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I experienced the owner side of this. When I was a sophomore in high school our chihuahua was outside in the backyard and apparently the side gate was left open so he got out. This lady was going about 50 MPH in a residential area mind you and hit him right in front of our house. My sister and I witnessed it because we had already gone outside to let him in and realized the gate was open. We ran into the street screaming and crying and she rolled her window and said, “I don’t have time for this. I’m going to be late to work,” and drove around us. My mom and our next door neighbor heard us screaming and ran outside. Coincidentally our neighbor used to be a vet so she immediately took action and got a flat board to try to support him and wrapped him up because we were too hysterical to focus and rode with us to the emergency vet. He didn’t make it. His neck was broken and he was bleeding out of his mouth and eyes. I just teared up typing this. It made me hate her too. To this day idk how some people are so unbelievably cruel and heartless.

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Bumble bee

kawood0618 :  in your story there were three angels and one devil. Just to put things into perspective. It breaks my heart someone hit that precious angel. People can be SO cruel to animals so it’s easy to say that humans suck. However, there are so many animal loving humans who do nice things for animals. Wish there were more of us but we do what we can to save lives. 

I know it’s not right but I hope and pray that karma is real. 

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Geez, “enraged”, “hate”, “devil”, “cruel”, and wishes of “bad karma”. All this toward a person none of you know anything about.

I get being upset about the situation, but imagining — because imagining is exactly what you’re doing — the person who did this is some awful, uncaring, cruel human being is absurd and bizarre. Jumping to the conclusion that this was done out of malice or neglect instead of it being a genuine early-morning accident is even stranger. Sometimes people hit things. It happens. Yes, sometimes people do it on purpose, but more often than not it’s just a simple accident.

Your husband did a great job, as did you and everyone else involved in attempting to get the dog fixed up, but to jump to conclusions about this person is distasteful — and that goes for everyone in this thread who has done the same thing.

Look how many of you have tooted your own horns about being such wonderful lovers of animals… You don’t know who did this or how they feel about animals. 

All anyone can do is make assumptions about this person, because no one knows what happened, but it’s plain to see how rude all of you are.

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Rhopalocera :  I’m sorry, but no one hits that large of an animal and doesn’t realize that it’s a dog. Yes, it could have been an accident. I don’t think anyone here is saying they did it on purpose but they knew they hit her and they didn’t care or they would have sought care for her instead of leaving her to die in the middle of the street. That absolutely DOES make them cruel and absolutely DOES enrage people who are decent human beings. I don’t have to personally know someone to know something they did was wrong. 

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This is so upsetting bee. I don’t  understand how anyone could do this to an animal, especially a big dog where it’s obvious she hit something.

id go with what bewitched :  pointed out about there being so many good people in this story for solace, but I’m so sorry for poor Eve, her owner, and everyone involved. Your husband is amazing. 

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I am so sorry. Good for you, your husband and your friend. RIP sweet Eva. 🙁

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Rhopalocera :  when you hit things you stop and check on what it was. You don’t drive off. 

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Honey bee

What a horror show, I’m so sorry. I love animals and can totally empathize with you about hating people. Some people don’t deserve to draw breath. I can only hope they get their just reward at the end.

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Rhopalocera :  what if it had been a person and not a dog? As a responsible driver it is your duty to be aware of your actions behind the wheel. If you hit something you should at least check to see what it was. And if in fact it was accidental and the driver checked she would have seen the dog. I understood your sentiment and can agree that we all are quick to judge certain things without more background but it is a duty as a responsible driver to at least check.

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I just wanted to comment on your husband’s kindness for the comment you made not just about poor Eva, but about him keeping gloves in his car to move deceased cats. Not many would stop for an injured dog, and absolutely no one would stop to move a cat who passed. When I was younger, I was bullied on the bus and every ride home was terrible for me. One day the driver stopped to let me out in front of my driveway and when I got off the bus full of bullies, I saw my cat had gotten free and was hit by a car and was mangled and splattered all over the road. It was a very hard childhood memory to go from hurt to worse hurt, and so your husband’s kindness toward moving little bodies so they could possibly be identified, or at least not continued to be shred apart, touched me. I’m glad he was there to give Eva a bit of kindness after such cruelty, I’m sure it helped ease her on her journey and helps just a bit with the pain her owner must feel.

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I hate people who abuse or mistreat or abandon animals, and fantasize about going Dexter on them.

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You are  both so kind. I always say how you treat animals says a lot about your character. 

I’m forever saving birds. I’ve literally found birds that cannot fly, carried them through our CBD in my hands and taken them to the bird rescue. I’ve saved at least 50 birds in my life. In Hawaii on our honeymoon, I found a bird who looked to have issues with flying. I was so upset as I literally had no idea where to take it. Thankfully seconds later the bird flew off.

Today I found a bee outside our house that looked sick. I gave it some melted sugar on a tsp and it flew off. 

Currently we have a rat in our garden. Disgusting I know. My idea is to get a trap, trap it in there and drop the rat off down the road as I can’t deal to kill an animal. Husband said that’s not happening, so he will get a humane trap and kill it quickly.

Last summer I found a dog walking along a state highway. I pulled over, grabbed the dog by the collar and called his owner who was on holiday. He gave me the address of where the dog was being cared for. I took the dog back and said take better care of this dog. I just saved him from being hit by a car!!

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We just had a similar thing happen in our neighborhood.  We have a set of stop signs that people refuse to stop at because they are inconveniencing and unfortunately a dog got out from one of the homes near the stop sign and someone hit her without stopping.  It’s so gut wrenching that one of our neighbors couldn’t stop to at least alert someone that they had hit their dog, they just chose to leave her there suffering until her family found her.  Ultimately she didn’t make it and surely no one will ever have to face their mistake.  

I am so thankful for your husband giving Eva some peace in such a scary time.  I hope knowing that someone cared so much helps Eva’s family find peace in all of this.  

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Rhopalocera :  Let’s not make excuses for irresponsible behavior. Just because something is an accident doesn’t give you a free pass to just drive away.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that if you hit something and don’t stop or stop and still drive away then you’re probably a shitty person and that behavior probably carries over to other areas of your life.  

Eta: and here’s an example of what a good person does when they hit something by accident versus a shitty person.   (In case you really can’t tell the difference) When I was a kid my mom was driving me to school,  and herself to work and a dog ran out into the road and she hit it.  It was off leash and no owner was in sight.   She immediately stopped the car and ran out to check it.  She had me stay by its side while she went door to door to locate its owner.  She then apologized for what happened and offered to pay for vet bills, even though she wasn’t at fault, and take it to the vet.  The owner refused and the dog ended up being all right.  My mom gave her contact info because she wanted to know what happened .  She still felt very guilty and couldn’t stop crying.   We were also late for work/school but that wasn’t a concern to her.  Now a shitty person hits something and keeps on driving or stops and thinks, not dealing with this, and drives away.  

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