,

Why couldn’t you have run a simple hormone test years ago to figure this out?  Instead you let me be miserable.  Thanks.


Dear very recent Ex,

I am sorry I have been an out of control b#tch for so long.  I am sorry that we figured out my issue after you said that you couldn’t take the arguing anymore.  I know you need time to “process” but this is killing me not being able to talk to you.  What is going on in your head?  How long does it take to “process”?  I really want to tell you that I am starting to feel level again, but I can’t.  Please hurry and decide what you want.  I still want to be with you.  I hope we can start again.

Trying to be patient Me 

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I so needed this thread right now.  You may get sick of me posting while the ex needs time….

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Dear stress,

F you! Yell

K, bye.

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Dear co-worker aka Debbie Downer,

I understand that you have no friends and basically no family.  I also know exactly why.  Don’t come to me bitching and complaining about everything terrible in your life because I DON’T CARE and I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT.  In fact, no one in our office cares that you are so tired to do anything after work and the your 1 class in graduate is too hard and you have no time to complete the necessary work to actually get a grader higher than a C.  You’re talking to a woman that has been a single mother for 7 years and put herself through undergrad completely and managed to do everything I needed to do every single day while taking 4 classes and parenting a child!  And I still graduated with a 3.9!

So please dear co-worker, shut the F up. 


You’re seriously annoyed office neighbor



Dear FH,

It’s NOT funny that you bought me a box of delicious Fruity Pebbles today.  Don’t you know that we have a wedding in 3 months!  If I take this box home with me today, it will be empty tomorrow.


Obsessed with Fruity Pebbles



Dear bank account,

Why are your balances so low?  Sigh


Thrifty Spender



Dear deadbeat couch surfer,

You suck ass and I seriously wish I could see a dime of the $20k you owe my daughter.  Alas, I never will. 


Bitter Ex and Super Mom



That was wonderful!  Thanks for listening.  πŸ™‚

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Dear Customers:

“IT Help Desk” does not mean we help with anything and everything, nor are we experts in the hundreds of programs we have to “support”, that is why we make tickets. Also don’t call in acting like your problem is my fault and do not expect to always get a quick solution!


One of Your Faceless Tech Support Slaves


Dear Reception Hall:

Please charge us less money.


We are going to have to get less appetizers

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Dear D..thanks for messing up my life and giving me 2 years of added stress for things youve done that now I have to clean up !!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am so sorry I couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye. I gave myself a goal to live with zero regrets and this is the only one I have. Every decision I make is based on my heart because I believe that your heart knows best. This decision, the ONE decision I didn’t listen to my heart, I regret. I used my head to think about what it would be like and I am so sorry. I miss you daily. I wish you could have met our youngest daughter, Grandma. She’s a spunky little redhead, just like me! I pray that she lives up to your name. She’s already got your attitude πŸ™‚

I love you Grandma. I miss you so much, every day. <3

Love, me

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Dear Parents of the children I care for,

   It is a daycare…yes I know how to take care of children.  Yes I know that they need to be changed, however if I change your child’s clothes because his/her diaper leaked during nap, please don’t complain to my boss…would you rather have had them lay in their own pee for the rest of the day? 


Your kid’s teacher


Dear stupid people at work,

  There was headlice in your classroom today…but you told me that you “didn’t have time to mop”.  Really?  I hope your head gets infested.


Your co-worker and also a parent of one of your students


Dear Future Mother-In-Law and Future Father-In-Law,

  Your son is trying his best to work hard and get us out of your house.  Not because you are bad people, we really do love you and enjoy being around you, but we need more than two 10×10 rooms for our family of 3.  Also, please stop implying to your son that he is a bad father – it really makes me mad and I can’t hold my tongue much longer!  He comes home from work and spends all the time he can with his son before we put him to bed.  And on Sundays – yes he may sleep in a little but after that we spend all day with our little boy!  Just because your son and I go out to dinner together once a week, does not mean we aren’t trying to save money – it is the only alone time we get – it is worth the $20 a week…and we go to Chilis or Jack in a Box…not the Ritz.  Please understand that we are trying our very best and would appreciate some support!

Love you!  Really!



