(Closed) Somthing your colleagues do (or don't do) that drives you CRAZY!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Dictate what I should do rather than asking if I am able to.  The only people I listen to are the nurses and not the people who work on the floor with me.

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Busy bee
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Complainers. At the job I’m about to (thankfully) leave, I work with 2 full time girls who are just plain unpleasant to be around. We’re waitresses and they cannot go one shift without constantly complaining. If the host puts a good customer at someone else’s table, they complain. If the host puts bad customers with them, they complain. If someone gets something that they don’t, they complain. If I make more money than they do, they complain. In fact, they’re the only people I’ve ever come across who are happy I’m leaving because according to them, everytime I work with them, they get bad luck with customers and I get all the good ones – I mean WTF?

Tuesdays are the best days to work because they’re off. The other employees and our boss always comment on how nice and quiet it is when they’re not there.

We also have a host who occasionally helps the boss bartend or cashier and the extra responsibility has made her head a little too big. She sometimes talks down to us, and she does it rudely. It annoys me at times but compared to the other 2 girls it’s not as bad because even if she’s rude at times, at least she’s not vindictive and hateful.

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Busy bee
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Repeatedly trying to tell you how to do your job and that they have “been doing this for so long” but when you ask them to do it, they freak out and say “well I can’t, I’ve never done that before, how do I do it?”  Grrrrrr

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Helper bee
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I sit near  a chick who talks to herself pretty much all day long as she’s working through her caseload.  She’s always saying “REALLY?!” and “SERIOUSLY?!  SERIOUSLY?!” 

Also, whenever someone stops by my cubby to chat for a minute she will respond to the things I say in response to the other person.  And then she will laugh.  It is very distracting and annoying.  She was new a few months back and decided to go balls to the wall crazy when telling people about her personal life…within one week everyone in the break room at lunch knew that her husband cheated on her, they almost divorced, he impregnated another woman w hile they were split and then she took him back and they moved up north together.  She’s pretty much persona non grata these days after she went off in the break room, spewing Tea-Party-esque nonsense in addition to talking about how Trayvon Martin pretty much deserved to get shot.  Her tea-partyism amuses me because her husband can’t work and receives disability from the government.  F-ing hypocrite.



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Honey bee
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Tell me what to do or demand I do something when they aren’t my superior or boss. 

Example, being a teacher and the secretary demands that I take on other’s responsibilities or yells at me to do something when she isn’t the principal or anyone’s boss. 


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Helper bee
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Oooo, fun!

1.  Wear open-heeled shoes, so that when they walk by my cubicle constantly, there’s this slap-slap slap-slap sound.  Drives me nuts!

2.  Typing really hard on the keyboard when they are angry.  Makes for an irritating noise.

I really thought I’d have more, but that encompasses what they do that is annoying these days.

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Buzzing bee
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I work with a team of five of us. There is one girl on the team who drives me abslutely nuts.  She honestly wil not do anywork unless specifically directed, and even then she will only do exactly what we said and nothing more. If we don’t tell her what to do she’ll actually stand around and watch us work.   I can’t stand it when people don’t take their own initiative.

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Busy bee
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I have 2 people in my department that don’t say a word to me. They won’t even say good morning but they can talk about Fiance and I behind my back constantly. One of them even threw work at my Fiance instead of handing it to him and talking to him about it. 

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Honey Beekeeper
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My pet peeves at work have nothing to do with work, and they are the same at every workplace- colleagues who live and behave like pigs. Who cleans up after these people at home?

The lunchroom fridges are so mouldy they are about to walk off on their own because people “forget” their stale, outdated food or don’t clean up after themselves when they spill something.

That white rectangular thing under the counter? It’s a dishwasher. It will not emoty itself. Yes, I do see you pretending you didn’t notice that the cycle is over and you can empty the dishwasher. Do you? No! You leave your dishes in the sink for someone else to deal with.

If you bring a snack of hummus and vegetables for your shift, clean up after you are done. Do you seriously think we want to be greeted by crusted over dip and wilted veggies when we start our shift?

And since you asked, the paper towels belong in the bin, not on the floor of the washroom.

You know what upsets me the most?

These people are all NURSES who should know a thing or two about sanitation and health!

Rant done, thank you.

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Bee Keeper
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White noise!

I have a manager that cant stand and talk to you unless his hands are in his pockets jingling about $5 in change. Annoying as crap. Told him it makes me feel he is trying to draw attention to his groin and that makes me uncomfortable.

Oh, hes also a HEAVY nose breather and cant have a conversation without sounding like a steam train picking up speed – i once refused to sit on the same flight as him because of his heavy nose breathing and took a later flight

Another coworker who wears annoying bracelets so they either jingle like freaking santa claus or shes banging them on the table top every time she starts typing

Another coworker listens to music and takes her earphones off and leaves them on the desk with the music running…. i can hear justin beiber from 30ft away just through her earphones

Coworker that sits closest to me has a possessive boyfriend that phones 2mins after clockoff to ask if she has left yet. His ring tone is some sort of heavy rocker music and if she doesnt pickup on the first ring, he phones and phones and keeps phoning until she answers.

One of my accountants 2 finger types like he is trying to ram his keyboard through the desk

Stinky tuna chick!  A coworker who thinks its appropriate to eat stinky flavored tuna in the office. every. single. day!

Lazy coworkers who cant even put their dirty dishes and cups in the dishwasher and leave them in the sink, on the table etc. Apparenly open door, put cup in and close door is too much and dont get me started on the toxic fridge that i clear out and then they bitch about their mouldy left overs and containers being thrown out. I AWAYS give warning of a cleanup and no, i will NOT clean your containers

these are just a few…. I of course, am the perfect coworker 🙂

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Busy bee
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1. When my principal would ask me 5 minutes before a class if I could sub someone else’s class.

2. When a teacher I shared an office with would bring hard-boiled eggs. I love them, but not when they’ve been sitting in a hot office for 5 hours…so much stank.

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Bumble bee
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I’m in healthcare.  My pet peeves 1) Not speaking English.  I’m not racist, I respect your language and culture, but if I can’t understand you/you can’t understand me, you have NO PLACE working in healthcare!  And 2) Know-it-Alls.  Especially the ones with less education who act like they know everything (ie nurses thinking they’re doctors).  NO!

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