Sometimes they're just so sweet.

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Aww, that’s adorable 🙂


I have been super stressed out about the busy season at my job and had to work late recently, so my boyfriend ordered from my fave Thai takeout place and had them deliver it straight to my office as a surprise. It was really nice and totally unexpected.

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hickoryhills :  manylovesbee :  those are so sweet!

First thing that comes to mind: we picked up some Mexican to take home last night after going to a childbirth class (I’m due in 2 months).  When we got home, I suddenly realized that they hadn’t given me my horchata drink and I was SOOO BUMMED!!  It had sounded so so sooo amazing… even though I’ve literally never had horchata before, haha.  I dunno, pregnancy is weird.  

He insisted on dropping me off at home and going back to the restaurant to get it.  “You were so excited!  You need it!”  It was so sweet even though it was a little gesture.  

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What a great topic!!! <3 

My then-boyfriend knew I was going through some seriously trying times when my mom attempted to murder my dad. Through all of the meeting with lawyers, doctors, social workers, psychologists, I was so tired. Along with other things, I was really disappointed that I didn’t get to plant our garden this year because of it. 

A few weeks later, while things were still pretty bad, and after an argument, he went out in the backyard (at 9pm) and planted my garden for me. He knew there was nothing he could do to make everything go away, but he still had the power to make me hapy anyway. 

That was the night I made the decision that I would propose. A guy like that is not one that should get away. 😉 

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He does the sweetest things all the time.

– I flew to ontario (5hr flight) for a weekend to pick up our new puppy. Puppy was amazing, but working all week, flying saturday night then back sunday morning with an 8 week old puppy is EXHAUSTING. I came home completely wiped. He let me nap while he did our weekly grocery shop (which is tough with one person) and made dinner. He picked up my favourite chocolate and ice cream at the store.

– We just moved to a new apartment with a masive deck. He knew I wanted to put a large garden in but I was bummed because our move date was delayed (supposed to be jan 2018) and I had missed the majority of gardening season. Not to mention I still had to buy boxes. He built custom garden boxes that fit in the spot perfectly, filled them and got them ready for planting and surprised me with them. I was shocked and still dont know how he found the time to get it done. My garden is now full of sprouting peas, tomatoes, carrots, kale, lettuce and an abundance of herbs <3

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So sweet! Have fun on your date!

I’ve actually been wanting to gush about my fiancé but nobody in RL really wants to hear it so I’m glad you asked!! My fiancé hasn’t done huge things lately but he does small things every single day ❤️ I have two kids from a prior relationship and he has taken it upon himself to get them shoes, clothes, and supplies for school. Being a single mom, I haven’t had the means to get them anything name brand or from fancy stores but that’s exactly what he got them. What a treat! He works overnights and I work days. When I come home he always has the dishes done and house cleaned and laundry done and put away. He paid to get my nails done last week and I joked that my nails wouldn’t like the dish water. Without hesitation he insisted I not do them and he would lol. I was out of candy and mentioned it to him yesterday. I was home but once I’m home I don’t like to go back out. This morning after work he stopped by the store to refill my candy supply. He’s just seriously always looking out for me and the kids and making sure he can do anything and everything to keep us happy. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever had before. He’s so amazing 😍😍

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About 3 years ago during renovations to our house I found a duvet that I LOVED, so much so that when we painted I had the wall paint colour matched so that the walls could be the same shade as the edging details. He doesn’t really care one way or the other to be honest but I have always felt more relaxed in our bedroom since. 

Anyway once while washing it, I placed it too close to our radiator and discoloured the white background to a sort of sickly yellow. I know it’s just a bed cover but I was CRUSHED. I loved curling underneath it with a hot drink and reading a book. Not to mention the room was decorated around it. I looked around online but it was discontinued 2 years ago so no such luck. I gave up looking. 

About 5 months later one gets delivered in the mail with no warning. Apparently he kept searching eBay to see if one popped up second hand. Honestly the most romantic present I have ever gotten because I know he saw how down I was about stupidly ruining something that gave me joy. He made it his mission to find a way to give it back to me. I am so glad this board exists because he deserves major points. As do many of your SO’s too. I love the wholesome threads. 


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These are the sweetest stories! I don’t have any big things, but one small thing my Fiance did that made me realize how lucky I am! 

I’m obsessed with the dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. But, my Fiance always insists we buy the regular shaped because they’re cheaper and you get more of them. Well a few weeks ago he did the grocery shopping on his own before leaving for vacation, and bought the dinosaur shaped nuggets because he knew I liked them more, even though they cost more. Such a small thing but so sweet!

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I love these, gives me all the warm and fuzzies. Mine’s small but means a lot to me, especially because I’m a chronic overthinker and stress myself out way to easily. 

We have been so so so beyond busy since we got married in June. We dealt with a bad horse which we returned to his original owners. This horse broke our fence multiple times, seriously injured my horse, etc. So – we’re dealing with the people to get her back and they keep blowing us off, on top of it we immediately get another new horse so my horse won’t get lonely. STRESSFUL to say the least. 

The fence has to be fixed, like a new post put in and that gets done, all fine and dandy. I’ve also been wanting a hitching post to tie the horses up to for a while now so in the same evening as fixing the posts he gets his dad and our neighbors and puts my hitching post in. Ugh, I got so sentimental with him and gave him the biggest hug. This was no small task and definitely involved heavy equipment, multiple men, digging, you name it and he still got all of it done in one night. 

Tonight – I’m cooking him a dinner that I’m stoked about as a token of my appreciation. It’s also nice its our first night that we don’t really have anything that HAS to be done.

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Love this thread! Great idea. I love that your man was excited to take you out and get dressed up too!

My husband is great about surprising me with doing all the dishes, completely cleaning the kitchen, and this past time also finishing my laundry and folding my clothes. I also love that whenever we snuggle on the couch, before we get all comfy in the pillows, he always asks, “What can I do for you?” I also love how he always thanks me for anything I do, no matter how small. He makes me feel appreciated.

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I’ve been down and out for a long time because due to weight and wedding issues, I haven’t been able to get out and show my horse. I help out occasionally at the shows as a ring steward or judge or whatever and was at one a few weeks after the wedding. 

I was looking at all the horses, and noticing that they aren’t any more fitted than my mare is right now, and they definitely weren’t going any better than she was, so I decided that after two years of no showing (and now that our wedding is finally over), I could go to a few local shows this season, and find my happy place again.

After my show last Saturday, I pulled up to the house, the lawn was mowed, the recycling was all gone, and the dishes were completely done. So I came home with a high point award for my efforts with my mare that day, and a deep appreciation for my new husband who took care of all the housework without even being asked – and let’s be honest, I’m pretty psyched about being able to show and hang out with my horse show family once more, as well!

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