(Closed) Sometimes I dont want to call myself a Christian and wish there was another name

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I think people meddle in other people’s business WAY too often.  As a Christian, I believe, at the end of it all, we will be answering to ONE person – God.  End of story.  So, try to not get too caught up with everyone telling you what to do.  I can only imagine how mind-numbing it is!!!!  HUGS

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As an atheist, what you just said described yourself as is what I imagine a “true” Christian to be! Keep on doing what you’re doing. You’re definitely not doing it wrong, in my opinion!

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I hear you!  I’m stuggling with the same things in my life.  I wish I had insight or advice, but I don’t.  Just keep doing what you’re doing, hon.  <3

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I agree completely with everything you just said, deadlynightshade! Amen!

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Let me just tell you–I am an atheist, and everything you said makes it obvious that you’re the kind of Christian I respect with all my heart. I personally do not believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God, but I absolutely believe that his teachings represent some of the best of human morality, and the concepts of kindness, tolerance, love and forgiveness are universal to all good people. And it seems that that is truly what your faith means to you.

I particularly respect what you said here: “I seriously doubt that a good chunk of it was ever meant to be taken literally. Not to mention that half of it seems to have been lost in translation.” The inability to, or refusal to, apply critical thinking to an incomplete, 2,000-year-old document written in an ancient foreign language is one of my biggest frustrations with many mainstream Christians at the moment. One time a few months ago I saw somebody trotting out that tired old line from Leviticus about homosexuality so I actually sat down and read the whole chapter, and learned that Leviticus also encourages us to take slaves from neighboring nations and to enrich our future families by doing so, because apparently we will own all of the children that our slaves give birth to, in perpetuity. And my head almost exploded at the thought that there are hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, who will cite 18:22 as God’s word while conveniently ignoring the fact that God also apparently feels that institutionalized slavery is the way to go.

So, all this to say… while I can imagine how frustrated you must feel sometimes, I want to tell you I am ABSOLUTELY SURE that you are doing it right. People like you are the ones I believe Jesus would be proud of, NOT the ones who treat other human beings with such appalling disrespect and cruelty because of the flavor of adult they prefer to sleep with.

And last comment–do you know about the Jefferson Bible? If not, you might find it interesting. Thomas Jefferson believed in the concept of a God, but not that Jesus was his son; however, like you, he believed deeply in Jesus’s teachings. He compiled a version of the Bible that excluded the Old Testament and most of the New Testament miracle/supernatural stuff, and just focused on the moral lessons of Jesus. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jefferson_Bible

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I agree and I think that a lot of us are on the same page. It’s just like with any sort of organization where the few on opposite sides make the most noise and the most news. Not saying it’s bad on either side, just that the most attention (especially media) isn’t paid to the middle-of-the-road people.

My Mom raised us in the Christian faith, but we generally do not go to Church every Sunday. That doesn’t make our beliefs waiver. I also believe in the idea of being a Christian ALL WEEK, not just when you’re at church, like I see some people do. It’s frustrating, I agree.

Sometimes, in my head, I end up saying I am SPIRITUAL and religious, those seem to be the best labels I can consider myself. I prefer to do my praying when I think I need to, I prefer to be kind on a random Thursday, I prefer to keep my thoughts regarding most religion to myself and let others make their own decisions, and I believe in equality, not condemnation.

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@DeadlyNightshade:  Amen, dear! I love this. Sorry that you’re feeling this way due to other people’s statements/actions/etc, but you do you, and be happy, and let that be that. I’m very over the ‘labels and standards’ myself. I believe very much like 

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@AmeliaBedelia:, and that’s mine, no one else’s to judge/comment on.

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This is exactly how DH feels!  I read this to him and he completely understands what you’re saying.  He had to defend being “unequally yoked” and “living in sin” to lots of people.  I had to defend to my atheist friends being with someone who believes.

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@starbuck:  Now, DH wants a copy of the Jefferson Bible (he actually collects religious texts, and we have a copy of the Book of Mormon, Pearls of Wisdom, Koran, Torah, and many different translations of the Bible – this is really helpful when a passage is quoted on TV or in a book and I’m unfamiliar with it…we’ve actually looked at each separate translations and are sometimes astounded at the differences).  Thanks for the info!

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I know exactly how you feel.  I feel exactly the same in my faith most of the time.  I too have a lot of gay friends and SO is an Atheist.

Your faith is yours alone.  And you’re right: it’s no one elses business.

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I know this is way overdue, but I am SO glad you posted this and I read it. It’s exactly the same thing I have to deal with every day. Best friend is gay, boyfriend is somewhere between agnostic/atheist, and I consider myself to be Christian. 

However, my mother and father can’t stand the thought of ‘gay rights’, and we’ve gotten into countless heated discussions about the subject. I’m done trying to let them see my side of it; they take the Bible literally (being pentecostal holiness…), my SO loves me and totally sees my side of it, but my atheist friend says I’m wrong as well. 

But seriously, you’re the kind of person I would LOVE to be able to hang around with. It’s exactly how I feel. So many people try to fit God into their ‘box’ instead of focusing on His whole purpose for us…to love EVERYONE and not judge them, no matter what.

Your rant was totally deserved! I’m glad you said something, because I think there are many Christians like you and I who believe this way…we’re just too scared to admit it out of fear of getting our heads bitten off! It’s ridiculous, the standards other “Christians” hold the more tolerant, open-minded ones to. 

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I just read part of this out loud to Fiance and he said: wow, is she YOU? 

I’m a Christian, who thinks that God loves everybody. Fiance is an Athiest.

Love my faith, hate the jerks who have highjacked it. Frustrated wtih people who think that because I’m a Christian I must be every bit as smallminded as the loudest, meanest Christians. Fiance and I have a saying we like: Heads up if you notice that you think God hates all the same people you do.

God loves everybody! We have to just keep embodying that and hope that we make a difference that way.

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I’m so glad that someone brought this back up to the recent posts since I’m fairly new on here.


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I am in the same position right now. I’m pretty sure my mother is trying to ‘pray’ my fiancé out of my life…probably even harder now that we bought a house together. Why do people have to be so judgmental?

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Amen, sister!


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