Dear fear of flying,

   I’m not leaving for another 12 days…please stop making my stomach be in knots – I promise I will feed you with lots of anxiety meds before you get on the plane!



aahhhh I feel so much better now

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YES! I can finally vent!  It’s about to be brutal πŸ˜€


Dear Future Sister-In-Law


Just because you chose to jack up your life doesn’t mean you have to rain on my parade.  I didn’t tell you to have four kids, or get married to my fiances alcoholic brother, nor did I tell you to get fired from most of your jobs or surround yourself with crazy whores who are on pills.  I hate when you “think” that I’m rich because I’m not.  I hate that you think I’m smart so you can attempt to use my brain prowess to your advantage.  I’m not stupid honey. I know the games you play.  And when I told you about the wedding and you told me that you wanted to renew your vows and have the wedding you dreamed of – hmmmm mighty convenient.  Stop being envious and build your OWN life up not try to copy mine.  Choke on a hotdog. Thank you and goodnight


Dear Future Mother-In-Law,

Although you are helpful you are very naive and it irritates the hell outta me.  Everyone doesn’t like to be country-fried and your sense of style in making my bouquets sucks.  I am nice so I give ppl chances.  Please don’t EF it up. Toodles!


Dear Maid/Matron of Honor:

I love you like a sister but I absolutely loathe your best friend.  She is a bad influence and if she hadn’t came around your face would be clear since it has darkened from smoking so much weed, and you would not be dressed like a skag….Despite your flaws I still love you – I just hope that one day you can come to the realization that your friend is lame.  Ciao!

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Haha. These are hiliarious and super inspiring. As if I haven’t gotten enough of ranting, I think I’ll do some more! πŸ˜€


Dear Future Family-in-Law,

I love you. Well, most of you, but there is more than one couple in your family that is engaged. Please pull your heads out of your butts and realize that. Also, if you have something to say to me, or anyone else, please to so face-to-face, don’t hide the fact, or tell everyone else but that person.




Dear Hospitals, 

I’m sorry you feel that everyone needs 81698198196 years of experience before you can hire them. I’m a hardworking, compassionate person, and the best you would ever have. (not to toot my own horn. Ha.) So hire me. Please.

Thanks for nothing,



Dear Future SIL,

Stop being a bitch. You were the own that wanted to go shopping together, stop blowing me off. Also, I don’t like you. To be completely honest I’ve never hated someone as much as I hate you. Sorry, you know, not really. The entire family talks about you behind your back, no one likes you and no one wants you marrying him. So if you would kindly jump off a cliff and die, that would be awesome.

I hate you. 



Dear Fiance, 

Stop being a baby. If I didn’t love you I wouldn’t be marrying you. Grow a pair and tell people (including me), NO if that’s how you really feel. I hate that you act like you’re so much better than everyone else, even though you can’t tell your best friend how you feel. Or how everyone in the family hates your brother’s Fiance. Stop complaining about it then.

I love you,


Last one. I hope.

Hey TCFbank,

STOP SUCKING AT LIFE, AND SUCKING AWAY ALL MY MONEY!!! :[ I NEED THAT!! You don’t understaaaaaand. If I could have that money back, it would be awesome.

Thanks a bunch.


Hehe. That was so much fun. I might do more later. πŸ˜€

Thanks guys.

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Dear God,

I know I ask you every single day, but can you please help me pass the test that I have been studying for for the past year?  I am so tired of studying so hard, and there is so much material to cover.  Please guide me in the right direction so that I focus my energy on the topics that will be on the test.

Love, Kelly

Dear Sunfire,

We have been together for 12 years.  I remember the first day I got you, and I piled four of my best friends into you and we drove around all night.  You are getting older, and I tear-up at the thought of trading you in for a new car.  I have so many great memories with you.  Just think of all the ex-boyfriends that sat shot-gun in you!  You have been there through them all.  And remember that spur-of-the-moment 8 hour ride to Boston?  I can’t believe we made it there!!  And that accident we got into back in 2000…  you came out of it like a champ!  But lately I just don’t feel safe with you anymore.  Your A/C doesn’t work.  You don’t play CD’s anymore,  You make moaning noises when I parallel park, and your horn sounds like a dying cow.  Every time I hit a bump in the road, I feel like I’m going off of a cliff.  It was so embarrassing when you left me stranded in the middle of an intersection on halloween when I was dressed like a star wars character…  I just don’t know how much longer we can be together.  I hope to make the most of the rest of our days together.

Love, your partner in crime

Dear co-worker,

Please stop whistleing “hey now, you’re an all star, get your game on, go plaaaaay.”  I have been putting up with the same tune for a year now.  Can you please learn another song?

Gracias, office-mate

Dear Dad,

I think it’s hilarious that you are on facebook and that you “LIKE” every single one of my status updates.  You never leave me hangin’.

Love, Kiwi

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To my immature roommate,

Why do you feel the need to rub it in my face that you wash your dishes by hand?! I don’t care! What point are you trying to make? Just because my Fiance and I make real food and use actual dishes, unlike you who microwaves everything. It’s okay!! Our apartment has a dishwasher for a reason!


your annoyed roommate

PS- I hate that you leave your drying dishes covering the counters all day! 

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@olybride: oh how I (don’t) miss having a roommate…

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